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  1. New drybag350 for the red tomato! Fits ok, havnt take it outside yet, but sits well hopefully will not drop my shit off road 🤘🤘🤘
  2. Nice job! I think i need to learn how to do this with my engine!
  3. i have a couple of stickers in my tank, they do last! (beer)
  4. That is a nice new bike! good luck with her
  5. Nice! i have a set... for my car valve cover... how the helicoils are working?
  6. Wow, thats new for me, thanks for the response, will check the video, learning is always a click away, and then practice in your bike... i have only done valve adjustment and basic service/changing parts stuff, but not opening the engine. Best.
  7. Nice share, what are those measurements over the piston head? pardon my ignorance... *-*
  8. Today, we took the road back home! ??
  9. Today, we rode to the pacific coast of Guatemala! Get some breakfast! Fried fish and coronas!
  10. Here she is, visiting the beautiful pacific lands of Guatemala! Hoo and my fried fish! ?
  11. Cool, why half inch short? I got the motion pro one... All lenght is 4.25in, works ok, very strong, just too heavy to bring it with you, but under my huge tank its kind of difficult to pull out the spark plug anyways. Cheers man!
  12. xr accesories sometimes are just difficult right!
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