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  1. ment4bikes1

    1997 xr200 oil specs

    need to know how much to put it, i have gear oil, motor oil and a new filter
  2. ment4bikes1

    '02 cr250 wont start

    yes i have 3 brand new plugs and i tried them all, also i was running 2 days before.
  3. ment4bikes1

    '02 cr250 wont start

    tried everything, has spark, has compression, has gas, gas is on, everything is right. but when i try to kick it it just make a backfireing popping sound and will not start, i even tried pull starting it. any ideas on things to check?
  4. ment4bikes1

    '02 cr 250 air fuel mixture

    hey guys, my '02 cr 250 is having an issue. the bike is running too rich. i took my spark plug out today and it was black and smelt like straight gas. I ended up getting 2 new plugs, ngk was the make. was just wondering how to adjust the air fuel mixture simply. also i watched this youtube video and the guy said he was goin to turn the screw out 2 turns and it looked like to me he only turned it a half-turn. so now im just wondering what really is a turn? is it for example with a flathead screwdriver from 1 flat side to the other...is that 1 turn or do you want to turn it until the original flat side that you started on if facing up? this is the youtube video: !
  5. ment4bikes1

    2005 crf450r hard to start

    no i dont have one a pdf would be nice =)
  6. ment4bikes1

    2005 crf450r hard to start

    hey can any1 with a similar bike make a video, because i looked on youtube and there is nothing on adjusting valves...
  7. ment4bikes1

    2005 crf450r hard to start

    figured that, but idk about valves, im new to the whole 4 stroke thing =/ how much do you think it will cost for a vale adjustment?
  8. ment4bikes1

    2005 crf450r hard to start

    need some ideas on what it might be. no matter how many times i kick it it just dosent wanna start. ive been pulling it with a car to start it and once its running for a min or so i can turn it off and it will start up 1st or 2nd kick. not sure if its valves, fuel screw etc. post up your ideas.
  9. ment4bikes1

    need some newbie help

    never owned a 4 stroke b4, but i have a '05 crf450 now and was wondering whats the best oil to use when changing? also my choke wont stay out when im trying to start it...any ideas?
  10. ment4bikes1

    overheating problem?

    no fan...lol, so all i need to do is refill it with radiator fluid and it will be good?
  11. ment4bikes1

    overheating problem?

    i'm not sure, but while i was tuning the carb the bike overheated like crazy...the radiator started bubbling over the overflow, then the coolant touched the engine and was steaming....was idling for about 4-5 mins...is this normal? or what will cause it to do this? haven't started it since it did it.
  12. ment4bikes1

    crf450 problem when hot

    yes, sounds kinda like metal rattling?
  13. ment4bikes1

    crf450 problem when hot

    wow, same exact thing is happening to me...when u figure it out can u please let me know. I have a '05 crf450. same thing with anti freeze too.
  14. ment4bikes1

    ID this fender

    Same fender on my kx 500 not sure on year
  15. ment4bikes1

    2004 kx125 help

    its not ur float.. my 02' cr250 does the same thing, and its a brand new carb. it a combination of ur air/gas mixture screw and ur idle screw. to start, find the air/gas mixture screw (its really small and usually on the bottom right of ur carb) Then screw it all the way in and unscrew 1 1/2 times out (just to start, u can tweak it from there if needed) Also adjust ur idle, 2 strokes arent really supposed to idle, u want it just so that when u pull the clutch around a turn it dosent stall. If u have any questions feel free to pm me as i am usually on the honda cr fourms