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  1. Do you by any chance remember which o ring needed to be replaced? I am having similar problems with our 2012 rmz250.
  2. IWNTCRF250X

    2012 rm-z250 exhaust

    I just picked up my 2012 rmz250 and I was wondering if I could put my fmf 4.1 system from my 2007 rmz onto the new bike. I put it all on and everything seems to match up but I did hear somewhere that some pipes changed for the fuel injected bikes. I wasn't sure if it would work out fine or not. I'm going trail riding next weekend so I hope this will work out so I will have a spark arrestor. If you guys know anything or heard anything about this I'd love to hear what you got. Thanks
  3. IWNTCRF250X

    125X2 smoking real bad, need help!

    I have a 125X2 and it started burning oil and smoking real bad. I took it apart to look at it, the top ring on the piston is really loose. There was a little carbon build up on the valves too. Does this sound more like valves out of wack or maybe a new ring job? Piston was a lttle scorched on side at top and cilinder sleeve looked fine. Does anyone know a place that sells complete gasket kits for top end, I looked on Pisters site but only found for carb intake and exhaust. Thanks for any help you can provide.
  4. IWNTCRF250X

    Amazing new indoor track 20 mins from Michigan border

    You say the border of michigan but where? I would love to take my son there to ride or watch please send more info when you get it...
  5. IWNTCRF250X

    Trail riding

    It's funny you say that. They tell the kids they can't use any enduro computers and then there parents ride with them and keep them on time. I'd rather let the kids learn now and let them use them. They are a little pricey, but they do help...
  6. IWNTCRF250X

    Trail riding

    We just got back from the weekend of racing (Pine Cone Enduro). The pitster ran great and my son was kicking butt on it. He zeroed the first two checks and then we went to fast and came in hot by a minute on the third check. It was all going pretty good until we came in to gas, thats when he thought his bike's clutch was slipping and he looked down and found he had spun the tire and ripped the valve steam right off. There was no luck finding a 12" tube in time to finish the race so we packed up and went home. On the way home we stop at the local bike shop and picked up a new tube and a WHEEL LOCK and rode another 12 miles for fun.
  7. IWNTCRF250X

    Trail riding

    Here in Michigan we have miles and miles of ORV trails to ride and it is only $16.25 for a permit the whole year. Most of our trails are in Northern Michigan and can get a little sandy and whooped out, but it beats not having a place to ride. This weekends race is going to be the 80th Jack Pine and 30th family ride. http://www.lansingmotorcycleclub.org/[/url]
  8. IWNTCRF250X

    Trail riding

    My son and I are going to ride an enduro (Pine Cone kids ride) with his 125x2 pitster, but I'm not sure if the stock pipe will pass the 94db here in Michigan. I did make a screen for it that works pretty good for the spark arrester (hope that flies) I wondered if anyone has come up with anything or way to quiet down the stock pipe without buying a new pipe. Does getting extra baffle material and stuffing it in there help or cause more problems. I've been able to just stuff something in there and pass tech and then when DNR leaves I put it back to stock. I don't think it's that loud and I ride right behind him. Any help or ideas would be great...Thanks again I know I asked this when I got his bike but was hoping there was something new out there.
  9. IWNTCRF250X

    Jack pine and Pine cone

    Anyone riding the pine cone this year. My son and I rode it three times and then missed it last year and are going to ride it this weekend. July 15 is the kids ride, usually about 40 miles at 12 mph. Lots of fun...
  10. IWNTCRF250X

    wich pitster to get

    I have the X2 and love it, but I would go for the X2R if I could do it again. It looks so cool the first time you uncrate that thing and the extras would have been worth it. Don't make the same mistake I did, if you have the cash do it now.
  11. IWNTCRF250X

    Pitster Pro Exhaust

    Have you ever put stealwool on a battery? It will iqnite Not sure what it will do in your pipe but if a spark hits it, it could also ignite. I think I'll try to adapt a whitebrothers supertrapp end cap with the disc. You can add or take away to get just the right tune.
  12. IWNTCRF250X

    Trail riding the pitster X2

    Woodsrat, I used to go to the Jackpine enduros back in the early 70s. It started in Lansing Michigan at jackpine lodge and would head north, it was 500 miles and they went through every river and creek they could find, I remember helping people get those big Harleys, BSA and some old Hondas out of the rivers . My brother and I would make trails in the woods across the street from our cottage in Mancelona and when they would come up to stake out there course and would use trails we made. Now my sons and I ride what they call the Pine cone and that is the day before jackpine and it's 40 miles long, lots of family fun, over 200 riders still ride it. Jackpine is about 125 miles now when it is a National. Thanks Gary for the offer on the spring. We have friends that own a motorcycle salvage yard and I think I'll try and find a spring there first.
  13. IWNTCRF250X

    Trail riding the pitster X2

    Thanks guys for all the advice. I will look in to the softer spring on the rear. If you have rode in Northern Michigan you would know that there is sand everywhere and he has rode it for 7 years and does pretty good in the sand. He just needs a little more umph to get him through it. Is there a different CDI or Rev box you can put on it to raise RPMs. As for the carb, it says it's got a 26mm on it. It also says it comes with a CNC gas cap that is plastic, but my buddy Rick (mxmotorsports) said he would find out more about that, Right Rick!
  14. IWNTCRF250X

    Trail riding the pitster X2

    My son and I went trail riding this past weekend in Northern Michigan and he found a few things he needs to address. First, the suspension was way to stiff for his size (80lb and 4'5") Second, the power was not there to pull him in the sand and bigger hill riding, I even got on it and it has no top end. I know this is just a 125 pit bike and I'm not knocking it, infact in the tight woods and flat trails he could haul ass. Third, the clutch lever is hard to pull. He likes his bike alot and I do too, but what can we do to improve some of these thing without spending a fortune. I forgot to mention that he was riding a KX 65 before this and thought the thumper would be more fun. I don't want to let him down so any help would be great. Thanks John
  15. IWNTCRF250X

    Pipe Question

    I found this screen insert. Has anyone else used one like this and do you think it will fit in a Pitsterpro pipe or what ever make it is? Maybe we can pull together and make are own USFS approved spark arrestor for Pistster. Any thoughts I feel like I have finally beaten this dead horse to death. I'm outa here http://dirt-bikes.ridegear.com/cgi-bin/SoftCart.exe/shop/Dirt_Exhaust_Accessories/F-21074_Spark_Arrestor_Screens.html?L+scstore+gyvn8647ffec5aec+1148131836