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  1. poldies4

    2019 KTM 300 XC-W TPI Six Days

    Congrats, awesome bike! I'm holding out on the TPI until they make an xc, then I am all over it.
  2. poldies4

    1987 ktm 250 worth it?

  3. poldies4

    Official 2018 MEC Smack Talk Thread!

    I know you're trolling, but what the hell. MEC Doesn't mean jack, but a potential big pay day for someone. Even if Tomac doesn't need the dough, a spectator had a shot at a million bucks, average Joe type. Whether or not Savatgy knew that, it was cool imo to let that happen in a race that means nothing. Look how few of the top guys showed up.
  4. poldies4

    Official 2018 MEC Smack Talk Thread!

    Worst MEC track yet. Way to set it up for no passing Ricky... And, good on Savatgy, Tomac doesn't need the dough, but that other dude could sure use it I bet. Awesome ending for a lame race. Not usually a Savatgy fan, but that was a cool move imo.
  5. poldies4

    My new to me 200 has a thermostat?

    Same rads as the other big bikes, you don't need it, just buy a set of hoses for the sx, you'll be good. Of all the 200's I have had, I never ran the t-stat. I'm sure you could come up with a way to bypass it, but the sx hoses tuck in nice and clean, worth the investment imo.
  6. poldies4

    85sx issues

    Flipped the bike over and cycled the kick starter. Lots of fuel in the crank. Drained it, fresh plug, started right up. Clearly my floats/needle seat need some attention. Thanks for the response.
  7. poldies4

    The KTM 200 Club

    Great year for that bike. The older engines were a little punchier, and the chassis were shared with the 125, rather than the 250 like the 08+ models. The hockey stick silencers were great, very quiet, and good performance, if I remember they are Krizman, so turbine type, not screen. If it were me, I'd run it. The best thing you could do is find an 08+ 125/144/150 roller, or 12+ if you like linkage. Drop the engine in there and you will have the best of all worlds that KTM has to offer. Congrats on the bike!
  8. poldies4

    85sx issues

    I recently bought an 04 105 sx to do a swap on my nephews bike. The idea was buy the whole 105, swap the engine and wheels over to my nephews 08 chassis, it all went well. The 85 stuff went on the 04 chassis, and it started fine. I recently sold the bike to a buddy who is picking it up tomorrow. There were a few small issues I wanted to take care of before he picked it up. The air screw had broken off, among other things. I drilled out the old air screw, replaced it and cleaned the carb, now the bike won't start. I have removed and re-cleaned the carb several times, the floats seem to be working properly, jetting is close enough, and initially it would start. I put fresh fuel in it, and I have fuel, and spark, but no start? I am out of ideas as the bike started a few weeks ago, and would really like to have it out of my shop. Could my drilling out the old air screw have buggered the carb? It all seemed to go ok, I ran a tap through when I was done to clean it up, and the new air screw threads in properly. I have cheacked the electrical connections, and unplugged the kill switch, no help.... Any ideas? Thanks for any thoughts...
  9. poldies4

    250 to 300 exc conversion

    Same bike, only difference is the top end, and cdi.
  10. poldies4

    HACK: Better seal between your pipe and silencer

    My 17 came with the longer version as well.
  11. poldies4

    So what's your take on it all

    Prophetic. Let's chat before sx... 😉
  12. poldies4

    So what's your take on it all

    I was in the pits after moto 1. Plessinger was sitting down, and talking to Swaenepol (sp?). He did not look happy, or comfortable. The buzz was his trainer was trying to convince him to go back out, and it seemed to take some convincing as he was very carefully, and slowly taking his boots off. Take it for what it's worth, but something seemed up. I haven't read the whole thread, so if this was covered already I wouldn't know. The other thing I heard was Tomacs clutch line came off in moto 1, and he had no clutch. I am not an insider, just what I heard. Bowman might know the facts.
  13. poldies4


    The Europeans have us beat, TV didn't do it justice. They were soooo much faster than our guys. Wasn't even close, dry track, muddy track, snowy track, we wouldn't have done any better. Those guys would have dominated regardless.
  14. poldies4

    Too early?

    The Europeans kicked our ass, hats off to them. It was obvious how much faster they are seeing it in person. Well done, we clearly have a lot of work to do...