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  1. piercebronkite

    Jetted 250xc -low end still boggy

    I changed the pilot jet to 35 and that didn’t help. The main issue is when I’m in first gear and I give it 1/4-1/2 throttle turn the bike just runs really lethargic and even stalls if I crack the throttle too hard. I have to really get past 1/2 throttle to get the bike to be in the right rpm. This is really noticeable at 11,00-12,000 feet. Air screw is 2 turns out. My understanding is that the bog is coming from the pilot jet. Once I’m on the pipe the bike is fine. I’m using 60:1 oil ratio too.
  2. piercebronkite

    Jetted 250xc -low end still boggy

    Main at 158 and 162? That seems drastically different then what the manual calls for. Unfortunately I only have the stock jets and needles. I don’t have anything else.
  3. piercebronkite

    Jetted 250xc -low end still boggy

    I’m ridding at 10k-12k feet in Colorado and have my bike jetted and have the correct needle and clip position (based on the manual). However in first gear the bike is real sluggish and sometimes stalls. If I’m on the pipe and in higher gears the bike runs fine. There are some very rocky and slow climbs where I have to be in first. Any thoughts on what I can change to get some snap back? Here are my jets. 38, 170. And the needle is N2ZJ, clip is 2 from top and air screw is two turns out.
  4. piercebronkite

    Jetting 2012 KTM 300 2 Stroke at 9k+

    Do you have the owners manual? There is a jetting table in there that is accurate. I use that for my Colorado trips and it works well.
  5. piercebronkite

    250XC No Spark

    For anyone who has this same issue it turns out the stator was the problem. This was on 2016 bike to so Im not sure how often they fail. I took it to the shop since I tried as much as I was capable of doing.
  6. piercebronkite

    250XC No Spark

    Thanks for the replies. I did replace the spark plug and tried e start but not kick start. I also removed the kill start to no avail How do I check the voltage on the stator?
  7. piercebronkite

    250XC No Spark

    I have a 2016 250XC that wont start and I believe I have it narrowed down to not having spark. I have taken out the spark plug, grounded it on the engine and pressed the start button and there is no spark. I have also checked the kill switch and that seems ok. We also tried bump starting it and that didnt work. I read a little about the stator and coil but dont know what to look or even how to attempt to fix it. Any ideas on what I can do to try to fix myself before I take it in the shop? Thanks.
  8. Your dealer didnt inform you of what oil to use and break in period? The manual says 60:1 (dont quote me on that though, take a look). For break in period just dont hold the throttle open of sustained periods. Vary the RPMs.
  9. piercebronkite

    Enduro in the Rain

    Just did an off road race in 38 degrees and rain. The things that bothered me the most were my hands, I made the mistake of not wearing the proper waterproof gloves. It was hard to hold and operate the levers when your hands are frozen. I ended up just not wearing my goggles too. I only wore under armour heat gear underneath my normal riding gear and my body was ok. I would certainly wear some light weight rain jacket. Hope that helps.
  10. piercebronkite

    Boot cleaning

    I like your stand, thats a great idea and looks super simple to build. Downey is a good idea too. Does Simple Green wear on your boots at all? I have always just used a hose, laundry detergent and a brush and then just leave them in the garage until next use.
  11. piercebronkite

    Best way to put on graphics?

    If you have wrinkles or a spot that doesnt want to lay down properly use a hair dryer. The hair dryer makes the vinyl more pliable and gives you the ability to straighten out wrinkles.
  12. It should fit in there without having to modify anything. Just wedge the gasket in there with your fingers without breaking it, its a tight fit but it will work.
  13. piercebronkite

    KTM doesn't idle

    This sounds like a simple idle jet issue. Either clean it or replace and it should fix your issue. I had the same thing happen to mine years ago and just cleaned the carb and idle jet and it ran fine afterwards.
  14. My GoPro Hero 2 went dead on me too. I tired powering mine on after not using it for a few months and it was stuck on the video record icon. Prior to that it was working fine. I tried updating it to the latest software (which it didnt install) and tried all of their recommended troubleshooting articles. I spent about 2-3 hours of trying different things before I finally sent a support ticket to GoPro. After a few emails with GoPro support they said they would replace my camera under warranty but needed a proof of purchase. My wife paid cash for the GoPro camera as a Christmas surprise so I don't have the original purchase receipt. They also offered a discount on a new GoPro camera if I couldnt find a receipt or bank statement showing proof of the purchase. Im not too happy with GoPro and I really dont want to spend hundreds more on a product that barely lasted a year.