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  1. HorakCM

    96 DR125SE

    Outstanding! I don't mean to be an ass or keep bumping but this is the first time I've had a chance to sit down and hop on the forums. I'll check the diaphragm, and that's an outstanding resource Cav1er, if I need any more hard facts I know who to pester.
  2. HorakCM

    96 DR125SE

    Sorry guys I've been slammed with work. Jhawins nailed it the second time, it won't rev down for quite some time. Cav1er, is there any info on how to adjust valves/tolerance for these 125's? They're pretty rare from what I can tell.
  3. HorakCM

    Restoration Tips

    Powdercoated frames cost more, but last forever. You usually get a break if you do all the prep work yourself. Probably wouldn't hurt to coat the tank too, y'know, in case it ever falls over. Or something.
  4. HorakCM

    96 DR125SE

    ...has blown up? I'm usually in the YZ forum but today my DR is giving me $h!t. Getting her ready for another DOT inspection, checking the chain, tires, bearings, getting water completely out of the oil... etc and during the test ride it suddenly won't come off mid-range RPMs for a few seconds. The mechanic at the bike shop suggested to clean my jets really well since there wasn't an intake leak post-carb, so I took the carb out, punched every little hole in that sucker and shined her up with some carb cleaner, even checked the diaphram and lubed the throttle plate, reinstalled making sure all the vaccume hoses and whatnot were all in the same spot they were last year... fired up and same issue. Idle is pretty weak and if it doesn't bog and die coming off of 1/8 throttle it will hold whatever RPM it revs to until: Mid-Range- Wait a few seconds for it to calm its ass down High-Range- "Blip" the killswitch. Misted a bit of starting flid into the open airbox to see if it would pick it up, and it just started shooting out black puffs of smoke with little effect on the engine. I'm usually a 2-stroke guy so I'm sorry to be bugging you guys on the DR forum out of nowhere, but this has me pretty stumped. Could this still be a carb issue or should I inspect those valves and rings? Any help would be greatly appreciated, I can add pictures if need be. Thanks! - Chris
  5. Love that TE450. There's my baby DR. 125 4-stroker. No drama compared to my other bikes. Give it fuel and twist. No really, twist harder, as far as it goes. Thank God for the 6-speed.
  6. HorakCM

    Dual Sport Conversion

    Ideas on how to make this brake caliper/fork look a little less like it's on life support? The brake line, speedo, and brake light switch all come out of the same spot. Oversized guard?
  7. HorakCM

    what oversized gas tank would you choose?

    I have a 3.6gal IMS for my '01 250, it fits a little snug, but it feels just like the stock tank on the trails. I like the finish, and the white has held up pretty well over the last 6 months, I expected it to be a shade of yellow by now- although the white was never as bright as the plastics on the rest of the bike. You can change the plug with the tank still on, thank God.
  8. Just seeing what the DR could do on its first ride. There are a few crossings, but the one at the end is easily the most entertaining.
  9. HorakCM

    Powervalve gasket/seal leak

    It'll run just peachy without that whole PV linkage cover, even if it does leak a little. Mine removed itself mid-ride over the summer. It was exposed to hours of coal dust and never caused any hangups. I didn't notice until I got home and washed the bike. I don't really think it's a great idea, but it doesn't exactly hurt it either. PS: Those stupid PV linkage covers are $45 if you can find them on sale. Maybe learn from my mistake and Loc-Tite those threads.
  10. HorakCM

    Power valve assembly removal.

    Hey buddy, I just did that pretty much the other day on my '01. If you have any hangups or need pics, shoot me a PM. I still have the engine out so it's not a biggie to take pics and walk you through it if you want me to.
  11. HorakCM

    96 yz125 died now wont start

    The clutch cable didn't snap and kill it in gear, did it? I guess by having power, you mean it has spark? I'd throw fresh fuel in it, try it again. If that doesn't do it, you should pull the tank and check the wires, sometimes they get rubbed through or otherwise become unserviceable. If that all checks out pretty well, maybe pull the clutch cover and see what you can find in there. Dig around some and see what you find, then post more info and someone can probably help you out. Welcome to TT.
  12. HorakCM

    Dual Sport Conversion

    Great info guys, thanks, I'll search those posts when I get some time to sit down and read. In the meantime, what do you think about replacing the AC regulator on my BD kit to this Trail Tech adjustable? http://trailtech.net/regulator.html#6509 I don't know how much faith I have in the "circuit conditioning" to avoid dimming, but it looks like they definitely made an AC regulator that can fry lights faster, albeit brighter.
  13. HorakCM

    Dual Sport Conversion

    Exactly that, an Electrosport 45w, two yellow leads from the stator. Bird, if you could spill the beans, I'd be forever indebted to you.
  14. HorakCM

    Cylinder/head Damage (with pictures)

    Looks like you left a wrench inside the jug when you buttoned it up. Or an elephant.
  15. HorakCM

    01 woods yz125 basic mods

    I do similar riding, I like: Flywheel weights, Moose or Acerbics barkbusters (just what I've always used), shortest muffler possible with the fattest expansion pipe possible, Bridgestone 403/404 tires, and a Gutz Racing "soft" seat. I don't think tires would be an absolute necessity with 5 hours, but they can change the feel of the bikes trail manners.