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  1. Poldies

    What Have You Done To Your KTM Today?

    Getting this thread back on top, where it belongs. Mods should pin it, ahem...and get rid of the other one, that for some reason they did pin, that no one uses... Finished my sons 150
  2. Poldies

    What did you do to your KTM 2 Stroke Today?

    See the actual "what have you done" thread. Lets keep it at the top fellas!
  3. Top right corner. It will be over for you then.
  4. I had a few 200 frankenbikes over the years, they were awesome. A lot of it depends on the year of the chassis as to whether it's worth it, I had an 03 125sx, it was a decent bike, the engine was better than the chassis. For 1200 bucks I'd jump on it. The 200 engine alone would get that much if you sold it.
  5. You can buy that fender new for about 20 bucks, FYI. Good luck with your experiment! Please provide pics if you do it. A Dremel will make for a nice fit with the headlight.
  6. The xc-w got that fender in 14, sx in 13. Sx got the new style in 16 The xcw’s are usually one model year behind the sx Glad you had had the info he needed.
  7. Pretty sure that is the same for the 17+ as well? Same lower triple, I can measure a 17 for you if it helps. Have to ask, what are you trying to do?
  8. Poldies

    Ktm 200exc into 250exc/300exc?

    No replacement for displacement, as they say. There are a lot of mods you can do to it, but the trans won't make the engine any different. Most guys don't use the first gear on the 200 xcw, creeper gear. Although, I can see an advantage to it for your riding. Either the 200 or 250 exc would be a fair bit better than a YZ for woods/tight enduro work.
  9. Poldies

    Ktm 200exc into 250exc/300exc?

    The 200 won't have the bottom end the YZ has, with a good head mod you'd be close, but I think for your riding the 200 will not disappoint. A 200 is no 250 though, if you are used to the YZ, and like the power, the 200 may feel anemic in comaprison.
  10. Poldies

    Ktm 200exc into 250exc/300exc?

    16 was the last year of the 200. That suspension should be fine for your anticipated use. As you progress possibly have it professionally set up, but if you are new to bikes, the suspension will be fine. I agree with Andrews take, get the 200, enjoy it for a few years, and if/when you want to move up you can. Around here the 200 class is competitive, and they are still sought after bikes for riders of all skill levels. I rode a 200 until 2 years ago when I moved up to a 250. There are some great mods for the 200 that will enhance their engines, getting the head cut and upping the compression is cheap and effective way at giving them a lot of bottom end (torque). 38mm carb, sx Cdi and you’ll have a fire breather for a 200, if you want revs. Very versatile engines that respond to simple mods. I loved every 200 I had, can’t say enough good things about those bikes.
  11. Poldies

    Ktm 200exc into 250exc/300exc?

    No need to apologize, sorry if my response seemed short. 250 to 300 is doable, but as mentioned above, a well tuned 200 is an excellent bike, I rode one for years. The suspension really depends on the year. The newer the better, typically. A lot of my answers would be specific to the model year of the bike.
  12. Poldies

    How much would you pay for a 2020 kx125?

    A little 2 stroke engine in a clunky, boxy aluminum frame? Cool to look at, maybe not so cool to ride? I'd pass, and let a buddy buy it so I could ride it.
  13. Poldies

    Ktm 200exc into 250exc/300exc?

    This is about a 2 stroke, should be in the 2 stroke section. 200's and 250's use different cases and cranks. You can't fit a 250 crank into the 200 cases. Your mate has steered you wrong. A 200 is actually 192cc's, not enough meat on the jug to get it to a 250. Completetly different engines. You can make a 125 inot a 150 or 200, or any other variation in those cc's.
  14. Poldies

    Ktm 200exc into 250exc/300exc?

    Wrong section No, you can't make a 200 a 250 or 300.