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  1. Christie

    winter storage (02 wr 426)

    Winter storage? What a waste! Get a set of good spike-tires, and you'll have the time of your life, I promise!
  2. Christie

    I think I may NEED to YZ time....

  3. Christie

    4 speed

    WR-ratios: 1st:2.417 2nd:1.733 3rd:1.313 4th:1.050 5th:0.840 YZ-ratios: 1st:1.929 2nd:1.563 3rd:1.278 4th:1.050 C.
  4. Christie

    Clarke YZ tank - quality unit !

    SoCal, In your signature you say "Euro YZF exhaust", is there a difference between the european and US YZF exhaust?? ChN
  5. Stock YZF426 silencer wanted. Will pay upto $200 if in good cond and if you can bring it to me personaly in Oakland Ca. Email: chn@dod.no