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  1. hondarider10

    Bent radiator 04 250x

    Suggest you get some radiator guards. Got mine from Flatland Racing when I first got my bike in 04, they have held up with no problems since then.
  2. hondarider10

    Low Compression?

    My 04 CRF250X is getting hard to start and has almost no resistance when you kick it over. I'm almost positive the valves need to be adjusted, so I'm not worried about the hard starting. My question is would worn or tight valves contribute to the lack of compression? I did the CCC mods about 6 months after I got the bike in 04, and have ridden it fairly hard for the next 2 years. Since 06 I haven't had too much time to ride but the bike still has a lot of time on it. I'm about to replace the cylinder and adjust the valves, will this take care of the low compression?
  3. hondarider10

    Newbie here...

    Hey guys, I just bought an 09 kx250f this weekend, kind of an impulse buy. I've been on Honda's since I started riding but got a great deal so I went for it. Mostly I'm just wondering what to expect from this bike as far as maintenance goes. I've never even sat on a Kawi before this weekend, and really don't know much about them at all. I rode for a couple hours, but wrecked pretty hard so had to leave earlier than I wanted. Anyways just tryin to gain some knowledge on my new bike and new brand here, anything is appreciated.
  4. hondarider10

    Clutch Cover - Fragile ??

    Happened to me, just filed down the teeth on the brake pedal and it's been fine ever since.
  5. hondarider10


    After riding for a while with them, they get the job done, but they leave a lot to be desired. I was out today riding, and one of our crew got stuck, but he was in the back and I was the only one that noticed so I stopped to help. My two other friends kept going, and so we got the guy in the back out and we went to catch up. I think everyone knows where this is going, but anyways the two friends up front had turned around and were heading back since they noticed we were missing. Coming down the trail in 4th, they are both coming at me. I hit both brakes, but those damn pads didn't have the power and so me and the oncoming kid both started to slide out and lay the bikes down, so we hit kinda sideways. Luckily I only got a bruised foot and a broken number plate, but if I had the stock pads on I think I could have stopped in time.
  6. hondarider10


    Still cost more than I had on me at the moment. If I had known how bad it would be, I woulda just held off and come back the next day with more money.
  7. hondarider10


    I was going to get stock for front and rear, but it came out to almost 90 bucks, and I didn't have enough money.
  8. hondarider10


    I changed my pads today, front with ebc pads and rear with stock honda pads. I went to test them out, and the rear is super touchy and very strong. The front is real weak though, and has almost no stopping power. Do they just need more time to break in, or are the ebc pads just not as good as the stock honda ones?
  9. hondarider10


    GN-4 in both sides, no problems.
  10. hondarider10

    Air Box Mod

    I only took the seat off, but I was still able to cut out a good size hole. It makes a difference, and I also got rid of the metal screen that the filter sat on. I could blow through it and barely feel air on the other side, so it was obviously very restrictive.
  11. hondarider10

    250x free mods?

    Do a search for closed course mods.
  12. hondarider10

    wth!??... has this ever happened to any of you?

    That happened to me, but one side was down lower than the other. I just took a big long metal bar and put it under the low side and then over the high side and pushed down slowly until it was even again. You can tell it was tweaked a little still because the bolt holes for the rear plastics and the seat don't line up exactly on one side, but it is close enough that the bolt goes in almost normally.
  13. hondarider10

    Thinking about getting a 250x a few ??'s

    My 04 has not had any problems with the fork seals, and I have never even had to do any work to them. My friend rides an XR250, and when I feel like just puttering around I will take it out. However, when I want to pick up some speed, I hop back on my bike. As others said, the XR has a bit more torque, but if you just keep the X revved up you won't miss it. The weight difference is also very noticable, you will love it.
  14. hondarider10

    Hi Flow Oil Filters

    Why don't you get a stainless one such as Scotts? I bought mine two years ago, and it has saved me a big chunk of change compared to buying disposable filters over and over again.
  15. hondarider10

    Charity Ride

    Hey guys, on May 13th or 20th, I am going to be holding a charity ride to benefit the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation of the United States. It will be held at the Thomaston Dam in Thomstaon, CT. If anyone is familiar with the Relay for Life, it will be similiar to that. You will find people to pledge a certain amount per mile that you ride, and then however many miles you ride is how much money you raise. For example, if someone pledges 25 cents per mile and I ride 60 miles, then I have raised 15 dollars. I will figure out more details later this week, and I will let everyone know when I have finalized everything. I posted this in the Northeast forum as well, but I think it will get more attention here.