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  1. slaydirt

    How long do you keep a bike?

    Jeeze nit sure if I'll ever sell my 01cr250...unless...I could afford a beta 300rr, but then id probably keep the ole 01 for my kid to grow into lol
  2. slaydirt

    Swamped, water in the engine

    I did this once on my cr 250, pulled the bike out of the water hole, pulled the seat off rung out my air filter and set it on a rock to dry, pulled my spark plug put my bike upside down on it's handle bars and kicked over till it stopped puking water, by then my filter was dry enough put it back together and rode back to the truck,I did replace the top end after but running the same bottom end for 2 years now, still I'm spec with end play and no issues
  3. slaydirt

    AMRA Round 2, Canyon GO 11/16/14

    Great race had a blast Lil bit of every thing in this race, oh and still clearing the silt out of my lungs
  4. My 01 cr 250, some time thus winter in getting the stator rebuilt and I'll run lights and put it on the road just for kicks, hands down the most fun bike I've ever owned
  5. slaydirt

    Acerbis fitment?

    I just went the this with an Ebay tank for my 01 cr 250, seller said it was for my bike, it actually is for an 02.I heated up the tunnel and shaped it to fit over my head and radiator hose, bought a set of 02 shrouds and I'm gonna run it, but Jeeze what a pita
  6. slaydirt

    AMRA round 1 Oct 25th.

    Holy crap!!! This race was the hardest race I've ever raced!I loved it but got lapped be the first place pro guy and didn't get to run my third lap,I didn't feel that slow either and still waiting for the results but gosh dang it was hot and hard can't wait for round 2
  7. slaydirt

    Plastic help

    Ok so it's not an ifc tank,I had to heat out up and reshape it a bit to fit over my head...I'm thinking it's got to be an 02 tank? The shroud lines look to be the more spaced out 02 lines, I'm gonna call Clark tomorrow and talk to then, but there are no identifying marks on thus tank at all...Grrr might be running the peanut tank for thus race lol
  8. slaydirt

    Plastic help

    Yeah I understand the math, with the bigger tank I don't have to sweat being at the edge of my range
  9. slaydirt

    Plastic help

    The old one is the stock tank I believe it 1.9 gallons the new one is 3.2
  10. slaydirt

    Plastic help

    Lol yeah well there is always that 28 mile loops at race speed is close all my gas and 3 loops means pitting every lap
  11. slaydirt

    Plastic help

    So I bought this 3 gallon tank used from Ebay for my 01 cr 250.the listing in Ebay said it was for an 01 and it fits my frame and the mounting bolt lines up, but...the radiator shrouds don't line up or fit the tank? I'm pretty sure it's a Clark tank though it doesn't say that any where on the tank, do I need different shrouds? Could the tank be for 3rd gen frames and still fit my 2nd gen frame?I need help with this fellas I have a race in 2 weeks and need shrouds lol, sorry about the long post,I can through up pics of I have to
  12. Plus with the tall front wind sheild you could plow thru a few of them and not get zombie blood on you lol
  13. Hahaha that's funny chokey that's exactly the bike I had in mind
  14. slaydirt

    450x rear rim?

    Ok so I searched a bunch of old threads for the answer, my question is, do I have to get a 450x axle to make the rim work on my 01 cr 250? Or is it a direct swap to my bike?
  15. slaydirt

    Yz85 flywheel weight?

    For better low end and help with slower technical sections