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  1. SPDFRK450

    Cams and jetting

    Yeah I have an FMF powerbomb, and powercore 4. I didnt have to change the jetting at all. How did the cam mod work on yours? Did you notice a big change going aftermarket? I did the Exhaust cam mod to my WR with the stock Cam. You know where you turn it one tooth to make it YZ spec? It took a little off the bottom, but really woke it up on the mid, and top end.
  2. SPDFRK450

    Who s got the highest mileage WR?????

    Man you guys make me feel like I never ride. I guess my streetbike is getting the most attention. My 02 426 was purchased new in Sep 04. I only have 1500 on it. Let me tell ya though, its a HARD 1500 miles. I beat on it bad. I change the oil every couple hundred miles, and checked, but never adjusted the valves. Now that I say this it will blow up now.
  3. SPDFRK450

    Cams and jetting

    I was thinking of installing the Hotcams intake and exhaust upgrades. I went to Hotcams website, and could not find any info on what jetting to run for these upgrades. Usually when you make major engine changes like this it changes everything, kinda like FMF how they have their suggestion on what jetting to use with their products. If anybody knows where I can find this info, or if you have any suggestions please let me know.
  4. SPDFRK450

    which bike

    Well $1800 dosent sound to bad. I mean to go new after freight/prep, taxes, and state doc fee which is usually about $68 your talking about an $8,000 out the door price. Go for the YZ if it looks good. You wont feel as bad when you drop it and the buyers remorse wont be as bad either.
  5. SPDFRK450

    2006 Yamaha WR 450f Performance Mods?

    forgive me for sounding ingnorant, but what is this AIS removal kit?
  6. So I have been looking for good upper body protection, but I dont like the feel of the external chest protectors. I would like to go with something a little more low profile, and probably underjersey. so after long research on the topic, I have come to the Tekvest Freestyle. Nobody I talk to has much exerience with tekvest, but it looks well built. I called the Tekvest, and the lady I talked to praised the product.(Obviously) So I ask if anybody has the tekvest freestyle, and if you do what do you think of it. Heat, build quality, protection factor, etc.... Help is appreciated. Heres the link http://www.tekrider.com/ps_or_05.html
  7. SPDFRK450

    You Gotta Be Kidding Me!

    I hope I dont sound like an idiot when I say, What plug are we talking about. I have an 02 wr426, but I have never heard of this potential issue with the wr's. I have 1300 mi on mine.
  8. SPDFRK450

    the next generation of mx bikes

    I have been saying EFI for 07 for a while now. You know everybody is trying to outdo each other, and we all benefit from the technology. I would say that Yamaha usually seems to be the more creative one, and willing to put their reputation on the line to try something new, but I would not be surprised to see FI from honda either. EFI is the next step, and I think that between em all Yamaha, and Honda will be first, and probably at the same time for 07. As for overall technology you just never know. I mean in the 70's the guys were probably like damn these bikes are great, how much more can they improve. I would have to say that dirt bikes will evolve with the rest of the motorsports community. Probably in 10 years we will be running on Ethanol like all cars soon will. I think most change will be in the engines to make them more reliable, and faster. Not to get off topic from MX, but only to throw a curve on your question, I think that the sport bikes will soon go from cams to Pneumatic valves like the Formula-1 cars. F-1 has their cars turning just over 21,000 RPM's thanks to pneumatic valves.
  9. So I have had my eye on the 06 pressure suit from 661, but my cousin beat me to the punch in purchasing it. Good thing I guess. I got to try it on, and we both agree that there are a few very cheap parts on it. For example the thumblets look like there going to rip off in the first wreck. And you have to put it on very carefully so you dont tear the mesh. I have heard that the 661 is well ventilated, but has anybody heard anything about the EVS BJ 22. I did try the 22 on as well, and loved it. I think its just much better construction all around. However you just cant get a great feel for how much its ventilated while standing in a bike shop. So to anybody who has a BJ 22, how is the ventilation. http://www.evs-sports.com/products/product_details.asp?prodID=27 http://sixsixone.com/catalog.aspx?id=5573704b-99cb-4ae7-bbf3-736c4d735897&pl=MOTO
  10. WR 426F I dont race, but I will ride the track, and get nutty on the trails
  11. SPDFRK450

    Assault on dirt bikers! (rope across trail)

    What a shame. Dont they realize that it just makes them the bad guys. All we want to do is ride.
  12. SPDFRK450

    How Important is a chest protector

    A couple weeks ago I went to a new riding place, and was there about 30 min when I lost it and hit a tree. It put me out for the rest of the day, and my cousin and I drove 4 hours. If I had a chest protector on it would have mitigated the injury to where I probably still could ride. It just sucks when that happens. So I am going to buy a pressure suit before the next ride. Its fitted so its under jersey, and I think it will work with my camelback as well. Heres the one I will buy http://www.sixsixone.com/catalog.aspx?id=5573704b-99cb-4ae7-bbf3-736c4d735897&pl=MOTO
  13. SPDFRK450

    need some opinions

    you will grow into the 400 I think.
  14. SPDFRK450

    Are you kidding me?

    Dat der thing has what do ya call em. Disc brakes. I'm sellin my WR426 and gettin that thing. That things got so much intimidation factor that nobody will even want to line em up cause they know they will lose.
  15. I always say a riding trip that ends with no injuries is a good riding trip. Nobody wants injuries, we obviously want to go have fun and walk into work the next day. I dont ride nearly as fearless as I used to. sorry to hear about andy. Keep us posted on what happens to him.