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  1. TSM_Racing

    03-04 RM topend difference

    thanx for ur feedback i just wanted to see to make sure before ordering a brand new pipe and silencer and it not working out
  2. TSM_Racing

    03-04 RM topend difference

    i know the 03 and 04 jugs are different with the powervales...has there anyone here put a 04 pipe on a 03? i cant find a works pipe or a fmf gnarly for an 03 the only ones i can get for the 03 is the Procircuit platinum...fmf platinum...and fmf SST .....if i mount a 04 pipe on the 03 will it make a big power difference?.......i have a Procircuit works on my 04 now i thought about swamping it over to my 03 to see if it runs any different
  3. TSM_Racing


    i mostly ride mx with my 04 and the PC works pipe with R304 shorty is great for it it still has the pull off the bottom end and still gives me the stretch in the topend on the longer straits....ill prob end up puttin the works pipe on my 03 and gettin the R304 factory sound silencer ....plus i like the looks of the works pipe compared to a platinum pipes
  4. TSM_Racing


    ive been looking at pipes and silencers for the new 03 i picked up....... i run a procircuit works and R304 shorty on my 04 and i love it.... i been seein good reviews on the FMF SST pipe does anyone run this pipe? wondering what u guys run on ur 03s and some feedback would be great thanx
  5. TSM_Racing

    My first ever Suzuki

    damn looks like it just came off the showroom floor yea how much u pick that up for ??
  6. TSM_Racing

    can i put a 100 90 19 rear tire on my rm 250?

    it will fit just depends on what ur riding?
  7. TSM_Racing

    picked up a 04 RM 250 have some questions

    just checked the VIN it is a 03
  8. TSM_Racing

    picked up a 04 RM 250 have some questions

    i thought they changed the motor in 04....thought the topends were different
  9. i just got this 04 RM 250 for 1500 bucks dont think i did to bad on it...... i have a 04 but on this bike the forks arent showas did they not put showas on the earlier 04 RMs? plus the brake resivours are different..... lemme know what u guys think
  10. its what im most used to around here in kansas alot of river riding and we got the dunes not far away so i got aot of time in the sand ....once u get the feel for it its golden......definatly stay in the gas in corners then that front end wont wanna knife
  11. TSM_Racing


    wow never seen anything like that but very good idea especially if ur riding alot of elevation changes
  12. TSM_Racing

    Broken piston skirt need advice

    if it was me i would split the cases u never know theres alot of tiny pieces that works its way into the bottom end bearings...split it just to be safe dont wanna spend twice as much money if i blow a piston its a total rebuild for me i dont take any chances
  13. thats awesome id love to ride a track like that .....once u get the feel of sand/loamy stuff its awesome ill set there and rail corners all day till the race line gets way to deep haha
  14. TSM_Racing

    What did you do to your RM today?

    Gave her a bath and some detailing after a weekend of ripping lookin into gettin a oversize front rotor and braided brake line
  15. TSM_Racing

    08 RM250

    im gonna keep the 04 shes still my baby