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  1. 12bridn

    Anyone know what headlight this is???

    That guy posts in thumpers over on advrider. The bike is an XR. Maybe ask over there.
  2. 12bridn

    cutting bars

    I am not familiar with those bars, but for a clean smooth cut, you could use a tubing cutter. It clamps on the bar, and you rotate it around the bar, tightening as you go. They sell these at hardware stores in the plumbing section. It will give you a cleaner cut than a hacksaw.
  3. 12bridn

    Jetting Experts, Need Your Opinion

    There are two springs in the DJ ket. One is tiny and is a spare. The big one is the slide return spring and is shorter and weaker than stock. Installing it helps with throttle response.
  4. 12bridn

    Fishing rod holder

    What kinda fish is that?
  5. 12bridn

    More AMA bs.

    Unless each team is getting money or support direct from Toyota, then there should be no Toyota logo on the bike.
  6. 12bridn

    blue ribbon members

    The more people that sign up, the better their resources will be. I need to sign up.
  7. 12bridn

    Dumb clutch adjustment question.

    Now that right there is funny.
  8. 12bridn

    DRZ skid plate...best one?

  9. 12bridn

    trx450r to drz400s

    I've ridden a 05 TRX450 quite a bit and have ridden many DRZ-S's, from bone stock to slightly modded to a 440 with an edelbrock. I would say that you could get a DRZ-S up to the power of a stock 05 TRX in pretty short order with cams, FCR, airbox and pipe mods. The 05 TRX450's were pretty lame power wise, they had lower compression and different cams than the CRF's. If you had done many performance mods to the TRX450 and had it running as it should, then you will probably be disappointed in the DRZ-S.
  10. 12bridn

    top speed

    13/47 86 mph top speed 13/49 82 mph top speed assuming 10k redline Your first gear would change by approximately 4%.
  11. 12bridn

    Beware of Sport ATV Salvage on Ebay

    I do not agree with this. Feedback should be left when both parties are satisfied with their end of the transaction, no sooner. As a seller, I won't leave positive feedback until the buyer is happy with the item purchased and tells me so, usually through positive feedback. Leaving a positive for a buyer after payment but before they leave a positive for you is setting yourself up for feedback extortion and scams.
  12. 12bridn

    250cc V-Twin

    Hyosung Comet 250 Yamaha Virago 250 (same engine as above) Honda VTR250 Interceptor
  13. Nice pics. CO is great. Glad you enjoyed it.
  14. 12bridn

    13T Countershaft Sproket??

    13/41 is slightly taller than 15/47, but by a miniscule margin. You wouldn't notice a difference.
  15. 12bridn

    KLX400 or DRZ400

    You can use your VIN number to check the year on www.buykawasaki.com. My guess is yours is a 2003.