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  1. novotny99

    Need a quiet stealth mod

    Stock pipe from honda usually is very quite. But you can buy silencers. Try rockymountainmc.com
  2. novotny99

    bog problem

    Somewhere to start. Then if it's not that maybe move into your jetting. Goodluck.
  3. novotny99

    bog problem

    I would try either cleaning your air filter and checking your spark plug/spark.
  4. novotny99

    2011 300 xc-w Disc guard install

    Mine rubbed and I just took it off. You could try to file them down some.
  5. novotny99

    03 YZ250F, dies and is hard to start..

    Any chance you've checked to see if your plug is fouled?
  6. novotny99

    03 YZ250F, dies and is hard to start..

    This is very unlikely but I ha a breather on my tank that for some reason was not working and would not allow my tank to breath and caused my bike to die multiple times on a fairly short ride, as soon as I took it off ran perfectly. Idk if that will help, but that starved my bike of gas, goodluck.
  7. novotny99

    Why do you need a chain guide or roller?

    I'm no pro but my friend had a broken guide and it would jump around and damage both the sprocket and chain. So as far a I know it lines the chain up with the sprocket so everything functions correctly no matter how lose or tense your chain is ( due to suspension ) fairly inexpensive to keep from wearing out parts excessively. Hope that helps.
  8. novotny99

    Who's running a skidplate and how do you change your oil?

    What do you all do about the oil screens that need to be cleaned or replaced? (for bikes that apply)
  9. novotny99

    YZF250 Stator?

    Or checked your spark?
  10. novotny99

    YZF250 Stator?

    Have you cleaned or replaced the spark plug?
  11. novotny99

    Help with Shift Lever

    Try rockymountainmc.com go to OEM and it will walk you through finding what you need. Great prices and shipping is very fast. Order all my parts from them.
  12. novotny99

    Where do u mount your overflow bottle on 250 XCW

    Any bike that I've had that had an overflow bottle it was below the radiator mounted to frame.
  13. novotny99

    Who's running a skidplate and how do you change your oil?

    I used to run a heavy duty plate as you are referring to an had the same prob and had to take it off every time I changed the oil or made a mess. I now run a six days plastic skid plate that is yet to fail me and all it takes is a twist of the retaining clip and it drops down. Haven't even had a problem with it coming lose while riding. I got mine at rockymountainmc.com