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  1. moto119

    Real world opinions

    I have an FMF 4.1 slip-on on my 2014 KX450. Don't notice any difference in power but the sound is alot better (and its alot lighter), IMO. Can't comment on the Hot Cams mods but for me the power delivery of the stock motor is pretty much ideal.
  2. moto119

    2013 KX 450f problem

    I was suspect of the pump in the beginning based on my experience with a bad/clooged pump. I didn't have all the electrical data as I knew I had an issue with the pump based on my particular screw up. But the symptoms were close. So I would agree that it could be the pump. Since they just swapped tanks and apparently did not pull the fuel pump to inspect it, might not be a bad idea to do that. Its very simple to pull the pump from the tank. Depending on what you find you may want to replace the fuel injector as well but if it runs well with just a new pump you may not have to.
  3. moto119

    Back to the "other" darkside...

    What about the JGR adjustable subframe for lowering?
  4. moto119

    Anyone have a lowering link?

    skthom - Did you change your sag with the longer link?
  5. moto119

    Pro circuit vs. fmf

    Wondering if anyone has tested the DR. D pipe with the DR. D silencer and perhaps with other silencers (stock, pc, fmf) as compared to the stock pipe?
  6. moto119

    Ideal YZ250

    Thats some good info right there. Much appreciated. I can say that this bike is one that i can tell the difference in the changes I have made. On other bikes I have made what I considered a significant change and was not able to notice anything while riding it.
  7. moto119

    Ideal YZ250

    What was the main difference you feel from the 48s to the 46s? To me the 48s are very compliant over high speed braking and acceleration bumps but still seem to settle nicely into corners.
  8. moto119

    Ideal YZ250

    I am 210 lbs without gear. I waffled back and forth and discussed with a tuner I respect and landed on 0.48s up front and 5.6 out back. I was thinking more 0.46 up front and 5.4 out back but he convinced me otherwise. 330 cc oil in the forks. After a couple rides I am glad I listened to him but need some more time on the bike. I know others are heavier than me and go with lighter spring rates than I have but I suppose that is what testing and personal feet is all about. If I rode more off road I would likely go a bit lighter up front.
  9. moto119

    Ideal YZ250

    2013 YZ 250: Squish adjusted to 0.050 and head compensated to run good quality gas. Boyesen rad valve (with leaner jetting without the 5 mm spacer) 9 oz Steahly FWW PC 304 silencer (stock pipe) 51T rear sprocket My personal adjustments: Sprung front and rear for my weight ODI bars (Honda/Kaw bend) ARC folding levers Pro-Taper 2.3 Pegs Just recently added the FWW and the larger rear sprocket and that appears to have made this probably the best bike I have ridden. Senior Vet B pretty much 100% moto these days but would have no problem running this set-up in the woods. Prob not the best spring rates for tight rocky stuff but for GNCC type stuff pretty darn good and great on the MX track. The only other thing I am considering is an oversized front brake rotor with sintered pads. Took me awhile to come this conclusion. Will keep my 450 but this will be my race bike in 2015.
  10. moto119

    Linkage arm

    I just ordered the OEM longer linkage arm for 2014 KX450. Did anyone measure how much the seat height drops with the longer link assuming the same preload on the shock spring? Also, did the guys who have it change the amount of race sag and if so what were your pre and post settings? Lastly, did you compensate for the seat height drop by moving the forks up in the clamps at all? settings? Thanks for any insight.
  11. moto119

    FMF vs Pc for yz250

    COOP39 - Did you do a comparison of the DR. D pipe to stock?
  12. moto119

    250sx Questions

    I have a 2012 KTM 250SX (stock motor with exception of FMF pipe/silencer, jetting, red PV spring, and suspension work) and 2013 YZ250 (stock with exception of squish mod, boyesen rad valve and PC silencer with stock pipe). I am a vet b/c mxer. IMO and this is just me, they are very similar to ride. I currently prefer the YZ as I feel it fits me better and its slimmer at the shrouds (or feels that way). I actually prefer the cable clutch feel of YZ as well, not sure why but I do. Both are great bikes and I am happy to ride either. Currently working to get some more bottom and mid out of the YZ (would do the same for the KTM if I preferred it better). I think the KTM may pull a bit longer on top than the YZ but I would say that is more me probably thinking that as I can't really tell on the track. Prob comes down to what you like. Good bit of money in the KTM suspension and the YZ SSS stuff is better, even though it is sprung like for my weight. Once I get the correct spring rates, I think it will be even better.
  13. moto119


    I had an 06 CRF450 as well and really liked that bike. Was very comfortable with it. Then moved to 2013 KTM450 and while I really liked the quality of the bike and the electric start, I could never get along with the handling due to the front end almost always wanting to push. Rode a friends 2013 KX450 and was immediately comfortable and it felt ALOT like the 06 CRF450 in terms of handling with a ton more power but very controllable power (plus the significant difference of EFI over the carb on the 06). So I picked up a 2014 KX450 and I am extremely happy with it. Personally for me the bike turns fine. Just seems to fit me and how I ride I guess. I am a vet B/C Mxer, 200 lbs.
  14. moto119

    Back to the "other" darkside...

    Sorry for asking something I should know but is it a 2014 or 2015? Also, have you ridden any other late model 450s to make a comparison to once you have some time on it?
  15. moto119

    Most Noticable 2-Stroke Mods

    Coop 39 - How did you get the Dr. D pipe?