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  1. John_Lorenz

    R.I.P Corky

    I am shocked, I just spoke to Corky about a month ago God Speed Corky You will be missed.
  2. I see the mistake, We actually raised $2000, Motodad and thumperdad each put in $500 = 3000 All of the Qudo's go to everyone who supported the event and auction..
  3. WOW In the Air Chris
  4. John_Lorenz

    MotoGP is SOLD OUT!

    Have fun Still have all 8 tickets $365 to the first PM 4 2 day gen admin along with 4 turn foru Grand stand Row 7 I can not make it, I am on call all weekend, a friend gave me the tickets, I am selling them for what it cost him through SCAMP allmoney goes back to my budd
  5. John_Lorenz

    Moto GP @ Seca!

    Code I was, a Friend sent me 4 tickets I am on Call this weekend. I am trying to get rid of them for cost 4 2 Day General admin with 4 Sunday Grand stand turn 4 row seven Cost $365 for wich 100% goes back to my friend For the record I don't argue with Junky, an argument consists of a disagreement, a disagreement consists of reason, junky has no reason other then to be junky
  6. John_Lorenz

    Power Now Valve worth it?

    I agree with this as well. the 426 is a temperamental beast with jetting, air temp, altitude and general will effect the 426. The best mod you can do is to clean the crap out of your carb, make sure the pilots not clogged and do the GBmod GBmod Write Up It might help us if you can list some of the following Pilot Size Main Size Needle type and Position Also a good clean Spark plug is a great choice along with a clean air filter Oh ya back to the powerNot I dont believe in it
  7. John_Lorenz

    MotoGP is SOLD OUT!

    Thanks junky, your not as bright as I figure you to be. This link is $129 for one Ticket From the Auctioneer I have 4 (FOUR) 1 , 2 , 3 & 4 tickets All "TWO DAY ADMISSION" Plus 4 ONE DAY ADMINSSION to Grandsatnd Turn 4 (THATS COST AT & 75 Per 2 day Ticket & $15 per Grandstand) for only cost $365 to my TT family Not making money, just simply selling off what I paid for them So thanks you MXjunky for your clarity and helping me make my point so clear
  8. John_Lorenz

    MotoGP is SOLD OUT!

    Gee Junky Stop the ACID dude your head will clear in about 10 years back off junky, why do you have to be the ass here I am trying to get rid of tickets I can not use. If you have a issue with that sticki tup your dip sh*t
  9. John_Lorenz

    MotoGP is SOLD OUT!

    I did read carefully your logic is flawed for what I read and viewed on Ebay is not the reality you propose Simple Again I have (Four) Count them 4 1,2,3 & 4 2 day General Admission Tickets for Saturday and Sunday (Alone this is $75 each) 4 x $75 = $300, PLUS I have "FOUR" count them 4 1,2,3 & 4 Grandstand Seating for turn 4 on Sunday ($15 Each) 4 x $15 = $60. Now there is a $5 Handling charge by Scamp (Laguna Seca) Now take $60 + $300 + $5 = $365 Go back to Ebay one more time and look at how many Tickets you get for said $150 Why do you have to make such a federal case out of Everything MXjunky
  10. John_Lorenz

    MotoGP is SOLD OUT!

    Yes I know If you look and read carefully on the ebay sales these are for one maybe two tickets only onday as well your point is taken again your logic flawed this package cost $365 direct from Laguna, it is (4 Tickets) = 2 day general admin for Saturday and Sunday Including 4 Turn four Grandstand Seating at track level for Sunday. You can not get into Grandstand with out Admision.
  11. John_Lorenz

    MotoGP is SOLD OUT!

    Well, thay are sold out are they Just so happens I have in my posetion 4 tickets 4 for Two Day General Admin and 4 Sunday Grandstand Turn 4 What you think they are worth I may just part with all of them Starting at $365 for all
  12. John_Lorenz

    Who Still Races the 426 ?

    I dont care what bike You put two equal riders on two differant bikes and you get two equal riders on two differant bikes. On either day one may win. Ok back up I am saying two equal riders one on a 2000 426 and the other on a 03 04 or 05 450 Is weight an issue? The guy on the 450 weighs in 26 lbs more then the guy on the 426 this would mean the 426 has about a 5 maybe 7 lb advantage now. Its not the Bike fellers its the rider and that days luck
  13. John_Lorenz

    "OT ignore" Red Sticker Guys "Bored in CA"

    JUMP JUMP Its not that FAR DOWN
  14. John_Lorenz

    sorry this is gonna sound stupid but...

  15. John_Lorenz

    Another question...

    Whats the question? Are you asking if you should get a new chain? yes