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    Anything offroad!!!!!!!
  1. 2strokerider15

    Oil Help!

    Add 1250 then start the bike, let it run for a few minutes then check the oil level after letting it sit for a few minutes.
  2. 2strokerider15

    Bladder wont hold nitrogen?

    hey guys, i just rebuilt my shock, i replaced the seal head and bladder and bled it correctly, when i took it to the local shop to get it charged with nitrogen it wouldnt hold pressure, It would leak oil and nitrogen out around the bladder seal if they put over 50 psi in it, but when i put 150 psi of air in it with my shock pump it holds. Why does it hold air and not the nitrogen?
  3. 2strokerider15

    How many times can i reuse head bolts?

    their 11 bucks a bolt so i didnt really want to spend 40+ dollars on bolts, The manual says nothing about replacing the bolts just the washers...
  4. Im about to put a set of rings in my 07 kx 450 and was wondering if i can use the head bolts again? With new washers of course.
  5. 2strokerider15

    New Tech 10's hurting my foot...

    ya i just wore them all day and are feelin pretty good. I wear 11 shoe size so i got a size 12 in the 10's.
  6. 2strokerider15

    fuel line size

    1/4 inch
  7. 2strokerider15

    New Tech 10's hurting my foot...

    p.s.- its only the right boot
  8. hey guys, i searched but i couldn't find anything on this. I just picked up a new pair of tech 10's and and have been wearing them around the house to help break them in but they hurt the outside of my foot right were the bone is. Have any of you tech 10 owners experienced this? does it go away with break in?
  9. 2strokerider15

    Best tire combo

    The artrax tire combos from motosport hook up great and last a long time, and you cant beat the price. http://www.motosport.com/dirtbike/ARTRAX-250450F-TIRE-COMBO
  10. 2strokerider15

    2012 ktm 300 xc

    I had a similar problem and moved the needle up 1 and bumped up my main jet up 1 size
  11. 2strokerider15

    1990 kx 250 value?

    i just got a 90 kx 250 for $500 but i found out it has a blown trans. its got pro tapers and a pro circuit pipe. my question is, what is this bike worth?
  12. 2strokerider15

    please help me with this carb

    That looks like the pin that holds the float on.
  13. 2strokerider15

    Two stroke silencer on a 4 stroke

    I think the outlet would be to small. i dont even think it would connect to the header
  14. 2strokerider15

    Antifreeze Drain Question

    I have always reused them.
  15. 2strokerider15

    Chain tensile strength?

    I actually swapped the blue powerband for a yellow one which calmed the bike down.