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  1. silver98mustang

    My new 2003 450exc (street legal?)

    Street bikes do need titles, but as far as i am aware dual sport bikes are sold with a "certificate of origin" which can be converted to a title. This info is from some of my research but i cannot locate my bikes certificate of origin.
  2. silver98mustang

    My new 2003 450exc (street legal?)

    In NC i have never had a bike with a title and i have had multiple bikes that are labeled as dual sport. xr650, klx300, and an xr250.
  3. silver98mustang

    My new 2003 450exc (street legal?)

    Im not sure if the bike has a title. Does anyone know of anyways to check if the bike has been titled? The 100 foot is a table so nothing to risky and I'm at the top of 4th, so about 60mph
  4. Well I just traded my 2001 250sx for a 2003 450exc with 47 hours since new. So far I'm really enjoying the bike but I'm getting tired of loading the bike in the truck when the track i ride at is only 10 minutes away. I am curious as to what i would need to get the bike street legal in NC? I'm not sure if i need turn signals or if I can just use hand signals. And, how stable/strong are some of the kits that have the turn signals. I do jumps that are over 100 foot on the bike and I need to be sure I'm not loosing signals every lap.
  5. silver98mustang

    2001 250sx ebay graphics

    Before the suspiciously priced eBay graphics. After the graphics. i couldn't be more happier with the result!
  6. silver98mustang

    2001 250sx ebay graphics

    I found some graphics on ebay but i was wanting to see if anyone has had experience with their quality or if the picture is even a good representation of what they are. They look good but something seems really suspicious for the price. http://www.ebay.com/itm/GRAPHICS-FOR-KTM-SX-125-525-2001-2004-EXC-125-525-2003-2004-MCX-2003-2004-/120930170022?pt=Motorcycles_Parts_Accessories&hash=item1c27fff4a6&vxp=mtr#ht_2150wt_1023
  7. silver98mustang

    Please Help me :) - Yz125 OR 250f

    @yamaharider574 While the 125s are great in the trails he is used to a 4 stroke in the trails, which is a lot different than riding a 2 stroke in trails
  8. silver98mustang

    Please Help me :) - Yz125 OR 250f

    If you mainly ride trails i would definitely recommend the 250f. Plus you've rode a 4 stroke for ever so you are used to the smooth throttle application. I used to ride 4 strokes and now ride 2, and it took a good bit of time getting used to the 2-smokes.
  9. silver98mustang

    klx graphics

    go to a site called www.ridepg.com they have the shrouds in some of their styles
  10. since there arnt any heads on ebay i would send some emails to the guys who have camshafts in an auction to see if they also have a head.
  11. mine would be sale but the channels are grooved so it is pretty much no good. The bad thing about your situation is....... while you may only need the cam holder I highly recommend buying a whole new head, cams, and cam holder. Simply because all these parts wear together. Just keep searching ebay and you will eventually find one. I bought a new head with cams and holder and the cover for $215
  12. I believe those are what you are talking about?
  13. i checked the head and both of the holes were plugged.
  14. i have a spare head at home, ill look and try to upload tonight.
  15. silver98mustang

    96 yz125 Ebay Triple clamps

    nah, stock clamps are fine just looking for something different and these were cheap enough.