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  1. dittohead

    Japanese vs European bikes.

    You forgot about resale. A used yz250 is not going to bring anywhere where near the money or interest what a similar used ktm 300 brings, at least in my area. Sure the euro bikes cost more, but they have features you can’t get on a jap bike, and they hold their value better. I will say that if yamaha ever put estart and a hyd clutch on their yz250x and kept the $2k price difference between it and a ktm I’d seriously consider one, that’s all that bike is missing imo. They would sell thousands of them
  2. From what I’ve learned, dont ever test ride a new bike or try a buddies new bike unless you are ready to buy one lol.
  3. I’ve ridden with a few very good riders who literally tear the hell out of every trail they ride. They don’t have to ride like that but it sure seems they like to roost everyone else in the group. It sucks since the trails get chewed up really quick. I’ve never been that guy, I basically try to ride my bike like a trials bike, i avoid spinning as much as I can.
  4. People use them because they can’t clutch when things are getting ugly or they are tired. They bail you out. You can be way over your head and simply hold onto the bars, stay upright, and get through, instead of actually having ability to do it manually. Anyone can get faster on a rekluse equipped bike, how could you not. My buddy is a prime example. Decent rider but would be miles behind us if he didn’t have a rekluse. I’ve owned a couple bikes with a rekluse and decided I needed to really learn how to operate a bike in hard terrain so I’ve been working hard the last couple years trying to learn how to use a clutch when the trail is tough and I’m tired. It’s not easy but at least I’m not taking the easy way out and going to rekluse. People can use what they want, but don’t pretend you don’t rely on them when the terrain is hard and your tired. That’s why people run them.
  5. You don’t normally ride your bike into your truck? I blew my knee out last year on a ride and still rode my bike into the truck after, no way I could have got it in there any other way by myself.
  6. dittohead

    Cleaning a Bike

    I know for a fact that super clean at full strength ruins anodizing on aluminum, quickly. Never seen or used purple power so I can’t say what it will do but if it’s anything like super clean then I wouldn’t use it. What I’ve been using is simple green sprayed onto the bike after I have soap and water on it. I clean a small area and immediately wash it off with water. I don’t trust it at full strength and only use it on the engine and plastics, but only after it’s wet. I don’t think simple green is nearly as strong as Super clean. I also don’t deep clean my bike very often, just take it to the car wash after a ride and blast it off, then take it home and run it to dry it off, then blow the rest of the water off with compressed air. Not totally clean but clean enough. The pic was from directly after a ride today, after I blew it off with air. I used no soap at all to clean it. It’s good enough, it’ll be dirty this weekend anyway!
  7. I also ride year round, as long as the woods aren’t closed for fire danger. Dirtbikes are simple machines, it only takes an evening to do suspension bearings, even if you are taking your time. Wheel bearings, fluid changes, take only a couple hrs at most. I order parts and when they arrive I do the job. Bike stays in good shape and I’m still riding. No down time and no need for multiple bikes.
  8. Last bike I sold on CL. Of course the guy showed up and offered $1k less then asking even though I let him ride it and had all receipts for all work done. I literally told him to go away and not to contact me again unless he was serious, as my bike was the only one like it available locally on CL at the time. He messaged me a day later and came way up in his offer and I sold it. CL seems to work better then FB market place, but it’s going to be a hassle either way. Everyone wants something for nothing it seems.
  9. dittohead

    Anyone else play on trials bikes?

    I’ve wanted a trials bike for years. Never even ridden one but I know I would love one since I used to compete in mtn bike trials when I was a kid. One day when I have more time and money to dedicate to it I’ll get one
  10. I ride and race solo. I just deal with it. My gf has offered to come to some of the further away races, but I don’t want her to waste her entire day standing in the woods by her self watching me go by once or twice in 3 hrs. Super boring for her or anyone for that matter.
  11. dittohead

    Cleaning a Bike

    Super clean damages anodizing. Ive done it [emoji20]I’ve used simple green quite a bit but never let it sit on aluminum long, I believe it will also damage aluminum if given the chance. Never used purple power so can’t say for sure
  12. dittohead

    How many of you follow 60:1 premix in ktm manual?

    I do 50:1 with amsoil interceptor because that’s what amsoil recommends. Bike runs awesome and I have no worries about engine life.
  13. dittohead

    Pillow Talk

    I hope that never happens. Ktm has got it perfect right now, they put the crappy fork, pds, and tpi all on the same bike and left the xc how it should be, a stripped down race bike.
  14. dittohead

    Pillow Talk

    My wife did the same thing. She saw me struggling to keep my old 300xc going, it seemed like every other week it needed some more parts thrown at it. Finally one day after I missed yet another ride due to mechanical issues she told me to “sell that money pit and buy a new bike”. Found a super nice low hr 17 250xc. Best purchase I’ve made in a long time. This bike has taken me to the next level riding wise and it’s easy to stay on top of maintenance since there is no “surprises” hidden in this bike
  15. dittohead

    ktm 17-19 nardo grey plastic kit

    Some of those teal blue graphics on the grey plastic would look great I think