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  1. throwinroost814

    Engine noise, not sure whats making it

    Man, I honestly want to say it sounds like the cam chain but it cant be if everything is correct. I have an 06 rmz 450 and mine would make the same exact noise until it got warm and I started to ride and then the noise was gone. I rebuilt the top end right when the noise started just for maintenance purposes since I have a good amount of hrs on her. Nothing was wrong and they didnt pay any attention to the noise or show any concerns. From what I've heard and this is coming from Suzuki certified mechanics, which rebuilt my top end, is that 05-07 Suzuki 450s tend to be on the noiser side from which the noises come from the engine. Is the cam chain brand new? I had suspicion when mine would make the noise that cam chain, while in proper tension, was just old and needed to be freshened up. I was in the same boat. Hope ya figure it out mate.
  2. Best way that Ive found is most efficient at taking the chain lube build up is using a metal brush. A thin haired metal brush works amazing and I use it all the time. Takes it right off and quick.
  3. throwinroost814

    05 RMZ 450 question

    I'm with him ^^ Really weird that the cam chain, which sounded to be in good running order, would jump time. And what about the fact you bought this bike from a guy and only 5 hrs of riding time later some serious damage was done? Good luck!
  4. throwinroost814

    Rear Axel Is Stuck?

    Yea it wasn't seized. It was getting hung up on the left spacer. I had to take my tire off again and it came out with ease.
  5. throwinroost814

    How do you prevent blisters on your hands from riding?

    Dude your just that tough, that's why. Or you've never ridden enough to complain about blisters. Calluses can only get so big before you get blisters. Someone who rides, would know.
  6. throwinroost814

    06 rmz 450 cam chain question?

    In response to your last paragraph, are you getting proper fuel flow through your carb? It sounds to be a little gummed up. Could explain the backfire as well. I have an 06' as well and she takes 3-4 kicks and fires right up. And at the top of this RMZ-450 thread is a real good 'how to' guide for the cam chain. I asked the same question and was directed to it. Hope it works out. Keep us updated!
  7. throwinroost814

    Rear Axel Is Stuck?

    Added some lube overnight and she made me a happy man.. my bike that is.. haha. So yea there was a little groove that needed some good pounding. I used the 2x4 method and a 4lb sledge and she was still a little hard to get out. Bt its all worked out now and my tire is mounted. Thanks for the tips guys!
  8. throwinroost814

    2010-12 RMZ450- what oil is the best, 10/40

    It depends on the weather and how often/how hard you are on your bike. Motul makes really good oil from what I've experienced. I run 10/40 full synthetic during the colder months and 20/50 full synthetic during the summer months. And each bottle is around 10 bucks. Running full synthetic will give you more time in between oil changes but it costs a bit more. There are plenty of good oils out there. Hope that answers your question.
  9. throwinroost814

    Rear Axel Is Stuck?

    So my tire is roached and I am trying to change it (not my first time either) and my rear axel is not coming out. I've lubed, tugged, and beat on it as much as I can (sounds wrong but you know what I mean). I dont want to do any damage to end of the axel, so I am at a lost for words. I need help, suggestions? If it helps, I ride a 2006 RMZ-450. I feel like a noob trying to change a tire so please refrain from the crap talk unless its funny.
  10. throwinroost814

    Am I missing something here?? LMAO

    I definately thought the CRF 250x post was a joke.. I thought it was another funny ad bt oops. Man, I have about 4k in my 06' RMZ 450 and I know I wont get that back. I'd be happy to sell it for 3k. Its like my buddy who buys huge mud tires for his raised F-150 and pays over $2100 and thinks that adds value to an 00' F-150 with over 100k miles. I tell him he's crazy but he wont believe me. To each their own.
  11. http://sacramento.craigslist.org/mcy/2750249235.html Check this craigslist ad out and tell me this guy doesn't have one of about everything of these items listed on this thread. He also thinks it adds 6,000 dollars in value to an 05' CRF 450.
  12. throwinroost814

    Am I missing something here?? LMAO

    05' NEW! with 42 hours? I couldnt believe this ad. Too funny.
  13. throwinroost814

    For those with tracks....

    Man that sucks to hear. My buddy's uncle has 30 acres in the hills of the bay area and it has had it's share of idiots try and wreck the track. (2 miles long GP style almost like Unadilla). Anyways, its more of a funny story than any actual help. My buddy's uncle mother actually lives less than a 1/4 mile away from the track and she has been known to drive her old F-150 with her shotgun in her lap to chase away some idiots doing donuts on the track. She is almost 70 years old. True story. We haven't had problems since..
  14. http://sacramento.craigslist.org/mcy/2750249235.html So I'm looking around craigslist with no money to spend just wasting my time as usual and this ad comes along. I want to know some thoughts on what this guy is thinking and if he is serious?? Some craigslist ads are just too much for me to keep to myself. Enjoy.
  15. throwinroost814

    New Stewart VID

    Anyone else see the guy start to run when he is doing the wheelie through the whoops? It is almost as he thought he was going to crash (no that was not a reference or joke to how much he crashes). I think the guy thought he was going to crash.