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  1. mictheaussie

    Supercross 2015 Live Stream?

    Fox Sports GO app is streaming all the races this year. You have to have a cable account to log in tho. Or at least a friend with one. The past few years I used Justin.tv but I think they shut that site down after too many copyright dilemas.
  2. mictheaussie

    Whats next for Noren?

    Word is that Reed picked up Grant. So he can have Noren fill in after the first few rounds once Grant is injured.
  3. mictheaussie


    I wonder if KTM let him keep that bike. I think Rodger lets his guys have them.
  4. Sounds like you are poor in mindset and not in reality. No matter how much you make, You'll always be poor. Sad way to live your life. Here is an idea. Put the bike away for a year. Pay all your debts. Come up with a plan to better yourself. Get either your income up or your expenses down, Guess what??? You are now no longer living paycheck to paycheck and you can afford to race again. Life is good and you are no longer an eternal victim.
  5. mictheaussie

    JS7 Provisionally Suspended

    I don't think he should be allowed to race MX. If an athlete is suspended from a series due to a positive drug test on a banned substance in SX, it will disgrace the sport to let him continue to ride MX. If the promotors want this sport to grow and be taken seriously by the mainstream media, they need to learn to work together more. This is a big part of it.
  6. mictheaussie

    JS7 Provisionally Suspended

    Des Nations is an FIM event correct? Therefore he will not be able to compete if suspended from FIM events. They handed down the suspension, not Feld.
  7. mictheaussie

    JS7 Provisionally Suspended

    It means Stewart is out for Des Nations.
  8. mictheaussie

    Langston better than emig?

    I really liked Weege and GL commentating. It was a good dynamic and both are very knowledgeable about the sport. Something small, but I liked the fact that they would say "Redbull KTM" or "JGR Yamaha" or "Monster Energy Kawasaki" instead of the green Kawasaki or Red Honda. It makes the sport seem way more professional and gives each team a little plug. I liked the coverage. It will get better as the season goes on too.
  9. mictheaussie

    Nut sacked

    Me too. It's amazing how little they care once they are done with them. Haha
  10. mictheaussie

    How can I take off smooth

    There is the right ratio between turning the throttle and releasing the clutch. You need to work that out. It changes depending on hills or mud too. I've never found it a problem, but I've been riding since I was 6. I would suggest finding an open field and practice for a hour or so until you work it out. Lean right forward so the front wheel stays down better and just play with taking off. Yeah, it's boring, but like any other skill, it can be worked out. You can't be Villopoto on your first day.
  11. mictheaussie

    official going to XX supercross thread

    Yep. Going. Will be sitting in the club level seating this year. Hope its a good spot.
  12. mictheaussie

    Peick = RCH

    Factory bikes = Factory team. Therefore, RCH gets factory Suzukis so they are a factory team I guess. While I think this is awesome for Peick, My concern would be what if Weston doesn't do any better, maybe worse on a factory bike. Do people then say he doesn't deserve the ride? You know they will. Its a lot easier to be privateer hero than factory zero. He is doing great, but may be close to his ceiling as it is. Is he going to challenge RV, JS, RD, CR? I don't think so, but I hope he proves me wrong. Also with only a few weeks on the bike, that may make a difference. If he had a whole off season, I think he'd be fine. IDK, Stoked for the guy. He is a great rider and I hope he makes the best out of this opportunity.
  13. mictheaussie

    Handicap for Vegas

    Its just plain dangerous to let slower riders out in front of the faster ones. RV. JS, RD, Etc hit different lines and jumps than the slower guys and there would be carnage every time. Similar to why the shouldn't put the faster racers on the back row of a 2 deep gate.
  14. mictheaussie

    Kx 125

    I used the Factory Effex Evo 8 on my old kx. I really liked the green, white, black and blue mix. Broke it up a little. I can't find any pics of my old bike, but I thought it looked good. Motosport, Rocky Mountain ATV, BTO Sports. any of those sites have graphics kits.
  15. mictheaussie

    What the haters have to say about that? Lol.

    I'm not a Stew fan, but that was incredible to watch. He was on it tonight. Passed Dungey like he was a lapper.