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  1. Lou*

    At what point do you slow down?

    lost the link... Anyway it was more mental, and to top it off, my fitness just isn't there anymore. So I think it's maybe a sort of parnoid thing that slows me/you down, in the back of our minds, and being unco-ordinated when you hit a jump or over shoot a corner, and nothing is comming the other way!!!!!!!! But when you pull off a good one (jump,slide,mono etc) CHICKEEEERY...... I say slow!!!!!! The hang on bitts are great. Lou* 99WR (stock)
  2. Lou*

    At what point do you slow down?

    Doug, Like Yamaha.dude and Bill I'll tell you I think that I had the most cautious ride, on the very first ride after my daughter was born. Myself I've noticed that I've slowed down to the extent that like PMAUST I don't bounce as good as what I use too. I use to organise trail bike groups with pub accomodation (kind of an aussie thing (PUB..... A place that you stay at when you reach your destination, pleanty of GOOD food and BEER. When I think back that I was the trail boss on rides of 20 or more riders, I can't believe I did ride that quick. When you ride as trail boss You are the person that knowes exactly where your going, Your the lead rider and you have a sweep (last, pickup, can change tyres real good) When you consider getting about that number of riders together, you will have good riders (although not allowed to over take you as a lead rider) but one of my secrets (when I realised that I'm not game to ride that quick anymore) at the time was that if you showed people a lookout or just beautiful Australian contry side, I'd put on my helmut and get a quick getaway just to get to the next intersection, without getting caught. I havn't riden for quite a few months now, which is realy out of caricter, and I know that the last ride I did was more a
  3. Lou*

    XR400 in 03

    What's new what's true on the 03 model XR400. Is it an E-start????????
  4. Lou*

    Runs ruff after jumping.....need help

    XR another cure for this, (if it isn't your floats) is to get a length of plastic overflow pipe, like the one comming out of your carby and cut it to a length of 15mm, then slide it up over the main jet, this helped heaps on the 400 when it comes to jumps etc. The 250 carb might need a shorter length, just make sure it isn't touching the bottom of the bowl. HTH Lou*
  5. Lou*

    Theives stole my mountain bike

    Grum, One motorbike and two that's right two cars, never saw any of them again. yet a guy around the corner has his keys in the ignition of his car and they took his pushbike worth nothing. Some people are just lucky/unlucky Lou*
  6. James D, I'll make a phone call and try to find out for you.?????? Lou*
  7. Taffy & JD When I went into the dealer I asked for a plug for my WR, as I lent my spare to a guy who had fowled his on a ride the previous weekend,(before we even started) as soon as I mentioned spark plug, he was straight onto me about Yamaha denying there was a problem, and told me that Yamaha Australia had informed them after many complaints that "YES" there was a TPS problem, from factory setting. Now I stand to be corrected, The dealer I spoke to said that they would do for FREE any bike that they had sold, otherwise it was about an hours worth of work to fix it, it was on the lines of setting the TPS to the lowest setting then holding the bike @1800 revs and adjusting the pump aswell, he didn't go much further than that, and assured me that was the fix. As I havn't fowled one plug I wasn't all that interested. I'd read many posts on this site about fowled plugs but it was an issue to me that had never occured and I was under the impression you guys had it sorted out with jetting etc. I could possibly find out more or give you the dealers details in an E-mail. Cheers Lou*
  8. Fourstroker, There has been alot of talk in the past about fowling plugs, I'm still on my genuine one with nearly 3,800 Kms, I was in a dealer the other day and the guy told me that Yamaha has come good and admitted that there is a fix for the fowling plug syndrome, apparently the fix is in the TPS (throttle position sensor). Two bikes from the factory yet one will fowl plugs and one won't. The dealer told me that it would be a free fix due to Yamaha admitting that some of the factory set TPS's were incorrect. Lou*
  9. Hi there, In my opinion, I'd stay away from bikes like the KDX200 and get a four stroke 250. I ride with a guy who is 57 on a TTR250 and he will out ride a hell of a lot of other bigger and faster bikes. Remember also that there is the choice of electric start in some of the 250 models. There is also less maintenance and no mixing of fuel. Hope this helps. Lou*
  10. Lou*

    Mick Doohan

    Hey Mitch, Mick must have had a few wines under his belt if he signed it Mich Doohan
  11. Lou*

    Changing the oil on my '99 WR400

    The screen is located at the bottom of the front of the frame, below the frame drain plug. Lou*
  12. Lou*

    Reliable or What!!!

    I havn't ridden the WR in five months, my brother comes over with his XR, I pull the WR out of the garage, 2nd kick and she's a goer, 300Kilometers later, One sore Butt & body, One reliable bike!!!!!!! How many K's are we getting before rebuilds?????? Lou*
  13. Lou*

    Attention ThumperTalkers

    Bryan, TTalk is one sight that gets a lookin even before I read my E-mail, have gained more knowledge from this site then anywhere else. THANK YOU VERY MUCH MUCH APPRECIATED. Lou*
  14. Lou*

    whats moab???

    Polo, Moab comes first after Australia
  15. Lou*

    very cold starting

    Spudman, Must have been a day your bike wanted to sleep in, here in Auz I only ride winter, with tempratures at -5 C, never a problem 1st or 2nd kick.