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  1. Eric72

    300RR 52t rear longer chain?

    Did they change the gearing for 2019? Cause the manual says that the 2018 250/300 rr and re came stock with a 14/49. I am thinking about changing the gearing so i do not have to use 1st at all. I might either drop to a 13 up front or go to a 50 or 51 on the back.
  2. Eric72

    Shelton Dirt Rider Update

    The beautiful weather we had today helped with attendance. We also had a lot of SDR members participating and that is encouraging. Have to also remember this was the first work party and the enthusiasm level is usually higher. Tomorrows attendance will give a better idea of what we can expect moving forward. Also the trails be built last years seem to be holding up well. We only rode a few of them today, but what we did ride was a lot of fun. Did not find any tree`s over trails today and that is a good sign. We still need to ride more to evaluate how the trails have fared from our recent storms. Just takes time and not everything can get done in one day.
  3. Eric72

    Shelton Dirt Rider Update

    Just like cougbike said, but while driving on E mason Lake DR W look for a gravel road with an open gate. There will be a white sigh with a yellow and blue . I think it says TMC and has a yellow duck. Once you get to the gravel pit you will see 2 levels. The top level is where the meeting happens. To find John Eaton just ask some one standing around who he is. Cougbike is right about the time, but being there around 8:30 wont hurt. I just found a picture of the image on the white sign.
  4. Cougbike another option for the ferry is to take the Southworth ( port orchard) from Fauntleroy(west Seattle). For men`s day or SDR work party this might be your safest bet if you want to take a ferry.
  5. Just keep your eye on the news, as it will be widely covered. My bet is it will get better as people figure out other options. Depending on what time you leave driving around might not be a bad option. Just make a note that it will be a longer day.
  6. Those of you who use the ferry system to ride tahuya or GM will be effected by the viaduct closure. That starts at 10 pm Friday night. No one really knows what is going to happen with traffic. It is something to be aware of and think about when planning a ride to the area.
  7. Eric72

    Shelton Dirt Rider Update

    John has said written on the facebook page that he will renew memberships at the work parties, but people need to text him their name and member number before he leaves dirt cheap on Friday so he can bring that stuff with him to the work party. He will not bring every ones Hang tags,keys and stickers cause that is too much, but he will bring that stuff for those who text him. Sending the text on Friday is best so he can scroll through his texts and pull out the members all at the same time. I am sure that if you do not text he wont mind a phone call. Just keep in mind how busy he is running 2 businesses.
  8. Eric72

    Shelton Dirt Rider Update

    Send John a text with your name and member number on Friday during business hours and he will bring your your 2019 hang tag, sticker, and key to the work party on Saturday. He will be around to renew memberships from 8am to 9:30am at staging area 2 both saturday and sunday. You can also go to Dirt Cheap and renew tuesday through saturday 10:30am to 5:30pm
  9. Eric72

    Ordering OEM parts

    I am not sure what to say about this, but i do know that he was always trying to sell me the more expensive bike. From the first time chat with him at demo days, he seemed like it was a struggle for him to talk to me. I think Franks customer service is very much based on economic profiling. He is also keen on who will demand things to be fixed during the warranty period. If he thinks you wont be in his face later on about issues,he is going treat you better than the guy who expects him to back his product up. Frank wants to sell you a bike and then not ever hear from you unless you are buying another bike or buying parts from him. This is an opinion based on how he has treated me and another person i know.
  10. Eric72

    Ordering OEM parts

    Must be a relative of Franks down here in Bellevue Washington. Sounds about just like he would operate.
  11. Eric72

    Tahuya Tuesday, New Year's Day Ride, Open Invitation

    Yesterday was fun and it was nice to get the Beta out for a ride. Thanks tigertanker, oldgrunt and gtastro for all the help. Also thank you for letting me bring up the rear, as i was able to focus on my riding skills. I was surprised to not see anyone, especially on trails like Howel Lake and Tahuya river trail. The single track we rode was a lot of fun and i love the area we where in. Not as wet as i expected it to be especially on the single track, I expected some wind fall, but not as much as we encountered. The other riding area`s in mason county are fun,but nothing feels like home like tahuya. Thanks again guys for your patience with me.
  12. Eric72

    Ordering OEM parts

    No shit, tell me something i do not know. My point that i was trying to make is that no where on the beta website does it say that a part could be coming from the closest dealer. I can stop by the dealer cheaper than the shipping charge and had i known that i would have just bought the part directly from them. Every time i have talked to the dealer they have pushed shipping. That and having to pay 60 bucks for a heli-coil kit to fix a bolt that was over tightened by either the dealer or the factory does not set well with me either. Frank should have told me to leave the bike with them and they would fix the bolt at no charge when they could get to it. Like the bike and the people where cool at demo days, but i am not happy with the dealer and with beta parts.
  13. Eric72

    Ordering OEM parts

    I have had a different experience with Frank. He did not want to sell me the oil injection removal kit. He also did not want to fix a issue that was not my fault. Will do everything i can to avoid dealing with him again. I ordered the OI kit from beta to avoid dealing with franks, but it was sent from franks. What made me mad is that i was charged Tax and shipping if i would have known this i would have just gone to franks and bought the part in the first place. At no point in the order process was i told the part would be coming from franks or that i would be charged tax and shipping. Sent a complaint in to Beta and never heard a thing back. Wish i had more options here cause i think the option i have is as poor as they come. Not happy with franks or with beta. Franks also does not back the bikes he sells, or he would have fixed the issue. Not used to being treated like that.
  14. Eric72

    300rr race edition or Standard 300

    I once rode(ok 3 times to be exact) a 2018 Beta 300rr with oil injection and with out a kicker. Going to whisper this so no one hears me cause they wont believe me when i say, i lived to tell about it and ride another day.
  15. Eric72

    2019: Opening Weekend at Little Naches, June 14-16th

    Any place to stay in the area for those of us who do not camp? What skill level does a rider have to be and not totally get his ass kicked? Depending one how much seat time i get between know and then, you just might see me out there.