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    DRZ400Sm Kickstart Install Remarks

    Yep, what he said above. The hammer impact driver will save the phillips head most every time. If I put a screwdriver on it and it won't budge the little impact driver and my 5lb hammer knock them loose every time, with no damage to the head of the screw. I used it on my kickstart install and also have had to use it on the chainguard screws on the swingarm occasionally.
  2. subeng

    Strange temporary loss of compression?

    Maybe a whole bunch of seafoam in the next tankful to try to clean it up some. Probably will check the valves, maybe finally get the E cams in it that have sat for months waiting.
  3. So after my '06 DRZ S with about 29,000 miles on it sat for 4 days I was starting it to go to work yesterday morning. I've been kickstarting it exclusively for a couple years now after putting on the kit. Anyway my procedure is to use my right hand pushing on the lever until it just gets past TDC (removed the decompressor form my exhaust cam a few years ago, started rattling loudly and the pin was loose when I cut it all off) and then kick it thru. It will have a lot of resistance and takes about 5 to 10 seconds for hand pressure with the weight of my upper body to ease it thru TDC. So yesterday morning I eased it past TDC by hand, kicked it thru, didn't start. So I used my hand again to get thru TDC but there was hardly any resistance, couldn't really tell where the hell TDC was, tried numerous times. Then I just started kicking it and after about 3 or 4 kicks it started and sounded normal. Rode it the 27 miles to work and it seemed maybe just a smidge down on power. Got to work, parked, turned it off and tried the kick lever again with my hand and the normal TDC compression resistance was there. That afternoon leaving work it was just like normal again, resistance by hand easing thru TDC and then kicking thru. Rode home, felt fine, no smoke, again maybe just a tiny bit less power than normal. Got home, checked the oil level, pulled the airbox cover. Oil level normal, no blowby in the airbox. Strange as hell, can't figure out what would cause a temporary loss of compression other than a sticky exhaust valve or a ring problem. I was thinking that I had broke a ring or something but would think there would be a lot of blow by and oil usage. Have a 3 day weekend coming up and thinking maybe I need to check valve clearances, could too small of valve clearance on a cold motor cause this? I checked them at 18,000 and didn't have to touch them, all were nearly in middle to max loose clearance.
  4. I couldn't get the Driven 16 to work, the inside link plates on my chain were hitting the vertical cast portion where the clutch shaft runs. Chain would have eaten up the case at that part of the casting. I have a middle of the road o-ring chain, maybe a top of the line chain is a little bit smaller in link plate size and would have worked? Ended up going to a 15/40 for highway commuting.
  5. subeng

    To those with after market Kickstarter!

    I have an '06 S with a Suzuki kickstarter kit on it, don't know of any aftermarket ones. I removed my auto decompressor from the exhaust cam because it was starting to tick loudly at idle. Any way, I sit on the bike, kick stand up, push on the kickstarter with my right hand to get it to compression on the way up to TDC. I hold a constant hand pressure on it or rock it a little bit until it just starts to get past TDC, its easy to feel by hand. I let the kicker back to the top and then kick it thru as hard as I can with my foot. Starting the kick at just past TDC and kicking it hard and all the way to the bottom of the kick lever stroke will usually get the motor turning thru 2 or 3 TDC's before it stops. I usually crack the throttle a tiny bit just as I start to kick and hold it cracked until the motor starts or have to get it thru compression again with my right hand if it doesn't start the first kick. Most of the time starts on first kick, if not first kick always the second. If you don't get it slightly past TDC before you kick and you're starting it somewhere else it will flat out stop at TDC and hurt you, definitely need to wear a boot with a steel shank, I've bruised the arch of my foot a few times trying to start it with sneakers.
  6. subeng

    Trail tech vapor programming

    I just did this odometer mileage setting also. I just noticed today that since I did this change my engine temperature monitor is indicating all the way down to ambient temperature just like the ambient temperature readout. It used to not even start to indicate until it hit 109 or 110, I think the manual even tells you that. For some reason following setting the mileage it now indicates all the way down to the cold engine temperature. Just went and checked, ambient is 76, engine temp is 77. Super friggin' weird !!!!
  7. subeng

    just fixed my dull drz headlight

    I wouldn't worry too much about hazing, just get a bottle of the Maguires plast-x and polish the lens up every once in a while. The stuff polishes and protects very well, been using it on my plastic headlights on my cars for years, works great.
  8. subeng

    just fixed my dull drz headlight

    Mine didn't have any spots or I just didn't notice them. Anyway installed it with the dim as a T, seemed to high up on dim and couldn't get it set the way I wanted. Flipped it over to the upside down T in dim and it works great. About twice as bright as stock on dim with wider beam, bright is amazing !! This is a great deal for a simple upgrade to the woefully inadequate stock headlight.
  9. subeng

    New CVK40 convert

    &%$#@! did this thing do to my previous reply? I was going to say its a titanium yosh but not the TRC, its not large enough diameter and the TRC only has a joint after the head pipe turns to the rear and the joint at the muffler. What other series of yosh's offer a titanium headpipe for the DRZ?
  10. subeng

    Exhaust DB killer confusion

    TRS or TRC? I have the TRC all titanium one and I know it is discontinued. I don't know if they ever made a stainless pipe with the same TRC dimensions?
  11. subeng

    How old is too old to SuperMoto ?

    Uh, yeah, I'm gonna turn 48 this year. Have a 3 1/2 yr old boy, 5 yr old and 8 year old girls, and a pretty high stress job. Can't imagine riding anything but a supermoto. Riding a supermoto totally ruins your outlook on all other bikes. About 90% of the bikes in our parking garage at work are cruisers, mainly harleys. I just cringe at the thought of owning one, would be bored to death on a cruiser. I find myself always evaluating other bikes on how easy it would be to wheelie, drag the pegs, ride it hard, how tight of single track you could get through. Anyway, my supermoto is my spork of youth, does nothing great except make me laugh and smile. Allows me to ride anything, anywhere, anytime. I already put this out on our local facebook page but every day I ride home, come in from the garage, I fully expect to see all my family, friends, and coworkers all sitting in my house in a circle and they tell me that this is my supermoto/wheelie intervention.
  12. subeng

    drz-400 dash

    Not adjustable, I don't remember the exact value but the E is 500 rpm higher than the S. Maybe 8500 and 9000?
  13. subeng

    drz-400 dash

    The vapor has a tach, I can't remember which DRZ wire (I'm thinking the spark plug wire) it gets coiled around but my vapor tach is dead accurate.
  14. subeng

    running 10-40 in my drz?

    Depending on what kind of helmet you wear it changes too. My street helmet is fairly quiet but my dirt helmet combined with the carbon fiber skid plate, the helmet resonates with the plate, echoing the bottom end noise and at certain rpms makes the motor sound horrendous.
  15. I ran 21/18 DIstanzias before I went to 17s. They were very nice on dry roads, just seemed a little slippery in the rain. The 17s are much better for quicker transitions though. 17s really want to just fall right into corners, hardly any effort at all to lay it over. Initial tip in might be easier with the 21 but once the tip in is initiated with a 17 it naturally falls in deeper, I always found that the 21 needed more effort to stay in deep.
  16. subeng

    Anyone true an SM Wheel...thoughts?

    So is it 1/8" out on both sides of the rim or is just one side of the rim lip bent out for 3"? If it is just one side and the other is true, a little hard mallet hammering should bent that little section back in. If the whole rim is shifted an 1/8" to one side over just a 3" section that is a pretty good bend that the spokes may not be able to get out, Usually a bend that much over that short of a rim length is bent for good.
  17. That my friend is a crimped on lead wheel weight used to balance your wheel. My S had the same thing on the stock back wheel, I ended up changing it out for the stick on ones that stick to rim.
  18. Are those leather red/white/blue TLD speed pants? I think I have the same ones I wear over my jeans commuting during the week, pants in A-star SM boots. The harley riders give me strange looks in the parking garage when I'm stripping them off in the morning and putting them on in the afternoon. The garage is about 80% cruisers, 19% sport, me and another guy with the tards. ALSO, where is the poor rider for the 555 bike eating pavement in the background. I think I see one of his boots at his rear fender?
  19. subeng

    DRZ Must do mods! THROTTLE MOD!

    I did the ODI EMIG grips that come with the right cam, required a little modding to the cam and a spacer, put photos in this thread. Been running it for about a year now with no issues. http://www.thumpertalk.com/topic/1090351-accidentally-found-a-quick-turn-throttle/?hl=throttle%20tube
  20. No kidding Nitrous and still can't get out of the 14's. Kind of like the turbo Civics around here that can't get out of the 14's
  21. subeng

    Stock handle bars

    I'm 5'9" and the SE KX high bends have worked well for me, a little wider than stock but seems like about a half inch less clamping area for your levers and grips on each side.
  22. I like them off, put the gold zip on skins on though.
  23. subeng

    MCCT Weeping Oil

    I'm running the stock auto tensioner that I gutted, tapped, and put a bolt & lock nut in. I have an o-ring and a little thread sealant under the lock nut on mine and it still slightly oozes a tiny amount of oil past all of that. I just wipe it off real good every once in a while and it hasn't gotten any worse in two years of riding.
  24. Do you have NAPA auto stores up there? Napa carries their brand that comes with both O-rings for 6 something. http://www.napaonline.com/Catalog/CatalogItemDetail.aspx/Oil-Filter-Gold-/_/R-FIL7931_0472102808 They usually don't have them in stock, but you can go online and order it and usually it is in the store a day or two later.