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  1. poldies4

    The KTM 200 Club

    I had a 13 150 with a 200sx engine in it, one of the best bikes ever imo. If you all haven't tried a linked 200, you should! Nice bike, enjoy!!
  2. While this is a good idea, as a seller, I would never do this. It's a waste of my time, and my bikes are what they say they are. I know that is not true for everyone, but I bet most of us here that know our way around a bike would flat out say no. You might too? Find a friend who knows even a little to go with you. Also, if you're buying an older model, they have all been thrashed. As mentioned above, clean bike, clean garage, normal owner, all these things can give you an idea of condition. If you can get the seller to deliver it to a shop, go for it, but make sure it's a shop you know, a good portion of mechanics really are glorified bike assemblers imo...
  3. poldies4

    Proper chest protector?

    I have the Raptor, and the Leatt 5.5 HD Pro. The Leatt is much more comfortable, and integrates my neck brace. Even without the neck brace, I would choose the wear the Leatt every time. Same protection, much more comfortable imo.
  4. poldies4

    How to identify clutch?

    Pull it out and post some pics, someone will likely recognize it.
  5. poldies4

    Supercross TV schedule

    In a perfect world, outdoor would grow, and SX would shrink. SX is ok, but outdoor is where it is at for a lot of us. I am eager to watch sx, but, if there were a choice, I'd rather have 17 outdoor races and 12 SX. Oddly, they have not asked for my advice...
  6. poldies4

    KTM 200 XC-W

    Not necessary to have. Get your jetting right, check your reeds. There is no reason a 2 stroke has to have splooge. It is unburnt fuel, and a fixable issue.
  7. poldies4

    Supercross TV schedule

    NBC sports gold app is the best thing to happen for outdoor fans in a long time. ALL the motos, plus practice, watch whenever it is convenient. With that said, I would miss my Saturday night SX fix watching with my son, I would not miss the west coast start times. I'm old, and get cranky if I stay up past my bed time. I usually end up watching them on Sunday morning.
  8. poldies4

    Keihin 36 or 38 for 18’ 150

    38 will still have plenty of bottom, but more on top. I have always run 38's on my 150's and 200's. Whether it was a Lectron, or Keihin. I would be willing to bet you wouldn't notice the difference on bottom. I's also be willing to bet you will be happy with either. Keihin+KTM=big grins
  9. poldies4

    2013 250xc jetting

    These are the foundation of tuning a bike. Also, keep in mind that running rich or lean is fuel/air, not oil/fuel. Like mentioned above, less oil makes the gas less viscous, which allows more fuel through the same size jet. More fuel, less air=richer. Well done Swappa
  10. poldies4

    Anyone know how JMart is doing?

    I moved around a bit in my younger years, got to see and do a lot, but I am glad to be raising kids here. Lots of family here, good to be home... Portland is between GR and Lansing, you were there back in the day! They have a HS track there, haven't been there, but hear it is pretty good. http://portlandtrailriders.com/ Battle Creek is a private club that opens for a few D14 races, and if I remember correctly they used to have a GNCC race? They have a great MX track, and lots of woods too. Their HS is similar to Dutch in the sense that there is a real moto component, like an actual track. A lot of the others I have done were more woods, and the MX portion would be a grass track, but no real moto. They also have a sprint enduro, those races have been catching on the last few years.
  11. Ha! She's a good one, and we balance each other out. I'd spend nearly every dollar, she'd still have the first one she ever made. I buy what I want, but it doesn't always come without a back rub and a conversation, at least the big dollar stuff. Maybe ignorance is bliss, but I was shocked when I saw the number. I wouldn't change it, I have had 2 new bikes since 13, my son has too, and she refuses to let us skimp on gear, while we look like stormtroopers out there, we are well protected!
  12. poldies4

    Anybody running a Smartcarb on their 250/300?

    I have a 38mm Keihin, a 38mm Lectron HV, a 36mm Billet SC, and the stock 38mm Mikuni all here. The Keihin is rock solid, and stable, hard to beat. The Lectron is the second 38HV I have run, first one was not great, Lectron set another one up for me as a test carb, and it has really been quite good, the SC is set up for my bike, and was just gone through by Tech Elevated, waiting to test until the snow goes away. The Mikuni...well, you all have heard about them on the 17's, very finicky, never the same day to day. So far, the second HV Lectron has been impressive, reminds me of the 38 Legacy I had on my 200. Consistent, and tons of smooth power. The Keihin is just good, same power as the Lectron, but definitely more abrupt, which I don't mind. After reading this thread, I am eager to try the SC.
  13. poldies4

    Anyone know how JMart is doing?

    Actually, from the area, moved to San Fran, then Chicago, then DC, then back to Chicago. Moved back here in 2001 and am glad to be back! HS are a ball, you'd love it! My little track out back is set up similar to an HS. Some jumps/moto, some single and double track. Great training, and the best of both worlds. Dutch has a good one, so does Battle Creek. You should check them out, great fun for us aging moto guys.
  14. poldies4

    What Have You Done To Your KTM Today?

    Glad you were able to ride it out. What year Domino housing? They had a recall in 13 about this issue. I am running a Domino now on my 17 (lectron/smart carb requirement), I like the stock ODI better, but can't use it with their cable. Hoping that will change... I had been running a Keihin with the stock cable/housing for the last year or so, I didn't need to make any alterations to the top of the carb for fitment. I have read where guys were, not sure why?