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  1. awesome glad i could aim you in sort of the right direction! =D
  2. check your power valve to see if its sticking open or if its gummed up
  3. That my good sir, is quite a nice bike.
  4. I really need to check the threads I post more often...
  5. I think a new cylinder would be better then a sleeve. I've heard sleeves are just a pain all around.
  6. I had helmet cam footage on my computer before it commited suicide... Anyways I dissapoint once more... It wasnt directly on the trail, their bikes were parked on a tree to the side of the trail and you could see them a little farther down from their bikes.
  7. you guys make me laugh... @krannie... I'm sorry I've dissapointed you. I found a couple goin at it on the side of backbone? thats different isnt it? anways you guys are good he was a raiders fan
  8. I didn't read everything... then I read you're comment and then the one about the lawn mower plug... I giggled a little bit. No offense johnston but you sound like the kind of guy who runs his bike without the silencer because the added airflow adds HP...
  9. Adjust your float level and make sure your float needle and seat are sealing. It sounds like your bike is flooding. If you get the float level set correct and you're posotive that the needle and seat are sealing well then you have other problems. But thats not a likely situation.
  10. I bought my bike with a 5.2 in the rear and it feels comfortable to me in any kind of terrain... and I weigh 115 lbs is there a problem here?
  11. ok so my day started off following these guys riding doubles on a utility quad on the backbone trail... and they wouldnt move out of the way so I could pass them even though they saw me behind them! Then next I was playing around on the wall... out of nowhere cr250 no fender no silencer just crying straight out of the expansion chamber. The guy came up to me while I was sitting at the top and was like "dude this hill is rad! huhuhuh" and I told him that I heard if he just takes the expansion chamber off completely he would get a 25% HP boost... but there was also a really cool guy there doing wheelies up and jumping down the wall... so I go back to camp and theres a guy who had to be atleast 20 riding around on this little pep boys 50cc quad at full throttle drifting around kickin up dust everywhere... then I see the dude with no silencer still riding his bike like he stole it... which he probably did. I felt so bad for his little honda. rant to be continued at later date.
  12. If yamaha actually put effort into their 2 stroke lines everyone would want one. Make em factory with eric gorr's mo betta porting and a decent size flywheel to make it more of a controllable powerband for the pu**y's that cant handle a 2 stroke. And have a direct inject model with a light flywheel for the men who like the powerband crazy. With all the weight savings like the rumored ktm motor thats 7 lbs lighter and the 250f swingarm assembly and I think Yamaha would have an unbeatable bike for sure, and 2 strokes would be on the rise.
  13. I'm not actually 100% sure on that I usually just use 10W but I think it has something to do with bottoming resistance? 10W works great for me in my 250
  14. I remember the first time I rode my 125 on a long open hard packed dirt road and I got into 5th and it started to headshake... I locked up my back tire and slid to a stop from 60 mph to 0
  15. Yeah it sounds like you probably funked up your shift fork. does it feel like you're in first gear when you're in neutral does the shifter go down or does it completely stop?
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