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  1. MX145

    Des Nations?

    Hope this helps: MXoN Same Day Coverage on America One Network The Motocross of Nations will be delayed broadcast at 8:00 p.m. Eastern Time on America One broadcast networks across the USA. To find out what stations in your state will be carrying it, click here: http://www.americaone.com/watchus/your_area.php?select=WA&Submit=Submit
  2. MX145

    Announcing the 3rd Annaul MX Ride For Children

    MX813 I didn't get to see your spectacular attempt at the triple, however I did speak to you after the lunch/meeting. Hope you are planning on getting your hip checked out Monday and the diagnosis is good. I had a great time again this year, even with the fact that I only brought down my mini to ride. Aaron
  3. MX145

    Announcing the 3rd Annaul MX Ride For Children

    I went last year and had more than enough track time. It was a fun day and a great way to help as well. You won't want to miss out. I sure hope I can get rid of this flu bug in order for me to attend this year!!
  4. MX145

    SX Stories

    Yes, Carmichael was mentioned as to be attending Washougal Outdoors this year. Carmichael said it himself last year as well that he would come back to Shougal'. Although I did read somewhere the list of events he was planning to attend SX & MX wise... and it did not include Washougal??
  5. MX145

    150f graphics?

    Fusion Graphix
  6. Just caught this while browsing for some repair info. on my piece of #$% kenmore front loading dryer. Universal Engineering is voluntarily recalling the radius triple clamps. Details can be read here: http://www.cpsc.gov/cpscpub/prerel/prhtml07/07538.html
  7. MX145

    Witnessed a hero today...

    I applaud the unknown lady and those others that participated in that intense situation. It is people like you that can make a difference in someones life. The outcome is tragic, however he had no chance at all if nobody participated. My prayers will be sent out - Godspeed Dave.
  8. MX145

    Rear Disc on my 150f

    I know exactly how comfortable you feel discussing the finances of this type of hobby. But then again, as you stated as well ... what hobby doesn't cost to have fun! It's well worth it to me and appears the same to you. Too bad you are only a bijillion miles away and run on pavement... otherwise I'd say lets race! -ENJOY-
  9. MX145

    Rear Disc on my 150f

    Looks overkill to me. Why have rear disc brakes and no engine? If you are only racing it in soap box derby's ... wouldn't the OEM brakes suffice? lol - Just kidding!! Nice work. Looks very professional.
  10. MX145

    Who uses their kill switch?

    Does anyone just remove the oil drain plug and let all the oil run out til the motor quits? Is that an effective way or does it take too long?
  11. MX145

    2006 CRF50F like new $100 bucks

    Thanks John for the reminder. I will do everything I can to attend another rally to help support the sport and our dealers.
  12. MX145

    big amuture races

    Washougal holds amatuer nat's before the Outdoor Nat. You can get info. at http://www.washougalmx.com/ Great track to race at and spectate! They should have the 2007 schedule up soon I would believe since racing starts back up there around March.
  13. MX145

    Woodlands last gasp

  14. As you were probably aware, the grips come in two different size ID's. The smaller ID for the clutch/Bar side and the larger ID for the gas/Throttle tube side. Hopefully you didn't get them mixed up. If you want to get the throttle side off.... simply spray some WD-40 under the grip w/the help of a screwdriver. You don't have to jam the screwdriver in, just enough to let some lubrication get between the tube and grip. You should then be able to work it off. Another thing you can try is blowing air between the grip and tube as well as you work it off.
  15. The dual exhaust system looks good. Actually, I think it looks better on your bike than the new CRF250's. I built a BBR CRF150F up as well and love riding it. They are great play bikes that can handle modern mx tracks without breaking as well.