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  1. Minnesota

    Too harsh and unbalanced. ERX will have racing this weekend.
  2. Minnesota

    I wanted to take a picture of my muddy kids and their bikes, but we were having too much fun. I have a new to me 2007 ktm 200xc. It's not magical like my yz125. Think I am going to have pay to get suspension set up because right now it is just aweful.
  3. You will have to change oil after every ride.
  4. Sorry. I got badlands and Black Hills mixed up. The only place to ride in the Badlands is Farmingdale. It's fun for a day. A little further and your into the Black Hills where 3 days really isn't enough. Farmingdale is a good practice stop before the Black Hills if you live in MN and haven't done any real hill climbs.
  5. minnesota

    Theilman trail ride the weekend before Memorial day is a must. Meadow Valley MX park has trails. You have to pay but you'll save on gas. Nemadji won't be open for a long while because it's naturally wet and still very frozen. You can't legally ride on any county land in your area. People will be yelling at you.
  6. It's best to avoid rain. The challenging stuff is almost impossible when wet. The forest sevice has maps. If you just hit the singletrack for 3 days you will find plenty of challenges. Some of the atv trails are not easy. Caution on asking locals about "good trails," many are the utv sight seeing crowd.
  7. Buy a bolt extractor. To help put triple in oven at 300 degrees or just heat around triple untli your spit boils. Or just forget about it and just use the other 3.
  8. No. He already has the 4 stroke style forks on the 16 model. Also, the stems are different lengths, but they are also threaded on top so just torque the nut down to spec and your good.
  9. Minnesota

    I don't care for rhe triple crown format at home, but a lot more engaging watching it live. I brought a pen and paper to keep track of finishing positions.
  10. Minnesota

    Ha ha. Change of plans. CheP seats with this snow. Section F3. Light rail is within walking distance.
  11. Interesting. I wonder how much experience you don't have.
  12. Minnesota

    You have studded tires
  13. Minnesota

    Look for 241 in the main event.
  14. You can ignore anyone who makes a blanket statment that a 250 is better. My 125 is not my race bike but it's the one I ride the most.
  15. The manual suggest between 85 and 95. That is why I was surprised my setting at 105, but set up is the cheapest and best mod.