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  1. 05victorylly

    billet adjustable triple clamps help

    Hey guys, I have an 08 300xc and I am wondering how to tell how the offset is set when the triples are installed. I know that when you take it apart you can tell which way the triple clamp "axle" that goes through the neck is turned. But how do I tell is the bike is all together? Also the 18-20, is the 18 putting the forks closer to perpendicular to the ground and the 20 basically putting the forks closer to horizontal? And 18 should steer quicker but be a little less stable at high speed correct? Sorry for the basic questions, just struggling to find this info via search and or google.
  2. Basically I am either shooting, hunting, riding or working on my diesel truck.
  3. 05victorylly

    Fork upgrade for an old 2T

    awesome sounds like it might work out well for you! good luck, also never seen an axle break through the housing like that! must have been a wild crash!!!!
  4. 05victorylly

    Fork upgrade for an old 2T

    my buddy has a complete set up for a 2001. complete tripple trees with matching forks and rear shock. Let me know if your interested!
  5. 05victorylly

    640 LC4 E or Adventure?

    do you guys have any websites or dealers that sell aftermarket exhaust for the 99 lc4 640? getting frustrating not being able to find anything up the supertrap slip on
  6. something is most likely clogging up your pilot jet. I would do a real good job cleaning that carb and the intake, air box and filter. Also make sure the tank is clean with good gas.
  7. 05victorylly

    1999 LC4 640 new owner

    Anyone have a any idea where to get aftermarket parts for a 99 lc4 640? Oem parts are easy to find, but I am struggling to find simple aftermarket parts like sprockets, full pipes, wheels and levers. anyone have some websites for early model lc4 parts?
  8. 05victorylly

    Bike dies on idle - plugged idle jet?

    the pilot jet is the same as the idle jet. The pilot jet is a long skinny jet with like 10 holes in the sides of it.
  9. 05victorylly

    New member, new ride

    i would invest in a scotts steering stabilzer, SX head and a map switch.
  10. 05victorylly

    Shock service interval?

    I have my shock and forks serviced once a year, for me that is about 50-70 hours.
  11. 05victorylly

    Bike dies on idle - plugged idle jet?

    When you say you have dirt in the air box do you mean between the air fliter and the carb? If so I agreed with TYE....if you only have dirty in the airbox like on the correct side of the air filter I would say a carb cleaning, new pilot jet and check your reeds.
  12. 05victorylly

    brand new 300 kit with some alarming noises! help!

    the 300 kit i bought from slaven's was the 2012 cylinder kit. They claim its all 2012 parts with the most updated porting etc.
  13. 05victorylly

    brand new 300 kit with some alarming noises! help!

    i really think it is something motor/power valve related. I am usually pretty good at identifying noises and issues with motors, but this one has me a little puzzled.
  14. 05victorylly

    brand new 300 kit with some alarming noises! help!

    Ok here is the video.....between 1:24-1:44 is where you can hear the clicking, slapping or whatever you want to call it noise. It is most noticeable when i go wide open and then close the throttle quickly. kinda like braaaaaapp clack braaaaappppp clack.....so on and so on. 3 let me know what you think! thanks guys!!!
  15. 05victorylly

    brand new 300 kit with some alarming noises! help!

    anyone have any ideas....i post a video up in a few minutes