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  1. race250r

    Who rides at Evan's Creek?

    Interested in lending a hand when the snow melts [emoji106]
  2. race250r

    2015 ktm wheel bearing change help

    I would definitely get a puller. The one from Rocky Mountain MC has served me well for a couple of years and has many applications. Save your time and patience and get the right tool. I did front and rear bearings within a half hour in Sunday, it's worth it!!
  3. race250r

    Experience Power Sports Moses Lake

    Bought my KTM from them in early 2013. I would definitely recommend them to anyone in the market.
  4. Will this conversion work on the steel frames? '02 to be exact. Didn't the subframes change?
  5. race250r

    In need of an EXPERIENCED CRF mechanic!

    Herc, I just saw this post. I am close to you in W. Seattle. Let me know if you need any tools or what not, I'm happy to help how I can. My name is Chris. Shoot me an email or message.
  6. race250r

    Weird exhaust sound issue

    +1 for checking the power valve assembly function. Just went through this myself. Blue loctite is your friend for the screws in the assembly. Please let us know when you discover the problem.
  7. Put the engine back in the frame after a top and bottom rebuild. Should be able to hit the track next week to break it in.
  8. race250r

    2013 Ktm 250XC high RPM bog

    If you are still looking for the problem, check to make sure your power valve is functioning properly.
  9. race250r

    WestCoast 500 Team Race

    Any chance we could see the overall results? Thanks.
  10. race250r

    need some help before start spliting

    No, you need to replate your cylinder or find a suitable used one with intact nikasil coating. It seems those US companies that provide the service, and are reputable, will do a core exchange with damaged cylinders. Check out US Chrome, Millennium Technologies, or Kustom Kraft. I know you said it would be too expensive to purchase from the US, but one cannot hone the nikasil coating to fix it, more damage will be caused.
  11. race250r

    IPhone/Smartphone handlebar mount recommendations?

    Look into the RAM aqua box and x-mount. They seem to have various setups that might work for you.
  12. race250r

    '13 Xc Triples / Forks tweak / mis-align much too easily now !

    I do believe the cast clamps are 20mm offset, however.
  13. race250r

    '13 Xc Triples / Forks tweak / mis-align much too easily now !

  14. race250r

    PSER Shelton Valley Fun Run

    I heard a rumor that this year may be the last on these parcels of private land. Any truth to the rumor?