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  1. Going to test it saturday on my day off, will let you know. Cheers
  2. 1 of the dog gears has failed and split from what i can see so far but ive herd alot about the 2nd gear bushing failing to, need to split the cases to give you a definite answer. gotta get it runnung and back on the road asap before i delve into the gearbox graveyard. Carb was working ok when the old motor was running. Spark seems to be inconsistent could it be the stator or the rotor? Cheers
  3. ok cheers, the carb doesnt look to bad apart from the tear in the accelerator pump diaphragm. Would it still idel with this tear? thanks.
  4. Hi, my drz400 sm destroyed its own gearbox recently so i went about stripping it and sourcing parts. I came across a 2nd hand drz e engine, "running" at a good price and bought it. Fitted it yesterday and couldnt seem to get her going, as i crank the engine it pops every now and then as if its getting fuel and a spark, so i started checking the sparkplug, compression and fuel witch all seemed fine. Took the cam cover off and it all seemed fine in there to. I havent touched the carb yet wich is an old drz e carb anyway, so i would of thought it would at least start and need adjusting to run properly.Could it be the sm cdi unit? Any help, or suggestions would be great. Thanks, Steve.
  5. Thanks for that everyone! Some great information there. Going to pick up my 1994 kdx 200 today. Cant wait.
  6. Hi there! Just wondering weather the upside down blue forks off the kdx250 would fit on a 96 kdx200? And also the other main differences between the 200, 220 and 250? Cheers in advanced guys!!
  7. This is my 07 sm. Nearly identical graphics? http://i1185.photobucket.com/albums/z351/54321ste/012.jpg
  8. Same thing happened to me. Did the free power mod and havent had a problem since.
  9. Have you got oem jetting?
  10. i bought a vfr400 and rode that for a few months then jumped back on to the drz and after fresh brake fluid it just felt spongey and soft. I know i will never get close to a sports bike on the brakes but i want a bit more than the oem setup, just to sharpen them up. I like the look of the ebc disk and ss line thats pictured. Any other suggestions? Cheers
  11. Cheers guys, going to go with the braided line, see how it goes.
  12. I was thinking more about performance?
  13. I was wondering if anyone knows of any front brake calipers upgrades that would suit the sm? Cheers.
  14. hi guys, a bit off the subject but i cant find the answer anywhere. Can you install the standerad kickstart kit on the sm? Cheers
  15. did the free power mod and the battery is producing 14.5 volts when its on idle. hopfully thats solved it!! Cheers
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