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  1. duner96

    YZ250 Rattle

    Worn power valve parts can rattle..
  2. Was a good ride.. Ran into a local named Mike who was riding a CR250..flat tracking like a pro on Silver City Road....lol...I caught up with him at French Gulch...He agreed to play tour guide... Went up French Gulch. Saw some cool scenery , a pond with water fall, old silver mines and an old cemetery. ..Boy life was tough there back in the day...lol. The trail was mainly jeep or quad trails..rocky but nothing too technical. .Fast and flowing for the most part. We wound up in Siver City and had lunch at the hotel there...Thats where I realized my rear axle was finger tight. .I had swapped the tire for the MX the day before and forgot to torque it....That was a close one.... Luckily they had a 12 inch adjustable wrench at the hotel. ..the one tool I had left out of my pack....Mike was a great guide . I probably wouldn't have seen half that stuff had I not rode with him ..
  3. Looks like I'm going Solo....I will post a ride report..
  4. duner96

    Sand Lakes Dunes , Rules?

    You are supposed to have the ATV safety course/card...but they rarely check for it...I would be more worried about your noise...they are nazis about it on the coast......Sand Lake is alot smaller than Winchester. .
  5. Visiting the area . Would like to have a guide for a day ride on Sunday September 21st . I ride a 96 CR 500 with a stock tank so I am limited to about a 45 to 50 mile loop. I am no expert or fast...lol... but I have a fair amount of single track / open trail / dune experience. Any help would be greatly appreciated as I have had BAD experiences riding alone...Thanks.
  6. duner96

    New Husky 300 MXGP

    wow , 300mx class, i like that! The FIM gets it, whats wrong with the AMA?
  7. duner96

    mad meg, big boo boo

    On the whole there are FAR fewer serious women racers, so the pool is much smaller. I don't think there is any physical reason they can't compete. Most men pro racers start at 6 or 7 years old or younger and stick with it...when you see the same number of females starting this early and stick with it you will see women qualifying for mains on a fairly regular basis....but thats a long way away, i say 15 to 20 yrs.maybe. just my 2 cents worth.
  8. duner96

    Ryan Villopoto

    One of the write up in a mag on his bike said he liked to run a 15/46 or 15/45 sprocket set. This is crazy tall and would definitely keep r's down, they also mentioned the trans ratio's were far from stock. They also said he preferred to ride at lower r's. Anyway, the guy is freakin' amazing...
  9. duner96

    Project Bike?

    Stay away from bikes in boxes. All those "little" parts that are probably missing will nickel and dime you to death! Of course they'll tell you "its all there"....ya , right. Research replacement parts costs before you buy and also resale value, based on your market area.Definitely stay away from knock offs. One thing to keep in mind if you go Kawasaki 2t and it needs crank seals you most likely will have to split cases.
  10. duner96

    Ktm380 or cr500

    If you go CR, go 93 and newer, as they have a little wider ratio tranny, 96 or newer if you can afford it. The 96 has all the performance features of the 2001, same bike different color plastic, seat. I think the 380 would be a better all around trail killer, but couldn't tell you for sure, never had one. I wanna pick one up, but i have 3 big bore smokers already....btw the KX500 has better all around power than the CR.
  11. duner96

    dune trip to St. Anthony .Idaho

    Glamis is definitely on the bucket list! and don't doubt Its got bigger dunes than St. Anthony's. I was just sayin' Choke Cherry is a far cry from 200ft. Hopefully going back to St. Anthony's 2014 and this time gonna try to hit some of Idaho's world class single track when we are in the area.
  12. duner96

    dune trip to St. Anthony .Idaho

    Choke Cherry is a little bigger than 200 ft , a lot closer to 500....yes gps verified elevation change...
  13. duner96

    Big Bore 2 stroke

    LONG LIVE BIG BORE SMOKERS! I know, they are already dinosaurs, but ya gotta love them.... Have 96 CR5, 04KX5 and 83 yamahammer490. CR best on Mx track, most durable. KX has best all around power, shifts like tractor , pulls like one too. Kx best in tight off road, lower seat height , more bottom end power.The 490 really has no redeeming qualities other than good old school smoker rage, no brakes , no suspension, no ergo's. Strangely, the only trophies i have to show for come from racing, climbing with the old Yamahammer....
  14. duner96

    Securing a bike on a trailer

    That poor oppressed CR doesn't stand a chance......I'm getting my bolt cutters....