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  1. No not really, I'm from New Jersey so the trail riding tends to be fairly sandy but nothing to what glamis is like
  2. I'd definitely do that but if its that KTM in your profile picture, its probably a lost cause
  3. Ya, an AMA hall of famer, couldn't find his contact info for renting bikes
  4. Ya, So the place CMX mentioned above rents bike specifically for the dunes so I'm assuming they have that set up. They have a 450f, that should be great for out there.
  5. So I just booked a flight for early Jan to see my cousin in orange county with hopes to rides glamis/ sand dunes in the area. The air line already said they would not transport my bike so I have to rent one. Saw a few places in the area that had decent prices, about 150$ a day for a 450f I was wondering if glamis is the place to go for this time of year and what other places are worth it to check out. Also any recommendations on bike rentals is appreciated, if anyone has an offer cheaper than the dealer I'm definitely open. Thanks, Ron
  6. Ronny T

    MTB parts destinations

    Hi; Fairly new to the MTB scene and got my diamondback hardtail here cruising around on some trails. Anyway I sorta broke the petal on it the other day, just kind of cracked. They look aftermarket, if the name scurgood means anything to the people that read this(was hoping they had a lifetime guarantee) If not I guess I got to buy some new ones and I was wondering where is a good have everything for the best price destination, kind like the rmatv.com of the mtb world. Also I like these petals so I was going try to find the same ones, unless anyone has other opinions I'm all ears Thanks for the info MTBers
  7. For anyone who lives here we all know riding options are very limited, especially for un-registered un-insured bikes a.k.a all MX bikes. Just about everyone knows some places in the pinelands to do some outlaw riding and some tend to be safe but with an ever increasing risk thanks to new development and people that have nothing better to do but complain about noise spots are becoming limited. So for my interest as well as the interest of many others I'm asking for any land owners with an MX track in the state (there's a quite a few), if you're interested in some riding buddies on the weekend or some guy to bring you a case of beer every Sunday for some time on your land let us know. I and I'm sure many others would be willing to help in track maintenance, costs, watering etc.. in exchange for a safe place to ride and I want to make these connections happen
  8. Ronny T

    New spot to ride

    Sharing tips and riding spots would be good; try to keep that with in personal messages as posting in the forums can blow up some well hidden spots.
  9. Ronny T

    Help diagnosing problems xr250 not running

    I found it,,, should have asked google first for your interest
  10. Ronny T

    Help diagnosing problems xr250 not running

    So I got the head off on the bench and I'm trying to determine which valve it is that's leaking. I shined a light on the head and peered through each exhaust hole and carb hole but couldn't see light in either set of ports. Is there a better way to test for a leaking a valve? I'll have to get a picture but two of the valves don't look seated properly
  11. Ronny T

    Help diagnosing problems xr250 not running

    Was rebuilt about 2-3 years ago, sat a shed since then. everything was ready for storage, gas was drained etc..
  12. Ronny T

    Help diagnosing problems xr250 not running

    From what I understand with the rocker cover off all the valves should be closed regardless of of timing since the rockers are not attached to depress them. I did set up the timing as you described and I unbolted the big sprocket off the cam shaft to adjust the timing, all lobes were down and aligned with the T mark on the flywheel or what ever you see through that window . It's not perfectly aligned with the T because perfect alignment was between the teeth on the sprocket top so its off by a hair but I didn't think that would effect anything too much. spark looks pretty good don't think that should cause an issue
  13. Ronny T

    Help diagnosing problems xr250 not running

    So I pressurized the cylinder and noticed a lot air going back through the carb, thinking its a bent intake valve
  14. Hi I've picked up this project an 87 xr250r from my uncle last week The story goes the bike was rebuilt with a fresh bore (bored over a bit from stock) and new piston and rings to fit. It was running before this but smoking like a mosquito sprayer After the rebuild it wouldn't start up and that's how I got it The bike has fuel getting to it and spark but it does seem to have a lack of compression it was reading a hair above zero on the meter when I first tested So it looked like the timing was off so adjusted that, still nothing So I take the valve cover off again and test it thinking it was compression release and boom I get 60psi on the meter I'm about to borrow a leak down tester to get a better idea but wanted to see if any experts knew what was going on Is 60psi normal for the valve cover off? or is it definitely something else causing the lower reading. Could it be anything silly I should check on like the compression release? I'll upload pics but from what I can see it looks like the tensionor plunger is at its limit, would that have any effect? Its weird because the bike was taken apart in running condition so I wouldn't think anything should cause problems besides what was replaced and not put together correctly Thanks, appreciate the help
  15. Hi Looking into getting into mtb as a side thing for summer exercise; I keep myself fairly busy and broke between dirt bikes and jet skis so definitely looking on the cheap side of bikes which doesn't seem to be fully realistic. I'm 6' 1" with long legs and finding a bigger frame bike used is difficult and usually out of my price range. I'm looking for a hard trail mild suspension do it all kind of bike with the least amount of maintenance possible. Single speed looked good for that reason I really just want something that feels the most like a dirtbike as the main purpose is exercise and scouting new trails to ride on with the dirt bike without getting noise complaints right away and fouling spark plugs in the sticker bushes I got a e-mail about this bike (GT aggressor) it was priced new for 300$ on their flash sale so I was thinking next time it dropped to that price about buying wondering opinions about that quality https://www.dickssportinggoods.com/p/gt-mens-aggressor-pro-mountain-bike-17gtxmggrssrprxxxprf/17gtxmggrssrprxxxprf I'm open to any suggestions on used bikes, seems like there's a lot of brands and models but anything to narrow down the search so I don't have to scroll through pages of people selling rusted huffy mountain bikes on craigslist thanks for the help