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  1. VORdude

    Paioli fork seal help needed

    I will have to check the seal sizes, info. With the holidays and it being so wet here in Houston, I have not been too motivated to tear this thing down. I will check and get back. If there is a common seal kit for this thing, that would be a huge change for this bike. A welcome one at that.
  2. VORdude

    VOR Mechanic Houston/ Switch to Keihin

    Did you have any luck finding a decent mechanic to work on your VOR? I live in Houston as well and never really found anybody that knew anything about these bikes. I have been out of riding for about a year but about to get back into it and need someone that knows about VOR to do some work for me.
  3. VORdude

    Paioli fork seal help needed

    Thanks for the info guys, I will try the 35mm film first. I have tools and work on my bike, but I have never done any forks/shocks before and don't have the proper tools. I will most likely just take them to a local shop and have it done there if need be. I will order the parts myself, but I don't know what to even order. Anyone have any suggestions on the parts I would need. Part numbers would rock! Thanks for all your help.
  4. VORdude

    Paioli fork seal help needed

    I have a 2000 MX 503 that one of the fork seals are leaking a bit.I have not torn into the fork, and may not do it myself, so I am not sure what I would need, or what to look for. Anyone have any experience doing a fork rebuild that can help me out, I would apprecitae it. The bike has been sitting for a while and I about to take the black beast out for a run.
  5. VORdude

    Turning 2000 503MX into a SM...?

    Wanting to do more than just be street legal. Wanting to ride a little more aggressive on the street. Anybody know if you need a metal tank for DOT in Texas?
  6. VORdude

    Turning 2000 503MX into a SM...?

    What parts would I need to do to make my 2000 MX503 into a street legal SM style bike? Wheels, tires, Lowered suspension, bigger from brakes, blinkers, lights, ETC. I live in Texas for DMV info. I never get to ride this thing in the dirt anymore so I was curious what all would be involved. Anybody have a old SM with a bad engine, where I could just swap the engine out? I could put it back in the MX frame when I want to ride dirt! I hate that this thing sits in the garage collecting dust.
  7. VORdude

    VORClub.com ...is there anyone home?

  8. VORdude

    VORClub.com ...is there anyone home?

    Could you possibly post a link. I can't find these.
  9. VORdude

    VOR Photo Competition

    It actually is. It is in the Sam Houston National Forest just north of Houston, in New Waverly.
  10. VORdude

    Removing VOR wheel bearings.

    Do these bearings all come out from ONE side?
  11. VORdude

    Need help finding VOR parts

    I am in need of some VOR parts. They are for my '00/'01 (can't remember the year) 503MX Dan @ Motoxotica has most of them , but a few critical ones he does not have in stock . If anyone can help me with these I would appreciate it. These are crucial. I have a race the end of August. VOR # 211061010 -Oil Line bolt (#51 503 manual) 203050026 -Oil Line Washer/Copper (#52 503 manual) 204010019 -Oil Line O-ring (#73 503 Manual) (Dan I forgot these on the list) 505220140 -Oil Line Washer/? (#74 503 Manual)(Dan I forgot these on the list) 505210390- Shim (for output shaft (#19 in the 503 Manual)) If anyone can help me find these/cross them over to another manf. please let me know.
  12. VORdude

    Removing VOR wheel bearings.

  13. VORdude

    How to you get the shroud bolt out of tank?

    I bought the bike used, and every single one is like this. Oh, well. I will know to look for it on the next bike.
  14. VORdude

    How to you get the shroud bolt out of tank?

    After closer inspection, I don't think this will work. The clearance is not enough to get the adhesive in there. The plastic comes right up to the bolt. I would end up just adhering the bolt to the nut. I guess I will have to grind of part of the bolt head and try to get the glue in that way...? I tried every bolt in the tank and they ALL spin, what gives?