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  1. ram1000

    520 Conversion on a DR650

    WHAT? is the logic behind going to a 520 chain and sprockets/ I've never understood any of the reasoning here. To say the thing is lighter is like saying global warming is true since this year was forth year in a row that Death Valley was hotter in the summer than the winter. The difference cannot possible have an effect. Does a 520 last longer? Does it have better sealing o-rings?Does a 520 produce more power to the ground? Answer: not in any measurable way.
  2. ram1000

    DR650 USD Forks

    "54" has a clear understanding of the ins and outs of this kind of swap. The frame on the DR is noticeably flexy and if Rickman still made frames I would have one made for the DR. I am currently wondering if I could build myself a chrome moly frame to match the geometry of the DR. Most would say why not then buy a Husky or KTM. That would be more suitable for the focused area these bikes are made for but I love the handling on the DR more than the handling on my old 2002 KTM 640E. Its just easier to get along with. Even though the seat height is now the same as the KTM was the bike feels smaller. I never weighed the KTM but I doubt there is a significant difference there either. On top of that the simplicity of an air cooled motor entices me to stay with it. I have been seriously thinking of going to a smaller cc motor though and giving up on the all around focus of the 650 dual-sport bikes. Today I rode about 75 miles on the freeway on a 150 mile jaunt and the smaller bikes would be less usable in that scenario, but then I never go out to ride the freeway while I always go out to ride dirt. Before this swap I had Race Tech cartridge emulators and Eibach springs front and rear. As 54 stated the bike did very well with this set up for trailing, which of course is all it was made for. The reason I went farther with my DR is because I rode a friends Honda XR650L on the same whoops course I try my bikes out. I used to race mx and riding the Honda made me realize that I can easily out ride my DR. The Honda has 11 or more inches of travel and cartridge forks and rebound and compression dampening shock. For all I've gained with the 450 forks and Cogent shocks I would not now be able to out ride myself against the Honda stock with spring rates for my riding ability. The Cogent shock is by far better dampening than the stock Honda but travel is as important as dampening. When I set this up I had to take the cast aluminum link off the frame and sand a radius into the bottom of it to allow the linkage to travel far enough and not bind up against the frame. This gave me a higher stance allowing the swing arm to travel farther away from the bike but it would not be able to do that without the extra clearance to the frame member. I have a lot of practice setting up my own suspensions and steering geometry and I suspect most people would be better off just doing that correctly on their DR. One last thing though I am eternally making things better so I won't be satisfied with my DR even now. I just like fabricating and improving things. One last point of observation. For those of you contemplating this kind of swap: there is no way a 12 inch travel front fork assembly can be placed on a DR and be anything but poor cornering without raising the back or lowering the front or limiting the travel internally to get the overall steering rake back to a stock position. Even when I had the stock forks on my DR the front was lowered 3/4 of an inch to facilitate sharper cornering. I'm editing this to say one more thing. If you want to make the most out of your DR as a dualsport bike I think the DRZ front forks are the easier way to go. They have 11" of travel I believe and won't require as much adjustment in frame geometry to get the front to back ratio back to the stock differences. The cost however would be about the same as going with the full RMZ setup.
  3. ram1000

    DR650 USD Forks

    The sag is a little short but it yields great control over whoops. I will play some more with it as I begin using the bike for trail riding. Today I rode about 50-100 miles on dirt roads and backed the compression dampening off a couple clicks both forks and shock and the bike was somewhat less harsh than the setup for whoops. I may not need to back off the rear pre-load at all for trailing, but it would probably give me a lower seat.
  4. ram1000

    DR650 USD Forks

    Cost was $ 470 I think shipped back to me and that included the special coating he uses to eliminate wear on the cylinder side of the piston. I already had the correct spring for my weight.
  5. ram1000

    DR650 USD Forks

    Well I got my Cogent shock back yesterday and installed it. Rick at Cogent changed the eye to eye length from 17 7/8" to 18 1/4" and added internal travel length to the shock. This allowed the back of the bike to gain approximately 1+" of travel and 1 1/2" of ride height. With the stock shock the newly installed RMZ forks were slid up into the triple clamps about 1 1/4" but still left the steering feeling very slow. With the new setup it is just right and steers nice and precise. I ran it up to 80+ mph on a dirt road with no front end wobble so that is no problem either. The stock bike seat height is 34.8" while the new height with the RMZ front forks and extended travel Cogent shock is 36.5". I set the shock up riding whoops at the nearby riding area and the difference is as a new bike. This thing is so very controllable over moto-x whoops that I can't believe a 400# bike can be so controllable. Adding to that is my 230# riding weight. Here is a picture of the bike as it is setup today. Of course it looks stock except for the usd forks...
  6. ram1000

    DR650 USD Forks

    I used to lace my wheels for dirt bikes with just as screw driver as a tool to determine whether it was round. Just hold it on something solid next to the rim as it spins and observed left right and up down and tighten as necessary.
  7. ram1000

    DR650 USD Forks

    Just put RMZ 450 forks and wheel on mine (DR650). Total cost was just over $500. I thought that was reasonable. Forks did not need rebuilt and forks springs were the same .47 as the after market springs in my DR650 so no change there. I am using a GPS for a speedo right now until I decide to spend the money on a Vapor setup. The worst part of the swap was getting the additional height in the new forks not to affect the steering of the over all set up with the stock shock. I had to slide the forks up 1 1/2 inches and the tire will just barely rub the inside of the fender on bottoming but also had to add pre-load to the rear shock to get it up higher. This allowed fairly good cornering but not as nice as my original turning in on the front. Since this however I send my shock off to Cogent and they are adding travel length to give me another inch in the back. This should get the front to back ratio back where I had it for optimum power slide control and burm slamming. I lost some braking with the RMZ 270mm disk but eventually I can order a 300mm SM disk for it and gain back what the stock DR offers. The stock brake slave cylinder is the same as the RMZ so no cost and it just bolts back on. I already had an additional length SS brake line. I had to make a steering stop that would match up to the RMZ triple clamps and also make new mounting for the stock headlight assembly.
  8. ram1000

    Which 650?

    I have ridden both bikes enough to respond. I have the DR but the Honda is the better bike off-road if your tall enough to feel comfortable. The Honda is every bit as comfortable on the road also unless again your height is a limitation. I don't have a Honda because I have put USD forks and a new rear shock on my DR. The DR in my opinion is the better bike for trailing. I also don't care for the gear spread on the Honda 1st to 2nd is too far for trailing. Lastly I hear the Honda sub-frame will give out if yo over load it but that would not stop me as I can weld up bracing or even a new sub-frame. By the way the Honda is faster stock for stock.
  9. ram1000

    Future DR650?

    There are no sub 300# 650's that are street legal. There are many 650's that have great suspension, power and handling. Why would only a Suzuki do?. Don't get me wrong I love my DR650 and have made it into what I want: 40 +- hp, 12" front suspension, 11"+-rear suspension, but if I wanted a bike that was more single track oriented I would buy a 350 KTM or any of half a dozen other bikes out there. I don't understand the longing for only a Suzuki? Even my friends Honda XR650L is a better bike for serious off-roading with stock suspension. Honda's are every bit as reliable but each bike has its own characteristic positives and negatives. I like the DR for its great road-worthiness and since it is lower than most others it trail rides easier, the other faults I just deal with every winter changing components.
  10. ram1000

    Dr 650 swap meet

    I have a complete front end off my 2008 DR650. It includes forks with Eibach .47 springs and Race Tech Cartridge emulator installed and working perfectly, triple clamps with fat bar adapters no handlebars, front wheel with Kenda K270 3.25x21 tire about 75% wear left on it.Front brake disk and axle, and speedo assembly at the axle. $500.00 for the package plus shipping. Also have a stock Suzuki rear rack that I will be taking off my bike soon. $60.00 plus shipping See picture below of the rack on the bike. I can't get the second picture of the front end to show up. I'll try later, but its just a stock front end with aftermarket components.
  11. ram1000

    Dr 650 swap meet

    I have a suzuki rack to sell.
  12. ram1000

    Parting out 2005 DR650SM. Lot's of Mods

    If u email me I am intereste in shock. 955qrl@gmail
  13. ram1000

    Cam noise too Loud? Video of it running

    I have the webcam 223 on my bike and it makes a small amount of valve noise compared to the stock cam that makes no discernable noise. I got used to it. I checked my valve lash more often to see it if is wearing and it stays the same so no problems. I am using stock Suzuki settings as well. In fact I keep my valves at the tight end of things to increase the duration and lift as much as possible. Please don't warn me about possible problems like valves hitting the piston. I don't care! It runs longer at the top end than my stock cam and has a mild increase in mid-range power/torque. I also have a stock bore HC piston in it. Fuel mileage is the same as before around 50 cruising and 40+ when I ride hard.
  14. ram1000

    Need details for fork adjustments

    Your conclusion fails to take into account that the DR is not going to see Super Cross duty. It will be just fine on the 650. In fact I am running after market front springs rated at .47 on the front forks and I am told that the stock 450 front springs are also .47.
  15. ram1000

    cheapest rims to lace on my hubs

    I need a frame how is your parts bike frame. I used to lace wheels if you have questions. Email me 955qrl@gmail