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  1. speedtoad

    Vibration/ticking sounds in idle

    Maybe the pilot jet is lean.
  2. speedtoad

    YZ125 vs KTM150 EXC

    I was thinking of 01 kyb suspension compared to older ktm suspension. I don't think op is comparing an 01 yz to a new ktm.
  3. speedtoad

    Drowned Ktm exc 200 advice

    Sometimes you have to change the oil a couple times until it isn't milky.
  4. speedtoad

    YZ125 vs KTM150 EXC

    That's a hard call. The yz125 custom suspension would be way better then older standard ktm suspension. IMO the yz is also more reliable. I wouldn't spend the money on a big bore kit for the yz. It makes rebuilds more difficult.
  5. speedtoad

    KTM 200 exc fuel economy bad, help

    When you loop the overflow when you tip over do you ever have problems with the motor flooding?
  6. speedtoad

    09' 200 XC-W ring end gap

    My manual says .40mm max.
  7. speedtoad

    09' 200 XC-W ring end gap

    Please stop using inches. In my experience with my 200xc vertex rings come with the max ring end gap. Wiseco was better. I think 25mm
  8. speedtoad

    KTM 200 exc fuel economy bad, help

    My fuel mileage is about 20miles/gallon, and I am not smooth with the throttle. I don't think the 200s get good mileage, but something is wrong with yours.
  9. speedtoad

    Fmf shorty on stock rm85 pipe?

    Its way better for everyone if you run a quiter bike, even motocross tracks get shut down for being too loud.
  10. speedtoad

    Forged VS cast pistons?

    I replace piston and rings everytime with a cast piston and use a forged piston through 2 sets of rings. I ride mostly woods and lug the motor a lot to keep traction, although I'm not afraid to bounce off the rev limiter on the track or straight aways.
  11. speedtoad

    Which one should I keep?

    When my kids started riding every weekend I dialed it back to one bike. 6 bikes was becoming way too stressful to keep up to par. I now only have 4. One for each rider. A Honda XR100 was a good bike to ride with my kids when they were learning. It was the one bike I almost cried when I sold it. So many good memories.
  12. speedtoad

    What trail bike should I get?

    Yamahas have always been reliable. It took the other OEMs took a while to get their valves up to snuff. A trail bike like the WR250F will be better on trails then a motocross bike but motobikes aren't bad if terrain isn't gnarly.
  13. speedtoad

    What bike should I buy

    you won't be able to get a reliable 250f for that price range. A kx100 would be a huge step up from what you have and is capable and fun.
  14. speedtoad

    Motion Pro Cables...

    OEM is better. MP uses generic boots and springs. I don't hesitate to use Motion Pro but prefer OEM.
  15. speedtoad

    Powervalve Gear Damage Again[emoji33]

    Ya. I rode last weekend at lower elevation and I think I was rich on the main.