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  1. normally on the tranny will literally only go together one way. if you must you can look up the parts fiche and start counting teeth on the gears otherwise you may need to work(turn) your countershaft while working the clutch side or gear back and forth sometimes it doesnt like finding gears without finding some sort of resistance.
  2. well ya never know it couldnt hurt to call and get an opinion
  3. Im Sure as many of yall remember about 5 months ago I built an 01 KX250 from the ground up. I bought it cheap with a blown motor and just about everythign else was F*ed up. I rebuilt the motor and after 4 or 5 laps (after break in) the motor just went clunk. when i got home and realized the bearing that held the rod to the crank had failed and it had dropped little needle rollers which happen to be hard like dowel pins and it completly trashed my cases I was beyond Pissed. But after all this time and procrastination on my part I sent my crank into Wiesco for evaluation and it was a determined failier which made me feel a little better. now the highlight.... Wiesco asked me what all it messed up so i gave him a brief description of the pins that had been shoved thru the wall of my cases and the many chuncks it gouged out and they simply just said to get them a quote on the parts. and to finish 2 weeks after i sent the quote over I had a check which now allows me to spend the money that i did not have before to fix the bike. so now im back in business and got a majority of the motor back together last night. ill post another update when i get er running.
  4. well just an update, wiesco finally got back to the dealer, now i will be sending the crank to them and wait on a response
  5. which is correct thats why i was so confused by what happened.. and it doesnt matter where it was built, if you want to buy American products thats one thing but we not only send our stuff overseas b/c of the low cost the fact is alot of the work we do is shitty (bc ppl dont care) in the end it doesnt matter where it was built if the ppl that own wiesco are french the cash might pass thru America but in the end the the profit is going elsewhere. an a wiesco crank came out of my bike and it was the last person that owned the bikes fault not neone elses for the failer
  6. Ive not heard many complaints about rod failer from any brand normally that isnt the problem, its all the other components but really the crank shouldnt fit that tight in the main bearings and if you area having to force it that hard then it might be trying to install crooked but i slid mine in and tapped it with a soft blow to competly seat it then on the other side i closed my cases with the crank installer but the actual rods bearing race is what happened to mine I(i think) but then again that doesnt explain why my counter weights are all f'ed up i will know more soon as i hear from the dealer and i can get the crank out
  7. well its kind of hard to not put it together the right way since it only goes together one way. and no OEM the bike is 11yrs old and i have no clue how many owners it had beforee me
  8. Spoke to the shop today, looks like the race failed in the Rod bearing but he spoke to his Rep and is now waiting on a response
  9. Actually he sent me a PM, and gave me Wiescos number and a couple guys to contact about bc he says they stand behind their product. but i was waiting to see what ended up happening or even the shops verdict before i call wiesco.
  10. Just an update, still waiting on the shops quick assement w/o them disassembling should be toningt though
  11. Anyone have insite on the cheapest website to supercross tickets? or are they all the same?
  12. Down here in SC/NC has some pretty good spots and they are all with-in about 4 hrs if you stayed somewhere like Columbia,SC and i know canada is far but yall seem to like it down here as much canadian license plates as i see
  13. First a hair scramble IS A RACE which means that bike has probably ridden hard dont let age fool you lots of old guys race woods and are fast as hell. If im not mistaken the bike comes with titanium valves, if only the front is excel that probably means he ruined the stock rim by hitting something (in a race) the gear shifter probably means he broke the original probably (in a race). This guy has random new parts which means they wernt replaced just to look pretty the Coolant tank most likely means he rode the bike hard for long peroids this guy is probabyl pretty serious about running hair scrambles, the oil filters are cheap and radiator braces are pretty standard Basically you are getting a stock bike all that extra you mentioned isnt really anything special since he broke the stock parts. except the chain if it is new and not cheap. I would be weary, sounds like an experienced guy about to get over on you. but then again i would pay to get rid of any WR and a CRF is certainly a very good bike to trade for, there is not much weight savings maybe 10 or 15lbs but to an inexperienced rider thats not much. Just think about it, whats in it for him?? your bike is older? 350$ isnt very much cash? If his bike is clean i would see how it runs and check eevrything possible including the air filter just have a 12mm socket wrench handy to take the seat off.
  14. Like JJ said you can put all that work in but just because the bikes fast doesnt mean the rider is fast.. Now is the time when your boy needs to learn the fundamentals that will make him fast and the skill that will make him good. just keep the motor good and spend the extra cash on the suspension and possibly some lessons that will point him in the right direction ex. Keep your elbows up, always lean forward, stand up, put you leg out in turns, ride on your toes and grip the bike with your knees. stuff like that will probably double your boys speed size of the motor doesnt matter at all.
  15. here is an after shot of the cases and me checking to see if there was any interference
  16. Dunno about clearances but i did spin it and mad sure it spun freely with no binding.. it needed a new crank bc the person who had it beffore me dropped a dowel pin in the bottom end during its last rebuild and the crank spun it up and it lodged itself into each side of the case before the bottom of the piston came down and hit it. the bearigns were fine except for the fact that the engine sucked up metal shavings so i changed everything to avoid another problem in the future. my rebuild and case pics should be a page or two back like i said.. I just finished
  17. Just the rod has the play in it i will get some pic's up here tom and about the case i do not believe so bc where the case was messed up it would put the rubbing to the inside and where my new crank is rubbing is on the outter porton of the plastic piece i had to get out of the shop cause i was getting pissed new updates in the AM thanks guys
  18. So as most of you know i have been building a 01 kx250, last night i stayed up late getting everthing ready to go and hit the track today.. Well after i did some heat cycles to break my new motor in about 15 not so hard laps in the bike dies just loses power and then a big puff of smoke from my top end almost like it was a head gasket then i noticed that it looked like radiator fluid had come out and spewed down my cylinder so pushed it back to the truck and turned the kick starter to see if it was locked up and it wasnt but it was making a really loud knocking sound so i went home to take a look at everything but my head gasket looked fine?? so i removed the cylinder and it looks like lots of sludge down there (on the top of my bottom end) and it looked like dirt but i have determined its the plastic from the cranks outter shell thing looks like its dragging some where in the bottom end but i have no clue why that woiuld be its Brand NEW note that the metal is not dragging just the plastic portion. also i checked side to side and feels like new and the motor knocking is at top and bottom of the stroke so i checked up and down and it looks like its got 1/8'' play (i did not measure this but its a good guestamate)?? Now what do i will weisco fix this or is this something I did??
  19. search "stripped gastank'' in the search bar and alot of good threads are in there before i delete this one.
  20. So i finally was able to afford to get new plastics for my recently purchaced never ridden 01 kx250. Today i tried to take the Radiator Shrouds off and the threaded inserts in the gas tank just spin when i am trying to remove the bolt so i pulled the shrouds off so i could see what was going on and have no clue how to get the nut out and no clue how to fix it.. Or is there even a way to fix it?
  21. Just to be clear the 2011 IMHO isnt of very good quality i would burn a hole/ rip the pants in the inner knee section in probably 2 rides.. Good for you for your support but not sure what is not of good quality of most gear.. Some gear fits big some fits small and some is true to size just like any other piece of clothing or shoes. as long as the seams hold up the zipper/ clasp or buckle is good and the pants are made durable then there should be no issue.. if he can support a rider then just like any other business man HE WILL NOT LOSE MONEY on the deal so as an emerging business he can probably go a little cheaper( it might convince some people to buy it). for 150$ i can buy the newest top of the line from any brand.
  22. A great looking cylinder thanks to Millineum Cylinders and 230$ to completly re-do And no i did not leave the Gaskets all gunky before i put it on i just had clean enough hands to use my phone
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