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  1. This will be my final post on anything moto...it wasnt for me, thanks for everything yall did to help me out while i was into it... -bai
  2. kawizuki

    Air filter oil

    okay and last question. When I am cleaning the filter, should I spray it from the inside of the filter or spray it from the outside of the filter? Okay thanks again -bai PS yes i clean my filters every ride i just normally spray from the outside through it, but i don't know if that is right.
  3. kawizuki

    Air filter oil

    okay i am about to order it....which of these should i get? http://www.motosport.com/dirtbike/product/NO-TOIL-EVOLUTION-OIL-3PACK-SPRAY/?id=119667 http://www.motosport.com/dirtbike/product/NO-TOIL-FILTER-MAINTANANCE-KIT/?id=104985
  4. kawizuki

    125 to 250f to 250 2 stroke??

    if you rode the 250f with no problems then your fine for the yz250 it will be faster but you should be fine
  5. kawizuki

    Air filter oil

    hello all, I recently bought a k&n air-filter cleaning kit from auto zone and the oil is not right. I've used the k&n products before bought this bottle heavily sprays the oil out the sides but not down the middle(I'm trying my best to explain this, my apologies) but anyway has this happened to anyone? Should i just get some new oil? Does anyone have a recommendation for brands/types of oils? Thank you so much -bai
  6. kawizuki

    collarbone protection

    I think the ones with shoulder pads do pretty good...ill post pics of mine later when i find a camera. but i could be wrong
  7. take wheels, subframe, forks and tank off... bring some tools and you could have it back together in no more than 30 minutes.
  8. kawizuki

    What is a parts cleaner?

    haha i like that idea^^^ what all do you clean in a parts cleaner, sorry for my ignorance
  9. bump^^^ i love this thread
  10. kawizuki

    What is a parts cleaner?

    oh okay...so do you just like soak parts in there?
  11. Hey guys, I've heard the term parts cleaner thrown around and i have no idea what it is, and i cant seem to find anything about it. So, i was wondering if someone could tell me or show some pics of one of them? Thanks -bai
  12. kawizuki

    I miss winter.

    Oh God^^
  13. kawizuki

    Is there such thing?

    The sunline levers look like they'd be awesome, but i have also had asv and they kick ass!
  14. kawizuki

    trade 07 kx250f for 09 kx450f?

    ahhh sorry bro
  15. kawizuki

    Need your help to win contest.

    who came in first?