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    Purchase a new 1999 FE 501 ?

    I got a 1999 FE600E that I bought new 13 years ago. Will never sell it, this bike is with me for life now. Bought a SM factory wheel kit for it that cost more than you will pay for the brand new 501 -99 was the first year with electric start, however the electric start is not that much more than a help start that you can use when the bike stalls. If cold and /or having difficulties starting due to carbs or valves, you will have to use the kickstart to get it going. Oil capacity is 1 l only, and the oil lives a very hard life in these engines. Just change it all the time. Oil is cheap compared to Husaberg top ends. It got an oilpump (don't remember which year they changed, but previous ones had oil feed via cam chain), oilfilter and screenfilter inside the oildrain plug. Check the valves all the time. Difficulties in starting is often incorrect valve clearances. Listen to the engine and take good care of it. It is possible to make these babies last a long time. Most Husaberg problems comes from its owner, either skipping on maintenance or just ride the **** of it. Lot of the problems came with the supermoto models. They usually live a harder life on the tarmac than in the dirt, and while dirt people usually are used to do maintenance road people are'nt expecting roadbike maintenance intervals. The engine that sits in these models is the reason KTM bought Husaberg back in the days, and you can see alot of similarities between the two. They are grunty powerful things, not as smooth and revvy as todays 4-strokes are.
  2. phastasbananas

    Bigger radiator?

    More airflow over the radiators improve cooling. Same with a bigger waterpump, the faster you can get the coolant flowing the better the cooling will be. Of course, a bigger surface area on the radiator will also aid cooling. Check the impeller before you buy anything else. I had some impellers failing when the drive pin decides to make it's own groove inside the impeller. A chep fix since the impeller usually doesnt cost much and it will get the coolant flowing again. If the riding is so slow that it still boils, you need to increase airflow over the radiator. A fan will sort that out.
  3. phastasbananas

    Help me buy stuff from the US?

    Sent a PM to Fluffey with some tips on how to get cheaper stuff from the US among others, since I have been down that road many times before. When buying from outside the EU there is a 25 % tax on what you buy + custom charges. And shipping. A pair of Astars Tech 10 is around 820 USD in Sweden, and around 580 in the US. So there is a lot of money that one can save... Probably is cheaper if you going to buy a complete kit, to fly to the states and buy what you need than walking into a shop locally and buy.
  4. phastasbananas

    As of Yesterday, I am one of you guys! Talk to me.......

    No worries, just trying to spread the gospel! (Im such a Husaberg fanboy). Can't remember how much the mapswitch costs, but something like 30$. If you don't like the different settings, keep it on stock and you have an extra neat sellingpoint should you ever choose to sell it. Otherwise it's great for calming the bike down ont he soft setting, or if you are down & sad, put it on hard setting - that would get your ticker going a bit faster and put a smile on your face! The oem is cheap, but fiddly to use with a tiny switch with marks from 0-9 which only 1,2 & 3 works. Gloves off and squiting eyes, but it is in a rubbercover so it's kinda waterproof and is out of the way. There is aftermarket switches from both 70 degree racing and TrailTech which sure makes the switching easier, but they are up on the handlebar and do not look so waterproof, and they are around 80$. All of these points are a no go for me, as my crap riding (or would that be the terrain i choose) sometimes see me flickering lights switches or having the bike upside down after crashes. I rarely change maps anyway. Remember you have to shut down the engine for the new map to load, otherwise nothing happens. I scrapped 1 clutch cover trying to take a line a little bit to close to a huge rock during a race, but no skidplate in world would have saved that. If you want more sideprotection the Hyde cover for the new bergs seems to offer more protection and still being plastic. Thinking of getting one of those myself for the summer extreme races, or I'll keep running the stock. The pro Husaberg in Europe all keep the stock plastic with no issues. I like that only one small bolt holds it, makes for easier cleaning and oilchanges. The battery is above and aft of the rear shock just under the saddle. It is not much place for anything else there, getting two extra flat fuses down there was about all I could fit. But it is high, so anything that can shed weight is a yes in my book. I have changed both fork and shock springs on my to suit my weight. I'm 191 cm (maybe 6 ft +some inches) and 220 lb, so that is something for you to do. The fork was not too bad, I have ride more aggresively now to fully appreciate the fork with the new springs, so try it out and see how you like it. But the rear is more critical to get the proper sag, otherwise the bike squats to much. I also have 20 mm bar riser which I find helpful for my riding (always stand up). OEM KTM set with 3 different plates so you can play around (5,10 20 mm). Other mods I have done is the Rekluse Z-start pro, which I love in the gnarly stuff. Lefthand rear brake because the no enginebrake effect with the rekluse at standstill, which I really need when walking the bike down in the worst sections. Akrapovic silencer for more weight shaving, with the dB killer attached. Makes it a bit more throaty but not loud. T-lock for the wheels. Not sure if it is availbe over there, but it is kinda like Tubliss but with a better (but more messy) seal. Weighs less than both mousses and tubes, which aids handling and overall weight. I can also run ultralow pressures without flats. Had 0.4 bar (5.8 psi) in my rear with a Michelin comp trialstire for one competition which was in a quarry with blast rock with no issues whatsoever. Front and rear tuggerstraps from Kriega - use them all the time. Also bought but yet not tested is a pair of Pivot Pegz footpegs. Hopethat will help with some footfatique during those endelss Romanian downhills... Hmmm, that became longer than I anticipated....anyway, have fun with your 'Berg!
  5. A small long OEM (the ones that you put pin or screwdriver through) sparkplug socket can be made into a makeshift clutch or brake lever with the aid of some zipties.
  6. phastasbananas

    As of Yesterday, I am one of you guys! Talk to me.......

    You wont have any problems with battery pull on the new 'Berg, unless you really weigh down with extras. The fuel injection requires a good starter output, both to run the bike and always to make sure that the battery have juice to start the bike up, so stock it charges the battery already at idle. The stator puts out some 210 w, all DC so you have plenty. Personally I have 100w xenon for headlight, another 35w xenon for my helmet lamp, and the fan. Still no issues with the battery (have the rekluse too so I cant bumpstart - so faith I have in the stator!) <-- As you can see in my avatar, I like it gnarly! Still have the stock plastic bashplate, which is good. Holds up fine, and doesnt grap blast rock like aluminium so it slides over easy. Only issue I can see but not had yet is side protection of the enginecases, but I think that is more an issue when you go fall and bike slides over some rock sticking up. Why not get the OEM map switch? It's dirt cheap and you can really modify the behaviour of the engine if you need to. It can take the edge of the engine that day when you are tired, it's raining and it's slippery and muddy. Your KTM wheels will fit straight on if they are for the big front axle. I have just purchased a Shorai battery - my OEM battery is close to 3 years now and is still good. The Shorai purchase is for peace of mind during summer upcoming races, and also to shed some weight.
  7. phastasbananas

    mAX PSI?

    A friend put in around 120-130 psi to make a troublesome tire "pop" into place. Bad idea. The tire came off the rim on the opposite side and tube exploded. Lucky to walk away from that with nothing more than bruised hands (had the hands on the tire), disorientation, ringing ears and a healthy respect for what pressure can do. Here at work we have airpressure at 2000 psi, and in large volumes aswell. That will tear you apart. A good way to find the number of casualties in an accident would be to count the number of safety shoes you can find.
  8. phastasbananas

    Ossa enduro bike?

    Thanks I guess I still count KTM as a small time manufacturer, so of course they have steel frames. But they are getting bigger, so maybe a Aluframe KTM is coming soon Which kwaks use steel frames? The 85's do...and some roadbikes that shall not be named in these forums. And the GasGas is chrome-moly. Some parts of the frame is stamped, but still it is a dude who has welded that frame. Of course there will be manufacturers who take a different road compared to my statement, but in general it's mostly true. I also think that making a switch from manufacturing one to the other is difficult, part of the experience you do have with the material, part that it will be very expensive and you mess up, it's the last mess up you make. Sorry for the big pic - but the new GasGas sure looks very nice.
  9. phastasbananas

    Ossa enduro bike?

    Watercooling - this is something the manufacturer needs in this day and age to meet regulations regarding both emissions and noise. So we are stuck with those no matter how good an aircooled will be. Aluminium vs Steel frames - There is no one is better than the other. Steel weighs about 4 times as much as aluminium, and is about 4 times stronger, so the frames will weigh the same. It's making them that's differs them apart. Anoyone with some steel tubes and a welding machine can make a frame. To make an aluminium frame you need to extrude profiles and special tooling, and that is not something that is not easily done or cheap. But it becomes cheaper than steel frames when you manufacture a large number of them. So if you are a small time manufacturer you make steel frames (Ducati, KTM, GasGas etc) because it's cheaper to have 20 welders with machines, steel tubes and a jig to make the frames. If you need to pump out several thousands of frames (big 4) it makes it more economical to have expensive machines to do the job for you. As for the EFI - as I said, KTM will not release it until they have to. They sell a shitload of carbed 2-strokes, so why would they risk putting it on the market unless A: regulations force them, B: competion is passing them in sales and on tracks. So the OSSA is a very welcome sight on market (Just love the EFI on my 'berg, will not go back to a carb...)
  10. phastasbananas


    Well used underwear is big business! Different bikes for different riding - the 390 is very popular back home for enduro, where a 570 is a good bike for gravel, ice and desert riding. As for the 330, yes weight has to be chopped. A 105 kg 330 with 70 degree engine would be something nothing short than awesome - for the type of riding I do.
  11. phastasbananas

    Ossa enduro bike?

    KTM have a 2-stroke EFI ready to go, but since they can still sell two strokes without they will continue to do so. The day the regulations wont permit "dirty" 2-strokes they will roll out an EFI 2-stroke ready to go, tested for years with all niggles ironed out. Nothing else makes sense since more than half of KTM dirtbike sales is 2-strokes. So there is a big hole on the horizon. Question is if it going to be filled with EFI 2-strokes or a manufacturer that could not read the writing on the wall.
  12. phastasbananas

    Plastic Skid plates? Any good?

    Got the plastic OEM on my Husaberg, which has seen more than usual abuse, still holds up fine. For a two-stroke I would for sure go for the Hyde pipeguard. It seems to be the weapon of choice if you run Erzberg, Romaniacs and Roof of Africa - and if you ride stuff tougher and gnarlier than those races, you'll need small arms plate armor.
  13. phastasbananas


    No news from Sweden... The guy who has that blue 'n yellow KTM - well his dad is one fo the founders of Husaberg, so I guess that makes a bit more wortwhile to convert a KTM a bit more than just slapping on some stickers. For 2012 he is signed to the factory team so that will mean a "proper" berg... A 70 degree 330 would be my dreambike, but the 390 is pretty close.
  14. phastasbananas

    People that say MOTOCROSS is EASY?!

    Ah, everyone that's into bikes know that you do more than sit down and twist the throttle in motocross. When jumping, you can scratch your a$$ and clean your goggles too!
  15. phastasbananas

    Hooking GPS to my 2 Stroke

    A 12 year old MX bike...does it even have a coils for anything but ignition?!