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  1. I bought a 2003 kdx220 last year that was lowered with kouba links, shaved seat and it looks like he also lowered it with a spring load adjustment and did something with the front forks to lower the front end by an inch. Looks like he installed some aftermarket bleeder valves, I for the life of me cant figure out how to adjust the front forks back to stock:bonk: Can anyone help me out, thanks in advance
  2. rkjaco

    Mortgage rate update

    Im hoping to lock into a VA streamline loan at 4.5% soon
  3. rkjaco

    KDX 200 vs KX 250 trails play bike

    At 270 lbs, you are way to big for the kdx. I think anything over 200 lbs is starting to pushing the limit, so obviously you need a bigger bike. I have never ridden a kx250 but would like too so I could compare it to my 03 kdx220 that has all the engine hop ups. That thing rips. The difference between that and my other stock kdx is night and day
  4. rkjaco

    Washington Plate/Registration question

    Im glad I live in Idaho
  5. rkjaco

    Banned From Television

    lol nice photo chop
  6. Thanks guys for fighting for our freedom, words cant express how much I appreciate what you do for us..
  7. rkjaco

    How not to ride a motorcycle

    The second one was good, didnt see that coming
  8. Hes got some balls for sure
  9. rkjaco

    Longest jump new record!

    I would guess if you went much faster you would go airborne before hitting the ramp That looked pretty smooth
  10. Thanks, the graphics on the radiator shrouds and the seat cover blend together like this http://www.dmpcovers.com/shop/detalle.asp?oynprodid=136
  11. I read up on DMP using search but I would like some more input.
  12. I was just curious if anybody has used them without any problems. I found some pretty cool seat cover graphic combos for the kdx. Iv searched for awhile and these guys are the only one I could find. They are out of Buenos Aires Argetina
  13. rkjaco

    WA. laws on 2T street bikes?

    klx or kdx? a big difference in them If your talking klx, you might as well get a DRZ400E
  14. rkjaco

    WA. laws on 2T street bikes?

    Wow, if the only way somebody from another state could have a street legal KDX is buy one from somebody in Idaho and transfer it over, I could have two pots of gold sitting in my garage right now:thinking: Im hoping that by plating them now before the crap hits the fan as IM sure it will eventually, they will hopefully grandfather them in, Im crossing my fingers:ride:
  15. rkjaco

    kdx 220r silencer question

    Dont feel bad Im still confused on occassion about the pipes. These guys are supposed to know it all but this post from just kdx just made me more confused. Here is a copy and paste from it. Ill highlight whats confusing. Am I just reading this wrong First they say use the 30 pipe for the 220 and then down below say to use the 35 pipe for the 220. What gives:crazy: Copy and Paste from Just KDX What pipe is best for my bike and what manufacturers make one? Manufacturers: FMF – make both a rev (~30) & a torque pipe (~35) (alpha prefixes before the numbers are the type of finish, the important part is the number) Pro Circuit (Platinum or Works, no difference in pipe, just finish) Bills Pipe (89-94, 95-03+) – both torque and rev pipe DynoPort (95-03+) Doma (95-03+) The Doma is reported to be similar to the Pro Circuit and Rev pipes (reference same thread as comments by CC). The FMF Rev/Desert (~30) pipe performs best on the 220 and the Torque/Woods (~35) pipe performs best on the 200. Confusion does occur due to the 30 pipe sometimes being called a “Torque” pipe for the 220, hence, keep the numbers in mind when ordering a new pipe. The rev pipe (~30) gives more up top, whilst the torque pipe (~35) gives more down low. “Another item of note ... the -30 is considerably larger than the -35. If I recall my measurements correctly, the -30 is 14" in circumference at the cone weld (where the diverging and converging cones meet..the largest diameter), the -35 is 11".” Cayncarver - http://www.dirtrider.net/forums3/sh...?threadid=71451 The measurements he gave may not be 100% correct, but there is a definite difference in circumference. “Point is, each pipe has its purpose. If it's a 200 and you ride in 3-6 gear all the time, then the -30 will likely suit you. If you ride your 200 1-3 most of the time, the -35 will likely suit you” is a point he makes. However, if the PC pipe is similar to the FMF torque (~30) pipe, I’ve got the wrong pipe – but happened to prefer it over the ~30 pipe, and others may find the same. It depends also on riding style. The 220 is definitely recommended to have the ~35 pipe, I have seen no comments about riding style coming into it. Bills Pipe is snappy and not recommended for the novice rider. It has more down low than a PC and more mid, but hits quite hard (no reference here, except a conversation I had with a KDX200 rider I know). Procircuit is similar to the rev pipe, but more everywhere, instead of just top end. – Speedy http://www.dirtrider.net/forums3/sh...?threadid=74531 There will be a Platinum II coming out once the existing Platinum pipe stock is used up - 18 guage metal, no difference in pipe. According to the Procircuit forum, the PC is "more mid & low". "The pipe and silencer for the KDX200 gives the bike more bottom, to mid range power. This is where the stock bike really needs help considering that most of the riders use this model for off-road applications." - Pro Circuit http://www.dirtrider.net/forums3/sh...?threadid=73296 Dynoport – only reference found was a comment they make a pipe (search function currently not working, will endeavour to find more info at a later stage) There is also a reference to DG making a pipe, but again, unable to reference this at this stage. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Last edited by Michelle : 03-27-2003 at 11:57 PM