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  1. This was published in Cycle News today. I don't wear a neck brace and didn't think the science behind was that proven. It's a smaller study but worth reading and considering a neck brace. https://www.cyclenews.com/2018/12/article/neck-brace-effectiveness-study/?fbclid=IwAR0MpQR6E5VonrxnWGH9xU1vcKrDlxr_ps6ezRyE9Dh-RzII6IK00dHo1Nw
  2. speedtoad

    SX pro 50 junior LC

    It needs a needle, kind of like a basketball needle, to fill it with nitrogen. It takes about 4 oz. of shock fluid. The inner shock is not plated so the fluid gets an aluminum glaze pretty fast. It's a pretty cheap shock.
  3. speedtoad

    2015 200 XCW Plastic

    I was surprised that sometimes the OEM plastic was cheaper then the aftermarket.
  4. speedtoad

    Honing Tool.....Ball or Stone?

    In my experience crankshaft bearings don't last as long as the big end bearing. Unless connecting rod has up and down play I wouldn't do it. The wrist pin bearings I would replace mostly because it's cheap and easy. On a side note, my 13 year old is just beginning to appreciate the work I put into her bike. My younger 2 not so much. Just enjoy the smiling face and don't expect any thanks. Also, my girls loved riding more then my son. It took him a while to get his confidence. Every kid is different.
  5. speedtoad

    Honing Tool.....Ball or Stone?

    ProX pistions are a cheaper good quality piston. Just about any piston will work in a Pw50.
  6. speedtoad

    Honing Tool.....Ball or Stone?

    I've used a flex hone or ball hone on a lot of two strokes without a problem. It's taking a calculated risk. Jut watch a YouTube video for directions.
  7. speedtoad

    KTM 50 performance

    I'd experiment with the clutch set up so you are familiar how to adjust it for different tracks. That will give him the biggest advantage. If he is good enough to feel suspension changes and new rubber go there. Other than that wait til he's on a 65.
  8. speedtoad

    The KTM 200 Club

    Rode my 2007 200xc with a friend and his new 150xc he bought earlier this year. We used to be the same speed if I was really riding well. Well now he can't keep up. I wouldn't trade bikes. KTM made a mistake. The 150 is not as fast a woods weapon as the 200.
  9. speedtoad

    PW50 Engine Tapping

    Maybe double check with a magnet to make sure cylinder is steel.
  10. speedtoad

    PW50 Engine Tapping

    I think its meratic (spelling is wrong) acid that will remove aluminum from the steel. I'd hone it because it isn't exactly a high performance bike.
  11. speedtoad

    General Mn chit-chat

    Nemadji and Akeley have snow. Iowa shouldn't have frozen ground. Saturday looks like a good ride day.
  12. speedtoad

    Get Your Free $20 From RMATV!

    Yep. I got it too. 4 riders in the family I spend more then I would like there.
  13. speedtoad

    Does my yz426 have a WR transmission?

    Don't follow my advice. I have no 450f experience, but won't holding it open in 5th gear answer the question. If it goes 95 or 100 mph it's a WR transmission.
  14. speedtoad

    Is a neglected Ttr230 worth $700

    Ya it won't be a loss money wise. With 3 kids I already have 4 bikes ro maintain. We ride almost every week during the summer. So its not worth it for me unless I'm actually going to use it. I could see myself using it for trail work or trail riding with beginners.
  15. speedtoad

    Is a neglected Ttr230 worth $700

    My neighbor has a ttr230 in his garage. It is about an 06 or 07 model. Every year he tries to get it running, but the carb is always dirty and the battery is always shot. I got it running for him once, but he just puts regular gas in it and lets it sit. He is wanting to sell it for $700. I can get it running with a couple jets and a battery, but I'm pretty particular and it will need tires and all the other wearable items. Would this bike work for my family? My girls are on 85's. I thought they may like to goof off with it on trails and try electric start. I race B class, mostly in the woods, and thought it might work as a spare bike just to get series points if my bike were to break down. I weigh 200 pounds so I no doubts about the suspension being aweful.