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  1. Mid-sized truck I would and did buy a Toyota Tacoma Full-size I would get the new Silverado
  2. dbyrnes04

    recovery road is gone!

    I used to ride all over the place in Barnegat back in the 90s. Now everything is gone there too.
  3. dbyrnes04

    recovery road is gone!

    Its focking depressing man, looks like about time to sell the bike and blow the dust off my mountain bike until they start closing all of those ridding spots too.
  4. I have owned both the 6-speed manual and the 5-speed auto. The 5-speed auto is a better tranny and the truck will get better mpg with the auto as well. There are some people having problems with the 6-speed, grinding in 2nd (not on my X-Runner though). If I was to buy another taco (non x-runner) I would get the 5 speed auto. just my .02
  5. dbyrnes04

    recovery road is gone!

    That and I think they are building retirement homes there too. More of what Jersey needs.
  6. dbyrnes04

    How was NJORVP this weekened 4/10-4/11??

    Thanks MXMOM I was sure if they updated the site with the time change and all.
  7. dbyrnes04

    How was NJORVP this weekened 4/10-4/11??

    Do they still close at 4:30?
  8. dbyrnes04

    tacoma tiedown hooks

    No problem man!
  9. dbyrnes04

    tacoma tiedown hooks

    Dont use the bed rail system it sucks. I moved the d-rings that are in the back of the bed to the front bed bolts. Here is a pic of what my setup looks like not my truck but same setup. A pic of my truck loaded up.
  10. dbyrnes04

    NJORVP Grooming?

    Speaking of NJORVP anyone know (maybe MXMOM) when there lease is up? Is it up in 07 or 08? (sorry to thread jack)
  11. Here is a pic of my 05 D-Cab short bed with my CRF in the back. (now I have a an 06 X-Runner and the bike fits in the bed alot better)
  12. dbyrnes04

    Middle East Drifting...

    Nice find man
  13. dbyrnes04

    What a maroon

    What an idiot I think he ment maroon like in bugs bunny.
  14. dbyrnes04

    My new rides

    Damn thats a nice truck for $600
  15. I am going to take a ride down to Wildwood to check out the race on Saturday