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  1. I would love to install myself but here lately i just dont have the time, thanks for the replies everyone.
  2. I bought the thumpertalk fcr39 kit and am having someone else install it. I have read different posts about o-ring mods, removing pilot air jets,not removing pilot air jets, wire mods ect ect and looking at the directions included with the carb it says nothing about these other than the kit coming with an "adapter" o-ring. Am i overthinking all of this or are there other things that will need done than on included instructions?
  3. Nice bike! mine is the same color scheme! I wasnt crazy about the gold wheels but I was pleasantly surprised when i saw in person
  4. The bike only has 230 miles on it as of now, but once i get it broken in id say some go go mods will be forthcoming. I actually just ordered an MRD Z-Pro shorty
  5. okay thanks, looks like I've got some work to do before springtime!
  6. I just bought a slightly used 2015 SM and I was reading the "What every DRZ Needs; Protection, Reliability fixes, Common Maint." on the faqs page and was wondering if all of these fixes apply to even the new DRZ's. Thanks in advance