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  1. It sucks that his first surgery wasn't healing right and put him out for longer. Hopefully he comes back strong and healthy but he's gotta be in his mid to late 20s already
  2. Title says it all, who do you think snags the TKO title this year with Webb being out? A lot of big names have confirmed from Europe so it should be some good racing
  3. Over riding a 450 is borrowed time, just think he won't have to over ride it like he does the 250
  4. I definitely agree with you but I also think some of that is a combo of over riding the bike and the Kawi's are obviously underpowered compared to the Star Racing Yamahas. I feel like Benny Bloss is one if those guys that got better on the 450 and I hope AC is the same way
  5. I'm pretty sure it was reported that it was 150 and 250+ classes
  6. Roczen also has seemed like he has a problem with his ego sometimes too. I feel like he's burning his candle at both ends trying to prove all the naysayers wrong
  7. Give it a week or so, the pros will usually have their gopro footage up by then on their YouTube channels
  8. The area I used to leave had IV bars starting to pop up around for people with hangovers. Never got a chance to try one out but it sure seemed like a good idea
  9. Pretty sure Alessi used to run one in the nationals before. I know I've seen pictures of MX pros wearing them before. I'm gonna see if I can find some
  10. If I remember right you can run a different bike for the Prolouge than the main race. I'm sure a 701 would be great for the high speed. This race is definitely on my bucket list
  11. Only on accident when my throttle hand locks up
  12. Hell I'm 26 and still not smart, he has a long way to go
  13. I haven't personally met him although I did feel like I got a cold shoulder from him at TKO, although I do give him the benefit of the doubt because it was between races. I think it's just his personality and persona, too many others with a similar personality aren't anything else but the persona, not saying his like that just my perception. I think the whole championship thing is being blown up right now because it was a fairly stale night in Nashville. I'm looking forward to seeing them battle again in Endurocross this year
  14. They scheduled a MRI today from my understanding, have not heard any updates from it yet
  15. What's dumb is how Colton has acted poorly in less than favorable situations in the past. As I said, this isn't the straw that broke the camel's back for me, it's who he is as a person and how he carries himself. He's a badass on a bike, but off the bike he's just meh.
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