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  1. Hotler

    Saturdays official weigh in

    The stronger you get the more you have to eat. Who doesn't like to eat more?
  2. Hotler

    DRZ400E shop manual????s

    About a year ago there was talk here about some errors in the DRZ400E/K shop manual, anyone remember what sections and/or pages they were? Thanks
  3. Hotler

    Saturdays official weigh in

    The true way to keep metabolism up is to grow more muscle. I hope you are doing some strength training. Treadmills, stair steppers, walking/running won't cut it alone.
  4. Do a search over on the DRZ400 page for "Helping Hands Network" it's about TTers helping other TTers outside the U.S. get parts.
  5. I don't have any kids and stuff like this fires me up real fast. Crimes against children and animal abuse are two things I won't put up with.
  6. Hotler

    2 Strokes still King...

    I'm old school, I love the way a 2-stroke motor hits. The sound, smell, and the buzziness, the whole package, wether on the dirt or pavement. I've dreamed of what a Kawisaki triple H2 would be like if they were allowed to evolve a little longer.
  7. I roll the bike straight in, centered if only one bike. I use a soft tie strap one around eash fork tube between the top and bottom triple clamps. Run the tie down through the loop in the strap and hook it back down on the other hook at the truck bed. I also cut a 2x4 long enough to fit up under the front fender and front wheel, this alows you to sinch down the tie-downs with out compressing the forks. This is a solid set-up.
  8. Hotler

    Curtis Roberts Riding for his Pops

    Reported in Cycle News, Kurtis has an open ended contract with his dad. If a ride on a better bike comes along mid-stream he can leave with dads blessings. During IRTA testing Valencia, Spain, 12/03/03: His maiden voyage on the Proton KR was impressive by any measure. Not only did he lap the Ricardo Tormo Circuit faster than anyone ever had on the V-Five, but he did it in his first visit to the track and on tires that aren't the measure of the rest of the field. He was faster than Neil Hodgson on the Ducati. The kid needs to get a new set of leathers that don't say Honda on them.
  9. Hotler

    Escaping Kalifornistan

    The Californication of Colorado is now complete(sprawl, traffic, pollution). The transplants here should be ashamed of what they have done to this state. Denver, the new east L.A., thanks to you it's working. Feel free to throw your trash on the streets.
  10. Hotler

    We all knew it was coming sometime...

    "I wonder how the Europeans get away with 130db in MotoGP? " More people in europe like motorcycles. More rich people in europe like motorcycle racing than over here. Greedy developers play a big role in noise ordinence changes.
  11. On GP and endurance roadrace bikes, how do they get the front wheel to clear the front brake calipers during a fast pit stop. I watched some footage of this years Lemans race and it looks like they don't touch the calipers. Slide a wheel out and slide a wheel in silde in the axle and they're off.
  12. Hotler

    Deadlifts, the key to mass building

    Guys, guys, your falling for old strength training myths. Strength in a muscle or muscle group is proportional to its size. A muscle will only grow enough to handle the work load. You can not expect a muscle to lift 50lbs at a size when it lifted only 35lbs without growing. That's why progression is important in your workouts if you want to get stronger. If you don't want to get stronger, then use the same weight and reps each workout over and over. You should be adding repititons and or weight to your workouts. If you only did two strength exercises, they should be squats and regulation deadlifts(done slow and smooth in perfect form). These two exercises stimulate the most growth, especially on the average person. Think about when your riding in the attack position (standing up with eldows up, and out, and with your head up looking forward), your in a mid squat or deadlift position. You need strength all the way from your calfs up through your legs, butt, hips, lower back, abs, lats, shoulders, neck,and down through your arms. The stronger you are the faster and longer you can ride. Scott Summers was a strong SOB and it didn't slow him down through the tress. When you think of deadlifts, don't think of powerlifters. Visualize the movement of the exercise itself. Powerlifters are barrel shaped because their sport doesn't require muscle definition. Powerlifters don't worry about body fat. Genetics play a VERY big part in how your body grows muscle. Most of us do not have the genetics to be a freak like you see in Mr. Olymipa or Worlds Strongest Man. Yet we all can increase our own strength a huge amount which will help you through out your daily activies and help to keep you healthy for a long time. If you notice from my past posts, my repition range is no less than 6 reps and no more than 12. I'm always trying to get one more rep at each workout. When I get to 12 reps for an exercise I add 5% more weight next time. This drops my reps back down to 6-8 rep range. I start the process over again. This works both the low reps range for growth and the high rep range for endurance. Also, I keep my rest between sets to no more than one minute. This builds a high level of cardio. 10-15 pounds of muscle spread out over your whole body will only amount to a fraction of an inch everywhere, but the benefits will be huge. If you swap 10-15 pounds of fat for muscle, chances are you will wear a smaller size pant. Please don't fear the weights. Simple basic exercises not fancy is what works well for those of us that arn't freaks of nature or on the juice. Give the basic core exercises a fair shot in the weight room and you will be pleased with the results. Also, using full range of motion during an exercise will give you flexibility. Have fun be safe, don't forget your water.
  13. Hotler

    How much ya bench...

    Squats: 310, at 11 reps now and shooting for 12. Each rep is 4-seconds up and 4-seconds down, perfect form, no bouncing , no locking out. Always to muscle failure. Regulation dead left: 280, at 8 reps now shooting for 12,done slow to failure as mentioned. Stiff-legged dead lift: 200, at 9 reps now and shooting for 12, done slow to failure. Don't have a good safety rack for doing bench to failure, so I use Hammer Strength iso-laterial incline and iso-laterial decline press machines. 100 lbs of plate each side. 11 reps on incline, and 8 reps on decline. I'm always trying for at least one more rep at each workout. When I hit 12 reps I add 5% more weight at the next workout. Thats drops me back down to about 7-8 reps and I shoot for 12. Progression is important. I never lift in a powerlifting style(fast). I do work heavy, and I do major core exercises. Hooked on HIT I just turned 49 also.
  14. Hotler

    What is up with "Motard" ???

    I tend to think of mine as the "Perfect Urban Assualt Vehicle". Very forgiving when they get out of control. Great back and forth to work bike. Best bike around for handling those pesky amber colored left-turn arrows.
  15. Hotler

    Many questions regarding supermotards

    "and be more likely to keep your licence" yeah right! If you have any hooligin inside it will come out when you ride the "Dark Side"