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  1. Minnesota

    Thanks. We put a lot of thought into. Had to tame the course down a bit due to the heat. Someday we will have perfect weather, and the A/B riders will actually race the A/B course. That will be interesting.
  2. Minnesota

    Meadow Valley Hare scramble
  3. Minnesota

    Talked to Bruce at B-line after the race. My 2007 ktm handled those whoops like a dream. I could just twist and rip right through them. Legs weren't even sore after race. The new cut sections were a different story. My wheels were deflecting off all those small bumps. Still need to play with clickers more. It waa my best finish un B class. I had Devious Pete behind me keeping me motivated and trying not to let him pass.
  4. Minnesota

    I still don't understand them sheets after doing a few enduros.
  5. Your first sentence was more of a comment, and so you heard from me. The reason I asked the question is there is a variety of terrain. There are easier singletrack trails my kids could ride. There are really steep hill climbs I can hardly ride. There are jeep and ATV trails that are made up of huge rocks. There is dirt and rocks. There are renegade trails that are unkept and not really legal. There also gravel roads. There's everything. So if your riding a KLR650 or a KX220r it's easier to answer the question. I've been to that area 6 or 8 times.
  6. She'll have more fun at first on a trail bike that is easy to ride. Learning to clutch and use the throttle at the same time is not easy, nor is whiskey throttle.
  7. A motocross bike in that price range will be in awful shape.
  8. What is your skill level and what are you riding. Most have steep hill climbs in certain sections. ATV trails are difficult too.
  9. minnesota

    Crosby Sprint Enduro is in September.
  10. minnesota

    My daughter wants to know why it was so dry?
  11. minnesota

    The field sections made my yz125 cry for mercy. The braking bumps going into the woods while exiting the fields had me crying for help.
  12. Do I have to get a 1 ton extended van to have a second row seat and a bike inside?
  13. If someone sold a small pickup in the US it would sell like hot cakes, but no profit margin. I'm looking at prices and a full size passenger van seems like the way to go. Gas mileage looks pretty poor.
  14. So basically I am just going to play with it until I mind my favorite setting[emoji106]
  15. The first ride I had power valve adjust way to far in. On hill climbs and early in the turn the power valve would open and brake tra tion. I turned it out one turn and its better. Can't say I won't mess with it more. I googled Langston Method and couldn't find it. Jetting is not stock and seems right on until I switch pipes. Racing the weekend so no changes until after.