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  1. Jethrobolas

    KX500 electric start

    Hell, got that kind of coin, might as well get one of these too. https://scalviniracing.com.au/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=332
  2. Jethrobolas

    Portable tachometer?

    Many hour meters have a built in tach. 2 birds one stone.
  3. Jethrobolas

    What is this bearing removal tool?

    Didn't watch the video, but you need a "bar type" bearing puller. It's the difference between "wow, that was easy" and "crap, I need a new crank".
  4. Jethrobolas

    Who all rides a bike older than 2000?

    93 kx500 is my main ride. Great all around bike in my opinion. Have a 93 kdx that runs great too, but the boy is usually not giving that one up. 86 fat cat for all inexperienced riders that visit. Have a nice 93 vmax 1200 that I ride during season too. Maybe it's a 96....
  5. Jethrobolas

    525 cheater

    Put a 505 on my K5 after a full rebuild/replate. I was gentle with it. For a little while. Sticks great and actually holds up well to blatant abuse. Obviously, the knobs are rounded after at least 9+ tanks, but it's all still there. Still bites pretty good. Just needs to be flipped around. I don't want to shave them square again, then I will probably start loosing knobs as they get thinner at the base. It's going to cost me some knuckle skin and a bit of blood, but I'll do it before next spring ­čś▒ I beat the daylights out of it at Badlands ohv in Attica,IN all day on multiple occasions. IDGAF about the tire type riding. Rocks, roots, dunes, gravel, trails, mud, creek crossings, hill climbs, mx track...just about everything available within reason for the Midwest. And carving it up wfo at will. The kid won't ride anywhere near the back of that bike when I lead.
  6. Jethrobolas

    Kill switch or key for safety?

    I put a keyed ignition switch in a Honda xr75 airbox when I was a kid. It worked, although it was easy enough to roll or carry away. Trick was, I had to kill it with the handlebar switch before I put my fingers anywhere near that key or I would get zapped something fierce! It was good for laughs when others tried.
  7. Problem is, MOST bikes get parted out specifically because the engine is shot.
  8. I have to disagree. With the engine size/hit statement. Get on an 80 and pin it from idle. Then try the same on a 500 or even a 250. Can't really go wfo from idle like an 80 or 125. Fact is that little 80 is going to sneak up on your ass in a blink if you don't know what is coming. Big bore 2 stroke bikes demand respect from idle. They still hit, but you're already hanging on tight. Small bore not so much.... until it hits the pipe. Then you're either sitting on the tank in a wheelie or laying in the dirt. Op, I love my e series. It's the best of both worlds. Slow and low on the trails. Then my kid gets on the mx track with it and wrings it's neck leaving many confused on why the hell an old bike WITH A HEADLIGHT is whooping their asses. Bought it not running, turns out the p.o. thought the coolant bottle under the back fender was for oil. Ran it straight gas. Took time and money, but I found everything I needed to get it right.
  9. Jethrobolas

    Spider bait

  10. Jethrobolas

    Helmet talk

    Used? Just bought this 2 weeks ago at a dealership at a badass riding spot for $72. http://www.motosport.com/product/?adpos=1o9&cc=us&creative=188670690448&device=m&gclid=CjwKCAjwo4jOBRBmEiwABWNaMezuMREFgIjs4XpTv5XrNGcKcFewlwoyOE-4yTzpV8bnHzMp-4pDfRoCdlcQAvD_BwE&key=GMAX-GM462X-Helmet-Traxxion&matchtype=&network=g&product_id=GMX003N-X002-Y004&psreferrer=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.google.com%2F&pssource=true&segment=badger Was thinking about replacing my 20 year old hand me down anyway. Fits and feels excellent, and it's a lot lighter than my old shoei. New helmets smell awesome.
  11. Jethrobolas

    Decompression valve question.

    Is your decompression device a button style like a chainsaw? Should not effect compression readings unless it is leaking.
  12. Jethrobolas

    Who can argue the BEST bike all around?

    I'm pretty happy with my K5. Trails, track and dunes all in one day with ease. Heads turn. Freaking brute, but not heavy. Enough torque to walk right up a dune on one wheel starting from idle in third at a dead stop. Won't overheat. Top ends last for ever. Full throttle is a pleasure, never a necessity. Nastiest roost around. And it sounds cool as hell. Doesn't even sound like it's trying. Needs a bigger fuel tank tho.
  13. Jethrobolas

    Clutch engages too fast when engine is HOT

    Had a rm250 that was like that. Found a broken fiber plate (cracked in half) and grooves in the basket. All new plates and a bit of filing and it was smooth as silk at any temp. Used rotella dino in the case.
  14. Jethrobolas

    4-stroke vs. 2-stroke powerband?

    Gen 2 has the same size tank with a 1700cc mill. But I hear it's &%$#@!ing brutal when uncorked. Larger tanks are available for both. Gen 1 costs around $1500 for the tank and you need an extended swingarm. Doesn't get you much more fuel though. I'm done jackin the thread. My apologies. Carry on.