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  1. Sorry guys, Things got crazy at work and i had a hard time getting back on the forum. I had to put the forks back together for now as it's getting into the teens at night here and my garage is not heated . Probably be about 2 weeks before I tear them down again (I worry about moisture condensing on metal parts and contaminating forks). When I get them torn back down I will remove locknut(needed a 12.5mm shaft holder and did not have) and check threads and take measurements. Tried to get lock nut off but it was too tight. Moto96s
  2. slodog, I wouldn't think so, but I guess anything is possible. I think I figured out how to post pics. This first pic shows the lack of gap with the locknut turned all the way up the cart rod and the rebound adjuster on hand tight.....no gap This one shows the gap on the Basevalve assy chamber. You can turn the anodized portion on the aluminum portion and screw it up or down so to speak. This last one is just the cart rod with the lock nut screwd up the cart rod as far as it will go(it is tight on the shaft, and the rebound adjuster laying next to it. OK, need to see if this worked
  3. Jusa, Can't seem to get my pics posted but i think you amy be onto something with the locknut on the cart rod being backwards. Moto96s
  4. ok, so I have pics on my hard drive(my pictures) but can't figure out how to insert them in reply. Anybody know? Moto96s
  5. Thanks for the replies you guys! Jusa, looks like you are saying just tighten the top portion of the cartridge(anodized) to the bottom part(looks like aluminum) reasonably tight with locktight and everything will be ok. Will it bottom on something(get tight all at once) or will it tighten up slowly? Also did take fork apart as specified with rebound and comp clickers full open(CCW). When I got the cartridge out of the outer tubes, the lock nut on the bottom of the cartridge rod was already as far back on the threads as I could get it(can't turn it CCW any more) and there still is not enough threads showing on the end of the cartridge rod to put the rebound adjuster assy back on with any kind of gap between the adjuster assy and the lock nut. You can spin the rebound adj assy back on by hand right up to the lock nut. I took a couple of pics and will try and post them. The forks have been out to one of the big shops, and I wonder if they modified the cart rod so all you have to do is screw the rebound adj assy onto the rod till you contact the nut, and then torque it? I duuno, anybody ever see that?
  6. Hi folks, I just took apart a set of KYB forks off of an 2008 YZ250 2 stroke. I am very familiar with Showa forks but this is my first set of twin chamber KYB'S. There are two things bothering me. First is that the nut on the cartridge shaft that tightens against the rebound adjuster is completely tight and was this way when we took it apart. There is no way to get a gap between the nut and the rebound adjuster as the book states is required and that the Showas have as well. Both forks are this way as we wanted to make sure that they were the same between both legs. Second is the brass color portion of the cartridge assy. that threads down on the aluminum portion of the cartridge assy. The brass color portion is loose and can be turned causing the length of the cartridge to become shorter or longer depending which way it is turned. In addition, there is slop in the threads (the portion that hold the compression adjustment) and the brass color portion of the cartridge can be flexed since the threads are not tight. Is any of this normal? Moto96s
  7. moto96s

    Diameter of showa cartridge rod

    Thanks chrismxer, Now I will be ready to go when the forks come apart! moto96s
  8. Hi folks, Anybody out there know the diameter of the cartridge rod in a 2007 showa twin chamber? The forks in question are off a crf 250 if it matters. I need to build a jig to hold the rod in a vise before I dissasemble the fork. Thanks!
  9. moto96s

    '05 ignition on an '04

    Anyone ever put an '05 ignition on an '04. I had heard that some of the power gains year to year were attributed to new mapping. Thanks, MOTO96s
  10. moto96s

    04 clutch

    Thanks for the response you guys. I opened it up last night and the fingers on the outer basket are badly grooved as expected. The inner hub has very mild notching and I may leave it in for now. DarrenS32, did the rubber inserts actually fail, or did you just replace them to keep everything new? Also has anyone used a PE brand clutch basket. They are $70 less than Hinson and made of billet as well. Like to save a few dollars if I can, but don't want to buy junk. Anyone out there tried one? Thanks, 96s
  11. moto96s

    04 clutch

    Hi fellas, I have an 04 450 with about 60 hours on it. The clutch is really grabby when the bike is cold. It gets better when it warms up but still feels like the fingers in the outer basket are grooved from the plates. In my old 2 stroke days I would have ordered just a basket and slapped it in, but suspect I may need more with this clutch.(yes, I'm afraid I have not taken it apart yet and don't even know what it looks like in there). Will I probably need inner and outer basket and are there rubber bumpers that are normally replaced. Any input is appreciated. 96s
  12. moto96s

    Pink Wire Facts

    What pink wire are we talking about here, and on what year crf? Have you ridden it since the mod?Are the power gains across the board, or more bottom or top end. Is the tractability still there? Thanks 96s
  13. moto96s

    thanks very much kelstr

    Was it your crf450 forks you worked on? If so what year is your crf 450?
  14. moto96s

    05 ignition on an 04

    Hey Kelstr, Thanks for the input fella. I can get an 05 cdi from Service Honda for $113 and it seemed like a cheap mod if it worked well. Not hearing much positive from anyone so I guess it's not worth doing. Hope you are doing well. The weather finally broke out here so I'm not missing every other weekend riding. See ya
  15. moto96s

    05 crf450 ignition on an 05?

    Anyone out there using an 05 crf450 cdi module on their 04 crf450 to take advantage of the updated ignition maps? Thanks