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  1. After killing a few Chinese pit bikes, I decided to invest in a good pit bike. A fully grown man thrashing those things only lasts so long lol. So my question is, what should I get? a 65 or a 110 (suzuki, kawi, yam etc) what is the fastest, best for jumping and can take the most abuse? and what can be tuned and modded the most to be the overall better bike?
  2. How to install this 'universal' oil cooler on a ducar 125cc engine?? Oil Cooler Image Engine Image
  3. I have an air cooled 125cc pit bike But I want to put some performance parts in it and bore it....and I seen on eBay Oil Cooler Kits for pit bikes. Will that fit onto an air cooled engine if it's a whole kit? or would I need a whole new engine? thanks
  4. Whats some good riding gear I should invest in to make the trips easier and better? Gear, as in things for the riding trip itself. E.g. Tie downs, Tie down points, transportation, shock savers, tool kits, gear bags, fuel canisters, spares What else do you guys use when you're making that trip?
  5. I need a better/bigger bag to pack ALL my gear in neatly and easily to throw into the back of my ute when I go riding. The bag will be used for just myself. They range from about $70AU including postage, to around $130AU including postage. What bag do you think is best, and why? Thanks WARNING: The links in the spoilers will take you to eBay. FOX RACING PODIUM 180 GEAR BAG 2012 Fox Racing Podium 180 Gear Bag ALPINESTARS OUTBOUND DUFFLE GEAR BAG Factory FMX Motorcross Gear Bag THOR MOTOCROSS CIRCUIT GEAR BAG
  6. Can I use this Oil in my Atomik 4t 125cc Pit Bike? Thanks
  7. I like to ride both But I'd probably have to say I ride slightly more MX
  8. 2001 kx250 I had mushy brakes, so I ordered a new master cylinder. Bikes all cleaned up Rider sag is set New tyres New steering damper What else can I do to improve how my bike rides?
  9. Hagos

    GPR V1 Steering Damper

    They unfortunately don't have the V4 under bars mount or the Scott under bars mount for my year model How much of a difference did your damper make for you? Would you recommend one? Yes, I still want to run the bar pad. I do t have a cross bar. I run fat bars. But cutting the pad is a good idea! I might try that
  10. Kawasaki KX250 2001 I would like to invest in a steering damper for my bike...and the GPR V1 seems like what I'm looking for. But i'd like to be able to put it under the bars. Is there any sort of modification I could make? or any similar damper? They GPR v4 goes under the bars...but they unfortunately don't make that for me bike. Ideas???? Thanks
  11. Hagos

    Front Master Cylinder

    Thanks for the answer Is there any particular brand you would recommend? I've been searching around on eBay & there isn't a wide varity to choose from
  12. Hagos

    Front Master Cylinder

    I own a KX250 01 2stroke - front brakes As many of you would know...those years were known for mushy brakes. I've been told to get a new master cylinder from 04 or newer. What year model and brand would you recommend? Would 250f/450f models also fit? Thanks
  13. 01 KX 250 - Stock I'd like my front brakes to be a bit more responsive & slow me down a bit faster.. How do I go about doing this? cheers
  14. Can someone please tell me where to get this movie from? Looks like it will be a good watch
  15. KX 250 01 model - stock Where can I buy some new pinch bolts for my triple clamp? I also need to buy a new front brake metal bracket & guide. Thanks