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  1. Skid_Jackson

    cool bike transport

    not the states .. plate on the bike and truck are not american
  2. Skid_Jackson

    A thing of beauty!

    those bikes look an awful lot like a a rebadged GAS GAS .....
  3. Skid_Jackson

    cool bike transport

    I don't know ... looks like that dirt bike handle bar could do some damage to your face if things went bad .... never mind a nasty cross wind ....
  4. Skid_Jackson

    Funny motocross bikes

    there could be a number of reasons .... my first guess would be ....its called making do with what you've got ....they could be relics of the cold war. alot seem to have the same repurposed moped type motor. Second guess is they are a throw back to the cold war and its just fad going on in that particular country. Kids just messing around with cheap bike parts coming up with funky home built scoots. My third guess is ... see the first guess ... a funky homebuilt scrap scoot is still better than walking ....
  5. Skid_Jackson

    flock of geese look like honda logo

    bad photo chop ... the birds are headed in the wrong direction!! com'n people get it right!!
  6. Skid_Jackson

    13 250 xcf choppy throttle ?

    i have a 13 250 xcf that i picked up about 3 weeks ago. Same deal. I think its higher compression motor (stronger engine braking) plus not much flywheel plus efi ... I ride tight nasty woods in new england. I'm slowly coming to terms with it. my 12 xcf w with the doggy motor was a cream puff in the nasty stuff!! FC did the suspension over so far best mod, second best was ditch the mx 51's. no issues in the more open stuff but in the techy stuff its kind of a pain. I might try a reflash if I knew it would work. right now its fast on the clutch and not so fast shutting down the throttle. also seems to help if you ride it like a 125 .... its a revver not a chugger!
  7. Skid_Jackson

    Causes for holes in air filter?

    run your hand all over the inside of the air box and feel for anything sharp, check the seat pan to. I had a gas gas and the plastic seat pan had a plastic interlock that went under the sub frame to lock the seat in place so to speak. It had a sharp enough edge left over from mfg'ing that it sliced the top of the air filter. not all the way through but still bad. the location of the slice should be a tip off.
  8. check to make sure the main jet isn't laying in the bottom of the bowl .. this happened to a 2 t i had, ran fine on the pilot .. twist the throttle .. boooooogggg. might not be your issue but and easy thing to check to eliminate it. lot easier than messing with electrics ... only to find out later ...
  9. Skid_Jackson

    Model of this Bike?

    metal tank ... drz 400s dual sport version minus the shrouds
  10. Skid_Jackson

    2009 KX250F value

    just a little fyi to add to current market conditions i've got an 09 in the cnh, $2900 for about two weeks now ... not a peep. previous owner did quite few upgrades to it, some choice bling, and i haven't ridden it too much. Graphics are tired though, local dealer said he'd shoot for $3k .. crickets so far ... most of the bikes i see listed are $3k plus ... I was going to drop it some .. but no so sure the way some guys talk on this thread ...
  11. Skid_Jackson

    Hold my beer, watch this

    prove he was an idiot and doesn't know how to rock climb ... would be my guess future darwin award right there ... although while i don't know anything about side bys ... gotta think that wasn't a stock cage .. was it??
  12. Skid_Jackson

    MWXC Round9 Heavy C

    2 things ..... 1) unless your going to puke or are having a heart attack, never ever ever stop!!! you can putt along in second and catch your breath while taking a rolling break and cover plenty of ground ... just stay out of the race line!! and actually stopping to puke is optional .... 2) what the story with the guy in farmer overall and the chrome fender bike!! sorry can't help you much on the whole heat stroke thing .. i do pretty well in the heat ....
  13. Skid_Jackson

    Kid gets nailed by a dirt bike

    hope his mom doesn't see that!! owwww
  14. I thought it was pretty good!! next time less vid of getting ready ... more track time ....