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  1. motorboy1128

    AMA rules

    hare scrambles pretty sure you can and in motocross i would say no but if you want to be dirty and ifyou arent racing lorettas or some national then you could get away with it..but your taking the race and challenge out of etting a whole shot plus its a little harder on the cranks which are made the lightest possible to maintain the 13-14k rpms and get there quick lol
  2. motorboy1128

    crf250r 2005 - new to thumpers

    if the bike was sitting clean the carb...check valves and look at the cases that will tell you ALOT if theirs lots of wear REBUILD it you dont you will be sorry when your crank or piston breaks...also for the 08's the cam was a pretty wild cam the decomp mechanism was set weird and wouldnt build enough compression (gathered this information from crfsonly.com) where 04--6 and 09 was good years for cams if you want a little more hit in the bottom grab a crf250x cam if you have an r and want more hit grab an r cam just throwing stuff out there for you since you are new to crf's ! lol
  3. motorboy1128

    Are these mods dodgy for the crf250r 07?

    umm who ever told you that needs punched in the mouth and to ride with one cable on their throttle....when your carb sticks or something you can turn the throttle your self and it will close the carb...now the air filter thing is true but just buy a twin air power flow kit works a hell lot better
  4. motorboy1128

    New Valves Little Clearance

    i agree with above if you went thru the stock pair of valves then you should ALSO be have the valve seats ground and new seats put in that are of a higher quality materials you will notice the oem heads of hondas are cheaper then other but we go thru more valves then others! Up grades the valve seat materials you will have a bike you will love to ride on with lower maintance cost.
  5. motorboy1128

    would this be cool?

    Sell it for what its worth and up date the bike to omething newer liek a ktm! im playing if you dont want to update I wouldnt paint the motor becase of it you get chips or something itll look like crap painting the frame is ok, but the motor I dont know
  6. motorboy1128

    2007 SX-F 250 Advice Needed

    if you want to ride it respring it, if he is to ride it then they are fine wp suspension stock is crap. thats one of the only weaknesses on ktm's. )7 was a good year they updated the stuff, if I was you I'd buy it, if your valves are inspect and learn how to start them every bike is different! my 200 exc uses a tad of throttle to start it, where my 125sx needs nothing. Go test ride it make sure its cold and have him start it, he will know the right way to start the bike since he has been riding it. then make sure its warmed up and everything. then get it hot like running tempiture by riding it around somewhere, then kill it and have him start it, if valves are out of wack they are hard to start cold or warm. look at rev and if it pops and bangs on decel youll have to richen it up! look for small stuff like bent levers crapped out grips....10 bucks if you cant put new grips on a bike dont even beggin to tell me you just sent "big bucks" on that rebuild...
  7. motorboy1128

    125 sounds different from others

    honestly those bikes are 125s but imo....they do not run like one they new a hell lot higher running rpms, they all have rev limiters...if they didnt then the thing would rev like no other. a rev limiter is just a the revving that thing in your cdi that starts cutting the spark off so your motor doesnt rev any higher.....say you had your bike in 1st gear you could tie it up to something and pull it so where the thing just revs past its rev limit.... but when you are revving that high theres a chance your piston will over heater, or your connecting rod might break because it cant with stand the abuse... the factory teams have freshly packed exhaust jetted absoluely perfect and they are running on race fuel with the highest grade oil possible also they do have polished and hardend gears and have titainium and fordge everything
  8. motorboy1128

    450 XC Tear Down

    call a local dearler to have them run a vin on your motor it should be on the left lower case. that will tell you on a xcfw its a xcf or xcfw the f means 4 stroke. xcw and xc are 2 strokes.... and x and xw mean one stroke.....just playing haha but heres something...is your first gear really torquey and you click out of it within a couple seconds compared to like a motocross bike? if so it more then likely is a xcw the w is wide ratio...the 1st is short and the resto fthe gears are really long.
  9. motorboy1128

    What is the benifit of silicone hoses?

    theres very very very few thermostats that maltfunction....go to ktm talk and read up on some stuff....I honestly dont think ktm would waiste money on producing thermostats onto there bikes if it wasnt worth it. ive had mine on there since 02 and it has worked every time....now they have silcone kits that eliminate that but if you have a fordge piston your better warm her up for alteast 4 minutes before you go rip up the trails or track.....imo keep it it dont hurt nothing.
  10. motorboy1128

    Can I reduce wieght 2004 yz450f?

    one big thing is.....the amount of gas in your tank maybe rn it half ful instead of completely full....run ligher tires.....remove the stock exhaust put a ti on there.....aluinum and ti are your friends.....but theres not light abut 450's get a 250 2 stroke.
  11. motorboy1128

    300exc 1998 seized for 2nd time in a year

    mix it to 32:! problems sovled....ktms run lean when they are at open throttle places so i run mine rich, i dont get very much spooge but it is very reliable ive never fauled a plug and it runs like new.....with my whole motor just being rebuilt it is happy the way i have it set up/
  12. motorboy1128

    Can some one ID the year model of this bike for me???

    tenth digit on the vin in the frame, on the right side of the steering neck, just look in the right side up by the triple tree clamps. right that down then write down the motor vin and call a local honda dealer they should be able to tell you
  13. motorboy1128


    better off sticking to the old ones wayyyy to much work, find a 09 to 07 gastank frame sub frame swing arm sub frame air box and plastics and youll be good to go
  14. motorboy1128

    2011 300 xcw whooped already?

    gnarly puts it low and nothing up top. great for reallly really tight woods other then that i would say screw it. stocker ktms are built ready to rip from the create. my 300 would eat 450s....it was just flat out too god damn fast. ive rode one that just was a dog 300 with a 125 on steriods type feeling....but with way too much weight for it. if i get another one its either a 250 or 300 exc or 250sx or a crf 250r or 250 sxf. you can make a 300 be as whicked as you want to. there impossible things you can do to bikes.
  15. motorboy1128

    2005 rm250 went fron ripping to no compression

    just saying a yz 250 cylinder will fit that... years i dont know. but i know some years will ill try and find out or if any one knows say something!