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    DR650 Commuting Setup

    Hey knot I'd love to see a pic of your setup!
  2. Bleak21

    DR650 Commuting Setup

    Haha I hear ya. I'm already thinking of how much of each paycheck will go towards the bike! I've heard good things about those Shinkos. but I saw a bridgestone TW22 rear only that looked nice. My deathwing in the front still has a couple thousand left on it, so I might hold off. I see a rack on ebay for $65.. I'll pick that up too. As for a smallish windshield and CS, anyone have suggestions where to get em from? And for the bbq-style rack, anyone have suggestiosn on what's lockable that would go good on it? I can ride in 50 deg + without heated gear so around september-oct I'll start looking into heated things. Thanks! P.S.- Newbie question but how do you know when a knobby tire is worn? This is my first dualsport so does the penny-trick work?
  3. Bleak21

    DR650 Commuting Setup

    Hey all, Beginning a week after next I'll be using my DR650 to commute to work 40mi each way. All of it will be street/highway. I'll be an all weather rider so when it rains- I'm in it. I've got the gear to handle it but I don't think my new-ish DR is set up. I'm gonna need some new tires on this thing ASAP. I'm looking for longevity, a little comfort (not too knobby?) and good wet performance on the blacktop at a reasonable price. Any suggestions for tires? I'm also going to need to put a small container on the bike to store work clothes (shirt, pants, shoes) that could also fit my gear (jacket, pants). Any suggestions for a setup that can do this without racks? Maybe some sort of hard container just tied/drilled in? How about the counter-sprockets... what would give the best mpg? Thanks
  4. Bleak21

    Falling Correctly

    A former Navy SEAL and world class jiu-jitsu teacher always taught me to break the fall on my forearm and transfer momentum (roll) as others have said. No problems so far.
  5. First off, welcome aboard! Riding never gets old and buying your first bike is an exciting experience! Just to warn you, be prepared to spend countless minutes every day thinking of riding . So it looks like your requirements for a bike are: -Lightweight -Lowish seat height -Fair amount of power -Not intimidating -Low maintenance -Mostly dirt/Some road (maybe to get to dirt?) -Meets graduated license requirements (I don't know ozzy laws ) -FUN FUN FUN! Manufacturer aside, I think a slightly used Suzuki DRZ-400S would be at least a good choice. I've never owned one personally, but from what I've read and discussed with owners it seems as simple as my DR650 to keep up and running. Others may say start with a 250 (Kawasaki KLX or other) but I think if you're wise enough to ask for advice you should be ok to handle something with a little more power that you could grow into. If I could spend $5k on a new bike as a new rider, I'd put $3-4k of that to the bike and the rest to gear (maybe crappy gear at first so to not waste money if it's not for you) or an adventure/trip for you and your new bike (Indonesia??? ). In general though I'd look at a lightly used bike for your first bike since you may not know exactly what you want yet. For example, I began on a Ninja 250 but I'm glad I didn't buy it new because I decided I liked dualsports more. Now I'm on a DR which I never thought I'd see myself getting when I began riding. Remember to keep your mind sharp, ATGATT and SIPDE while riding and you'll always be ready to have fun ! EDIT: Oh and sit on the bikes (even new ones in a showroom) before going out to buy one (new or used)! That way you can get a feel of the weight under you, how much control you could have, etc.
  6. Bleak21

    need help

    the pic is too small... put it on photobucket or similar (flickr, imageshack) and give us the link