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  1. Wallander

    A little different new tire question

    Look at the tread of these front tires designed for enduro: Mich S12, Metzeler 6days, Pirelli Scorpion Pro. The knobs next to the center ones are diamond shaped, I think that is designed to keep them climbing out of ruts. Now I put on a Pirelli MX Extra front, which has "edgy" knobs (like your VE35) instead of the diamond ones, and yes it does climb the ruts! I wanted to throw them out, but it did get better with some rides.
  2. Wallander

    Trail Bike Project

    If you're after more power: a new slip-on exhaust can (for minimal gains) costs about the same as a 426cc piston kit with machining cost (no resleeving necessary), I think that's your best torque per dollar investment. The XR engine is so easy to work on. Mikuni pumper carb is also nice, but nowhere as much difference as the 426cc vs stock engine.
  3. Wallander

    necessary to apply grease to the air filter?

    Grease it! A tip: roll the bike where there is plenty of light and take off the seat, so you see what you are doing. The metal clip should be installed inside the airbox, pull it to the rear, then insert the filter via the filter door, not letting it touch the carb side (not to smudge the grease). Insert the filter center into the metal clip nip, hold the filter straight and let the metal clip push it right into position. Try to twist a little the filter CW and CCW, just to make sure the filter is around the positioning lips. Simpler than it reads, good luck!
  4. Wallander

    Tire advice

    For a Pirelli rear: MX Extra - for me it works and wears better than the MT-16, especially in the mud.
  5. Wallander

    XR400R Swapping FMF Titanium 4

    Is is the Powercore4 you have? I have one, and yeah it is loud. That's why I use it with the quiet insert, that won't make it a stealth machine, but it is rideable in public. As I've read, very similar to the Q4 sound. Post an image of the muffler.
  6. Wallander

    Husaberg Videos

    Not my video, but this was the definitive answer that a 390 would be fast enough for me - so I got one!
  7. Wallander

    Piston and rings break in

    To have an easy to follow method: warm up quickly (no idling), 3 x 10min runs of continuous acceleration and engine braking with 1/3, 2/3 then full throttle usage (cool down a bit between the runs), then oil change and done. Worked on my XR.
  8. Wallander

    Who's running a trials rear tire?

    I was enjoying the MT43 in sand, with the correct low pressure (6-8 PSI) it worked great but differently than a knobby, floating on top rather than digging into it. AFAIK you intend to DS the XR, it would be a good choice. But I'm now back again on knobbies, wet grass/leaves and trials tires hate each other, and I no longer like switching wheels/tires.
  9. Wallander

    Bar Rotation and Lever Positioning

    Bar ends should be inline with the forks, and not point down - I follow that rule for technical enduro. If the bar ends are more back, you loose some quick handling but gain some stability. It's always a compromise, choose where and how you ride.
  10. Here in Hungary the most popular aftermarket filter is HiFlo, we use them for both street and dirt bikes, never a problem. Around 3 USD for a filter.
  11. Wallander

    Mikuni Pumper - OK FOR UK ?

    I have a TM36 Mikuni pumper on my bike, originally from Germany. Apart from jet sizes, as I found out here in Europe a different needle and needle jet is used than in the US. EU spec: 9DZH5-50/51 needle, P-6 needle jet US spec: 9EBY1-50/51 needle, P-8 needle jet See my thread here: http://www.thumpertalk.com/topic/1000401-xr426-mikuni-needle-advice-please AFAIK (take this with a pinch of salt!) the US needle 9EBY1 was developed for the XR in the US. The EU needle 9DZH5 is a more general one, used on many bike models. The EU needle was working fine, but the US needle seems to work even better.
  12. Wallander

    Cold Weather Startups

    Really not wanting to start an oil thread, and I know Rotella works fine for most, but at the next oil change try a good full synth oil. Yes it costs more, on the other hand there will be no reason to change it after 4-6 hours but more likely after 30+ hours. Maybe the Tusk plates likes to stick together differently than the OEM plates. Kudos to your racing vids!
  13. Wallander

    XR400R foot pegs

    The China pegs are nice cheap upgrades from the small stock pegs, many of us use them for quite some years now, but they do mud up easily.
  14. Wallander

    Best performance exhaust for xr400?

    The FMF PowerCore4 with the spark arrestor and quiet insert is a nice exhaust. Too loud without the insert.
  15. Wallander

    2013 Honda CRF250R footpegs on an 03 XR400R

    Japanese foot massage? Did you ride them bare footed!? Sorry, just kidding! +1 for the Chinese pegs, it is sturdy and the right size. Apart from the pivoting type pegs, what differences can you feel?