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  1. ar2stroke

    Build opinions needed

    I agree suspension and put on good tires have the bike mechanically sound.
  2. ar2stroke

    Aluminum Flakes in CRF250R Oil

    Being the shear amount of metal, be safer to tear it down than have the crank snap then take out the Cases/Cylinder and possibly damaging the head. With the Cylinder basically sitting in the Case halves the amount of damage done cost more than the bike is worth.
  3. ar2stroke

    Why do I keep going through rear wheel bearing?

    Put the New Bearing in the Freezer or use Dry Ice (with the Bearing in the Sealed Plastic bag). Heat up the rear hub (heat gun or propane torch) don't get carried away. Using a Bearing installer tool or Impact Socket the SAME diameter of the OUTER edge of the Bearing. Keeping the Bearing level tap it in using the socket not hitting INNER race.
  4. ar2stroke

    RMZ 450 2009 Cylinder Head thread rounded! HELP PLEASE

    The only thing I could think of is a time sert, however it requires a lot of skill to put them in correctly. Other than that you may look for a used head (gamble at best).
  5. ar2stroke

    RMZ 450 2009 Cylinder Head thread rounded! HELP PLEASE

    Just to be correct it is in the Cylinder head correct?
  6. ar2stroke

    2018 + 2019 EC 250/300 Reviews---anybody?

    Question to the GasGas owners, how does the bike shift (2 stroke bikes) would like to find a 200 2 stroke for woods riding. Does the way the bike shifts compare to a Suzuki RM/Honda CR 2 stroke models are is it more like the Yamaha YZs more notchy? Just trying to get input. thanks
  7. ar2stroke

    1980s rm 250 & 125

    KEEP us posted with pics on how the progress goes!
  8. ar2stroke

    500 2-stroke conversion for KTM

    An AWESOME option for someone can't wait to see someone who opts for this!!!
  9. ar2stroke

    Need new nikasil?

    I agree, however someone can't wait to destroy cylinders.... Been that way for years, don't ask me.
  10. ar2stroke

    New TX300 owner here

    The 2020 ones will be all TPI correct?
  11. ar2stroke

    All Balls or Pivot Works for 2003 RM250?

    I would agree that other product would not recommend reminds me of them CHINA made cranks.
  12. ar2stroke

    YZ Restoration by P841

    The place where I don't have to think at all building engines - auto pilot kicks in!
  13. ar2stroke

    New Dirt Bike Question!

    I would like to find a 1993-1995 model myself - so hard to find.
  14. ar2stroke

    Rmx250 1995 project

    The CAMO is AWESOME !!!
  15. ar2stroke

    New 2019 300 XC-W TPI

    I agree I would setup my suspension and do stuff like that. The other stuff is money wasted.